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SX guitars are awful.

That may be, but all you need to do is upgrade the electronics, and the tuners and you have a strat that is just as good as a fender. Same wood, same neck, same crappy bridge that fender uses.
Anyway, Agile's are made in a totally different place than SX's.
I got my Agile Les Paul copy, and usually when I get a new guitar, I have to, buy new strings, adjust the action/intonation, and sometimes the truss rod. Not with the Agile. It was perfect out of the box. I almst didnt know what to do. I am so used to setting up new guitars I get, and not having to do it with this one completely floored me. They are certainly much better than Epiphone Les Pauls, and a lot heavier, too. A friend of mine got one and put the Seymour Duncan Blackouts in it, and that thing is a beast!!
So to answer the question, yes Agile's really are as good as all the fanatics say they are, I am no fanboy, I dont even have it anymore, but it sure was a sweet guitar. You arent gonna find a beter deal anywhere.
Jackson RR3 V, with EMG 81,85's,
This is the string through version, great guitar. Alder body, ultra thin maple neck, perfect for shredding. Gets a real fat clean tone from the 85, and a crushing tone from the 81. Fret access is great, and it's a Jackson V, cant get much more metal than that!! Dont really see any cons about the guitar, I'd give it a 10 all around.

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom(Camo Finish)
The straight up stock version. No mods have been made to it, and I dont see a need for it. I thought I might need to swap the EMG-HZ's out of it, but dayum, they scream, to my suprise, almost as hot as their active counterparts, not enough difference to justify spending 200 bucks on new pups.'
The neck is a tad chunky, but not a problem for me( I have long fingers )
It's the maple fretboard that makes this axe badass. It's so nice and smooth and makes a chunky neck, a fast one. It's not too heavy for a Les Paul (must be chambered). It gives great tone from both pups. Great full cleans, and crushing distortion. It has become my primary soloing guitar. It's got that Les Paul tone that you just cant beat, IMO.
The only con I give it, as with all Les Pauls, the fret access is a bit straining to hit the 20-22 frets, but nothing any experienced guitarist cant handle.
I give it a 9/10.
I have the Zakk Wylde Epi(the camo version)
And all I can say is YES!! Les Pauls sound excellent with EMG's, even if they are HZ's. I have a Jackson with the EMG 81,85's and the HZ's in the Paul sound ever bit as good, if not a bit clearer.
I love mine. Les Pauls, and EMG's just seem to fit very well together, IMO.
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why do you go to a music school is the internet not good enough for free education or are you too lazy to teach yourself. I also feel that you should bang that bitch and or force her to play a V and if she says its uncomfortable THEN you bang her. Either way you bang her so your dad gets real pissed and gets you that V. Or you get that V... Either way both of you want V...

Bwahahahah!!!! That is too funny!!
V's arent uncomfortable to play sitting down, and even if they were, it's not a good enough excuse not to get what you want. If you want the V, get the V.
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Congrats! Rondomusic is an excellent place to buy from. I have three times, now. Just goes to show, you dont have to pay an arm and a leg for good quality axes.
Their instruments are made in an old ESP shop in Korea, I asked. Every bit as good as the companies they copy.
This wont be your last one from them, I guarantee it.
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MIM's are not that bad. ive played some that sound better than MIA's. and yes they are made with alder. whoever said they werent is just wrong. even the squier affinity strats have alder. whats different bewtween squier, MIM and MIA, is that the american ones are thicker, and better pieces. the MIM's body is not as thick and probably wont have as good of pieces of wood. and then the squier has a thinner body and will have the lower grade alder. but even in the squier world you can get some good guitars.

id say a MIM strat is a good guitar. i doubt most people can even tell the difference between it and an american sound wise. plus, ive played some americans that sounded like crap. its hit and miss with ANY brand of guitar. some guitars just really sing and others dont. thats why i dont like the idea of buying online. you cant try it out first. for example, when i first bought my Godin, it really spoke to me. and ive tried the same model of guitar many times after but i have never found one that has the same qualities as mine. i dont know what it is but sometimes you just find THE guitar.

so if you like it, then play it. again, ive played MIM's and for the money i think they are great guitars. you can always upgrade parts later too when you have the money.

Well said!!
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Get the Edwards, imo ESP/LTD Eclipses are fugly.

No. It won't.

For a MIJ les paul copy? I'd die for a real '57 gold top maybe, but I think I'd rather live in this case...

Actually, yes, they will. They are only made in Japan, and Japanese quality rivals American. They aint just cheap copies. Personally, I'd rather have an Edwards Les Paul just to be different than be another one of the millions who owns a Gibson.
I had a 78 Les Paul Custom, cherry sunburst with the fretless wonder neck. Loved that thing....miss it lots. Fell on it in a drunken stupor, broke the neck in half
That was the best Gibby I ever played, but havent been impressed since. Maybe I am spoiled.....
I play in a three piece cover band, and since there is only one guitar, the more I do on Bass, the thicker we sound, so they are open to whatever I can do to make us sound better. I have had people tell us that we sound like a 5 piece band when we play. But if I was told I only was allowed to provide a basic rhythm, I'd quit.
Get The Edwards!!! The value of that will go up over time. The ESP/LTD wont as much, if any. Besides, Edwards F'n rule. They are made in Japan and are an offshoot of ESP Japan. I'd die for one.
Oh man here we go.......
"Low end" B.C. Rich's are not crap, depending on which series. The Bronze series may be the lowest of the low and yes, they are a bit cheap, but in the pics that he has that one is a Revenge Warlock, and they are really pretty good guitars.
I have owned both exact models, and, well, as far as quality, they are the same, although with the g-400 you get a set neck as opposed to the Rich's bolt on.
Both have excellent fret access, one has 22 frets, one 24. Stock pickups, I have to say the Rich's just sound better. They are a lot more clear than Epi's.
Epi's pups are known for their somewhat muffled sound, but the g-400 is a very nice guitar. Eh, I say play them both and see which sounds and plays better for you. Dont pay any attention to us.
But if I were to choose one, having had both, I'd get the Epi, just for the set neck and later change out the pups and BOOM!! Awesome guitar.
Dang, I'd stand on that thing!!
A strat with humbuckers ,24 frets, I'm there!!
Thanks, guys!! I am working on gettin it online somewhere that will allow downloads for a buck each. I just dont know where to start. Suggestions?
I know there is itunes, but can unsigned artists get on there?
Thanks, again for such good feedback, you guys rock!!
I'll be checkin ya'lls stuff out as I can.
Read up on Agathis. It's not "bad" wood. I read it's a cheaper alternative to mahoghany. I had a B.C. Rich Warlock made out of Agathis, with the stock pups and it was very resonant, had really good sustain, good tone. Also, there are basses out there that are made out of Agathis, I think the lower end LTD's, and they are very resonant, with good punchy tone, too. Go try out an Agathis guitar out and see if you can tell a difference.
I remember when I didnt even know what wood they made guitars out of, back in the day. I didnt care what it was made of, I just got what I liked and didnt care about specs....I sure was much happier back then,LOL!!
Get the Lynch man!!!! Icemans are cool and all, but not compaired to that. I had an Iceman, I wouild rather have the LTD.
Jackson, all the way. Strats arent very good for metal, unless you mod them with stronger pickups. The Jackson will more than be good enough. As far as a "cheapo" Floyd Rose. No matter if its Original or Licenced, they will both give you headaches, if you dont know what you are doing, but if you do, there's no difference. Although I'd try them out, to see if it goes out really bad. Just go to the shop and dive bomb the hell out of it and if its still in tune, take it.
I had the Dean from Hell which had a licenced Floyd on it and it NEVER went out of tune, I got rid of it because I just cant stand Floyd's. I tune to different keys too much.
Hey all.
I just made a profile here and posted most of my material on my profile. I'd like to get some feedback to see how people will react to my music. You can check out my profile here, or go to

Thanks, and hope you like the music. get the Cadillac. I had one and I loved it. Dean makes good guitars, believe it or not.
Of course I "had" a Cadillac. It seems every time I get a Dean, I cant seem to keep it. Not Deans fault, though.
Eh, get Schecter.
No wait, get a Jackson!!!
No, no an Ibanez....
or, maybe one of them there Les Pauls....

there is way too many good choices out there. Just go down to your local dealer and get what feels right and sounds right for you, and tell the salesman down there to piss off!!
It's their job to talk you into buying something you didnt want in the first place. I didnt get a sales job at mine because I was "too honest"
Go figure. I thought I was there to help people get the right equipment that suits them.
You know?
Why does everybody hate on Line6's amps?
I have a spiderII 212, and i have had many different ones before, and I love mine. I can get just about ANY tone out of it I want. Plus, it doesnt make a peep until I strum the strings, even at high levels. Now, I aint naive, I know there are much better amps out there, but the Line 6's are more than adequate.
What amuses me most is, I see a lot of people on here preach the Tube gospel and that digital amps are the Devil. At the same time, their tube amps are littered with what? DIGITAL EFFECTS!! Big Ol' pedal boards full of digital pedals rangeing from distortion, delay chorus, and so on. With the Spider amps, all that is already in there. I know tube amps have a much warmer, creamier tone, but really! Just because an amp is solid state or digital, doesnt mean it sucks.
I guess it's a matter of personal preference. Me? I'd much rather have a good Marshall or Randall stack with 300 watts of pure tube power....but I aint rich, or have rich parents, or have any organs to sell. hell, really if I were to get a tube amp, I'd get a Line6. Simply because all the tones I like and effects are already there.
I'm not tryin to sway anybody's opinion on it, everybody has a preference, but really. You could do a helluva lot worse than a Spider amp.
Ok, let the backlashing comence
Ok, I got a lot of experience with Rondomusic and SX.
Since you are already set on getting it and replacing the tuners and the pickups, go ahead. Really, their stock pups are just as good as stock Fender's. But the tuning keys WILL have to be replaced. Thats the only bad thing about SX guitars, other than that, they are rock solid and dependable, just as much as Fender. And by the time you upgrade the parts, you will still come out cheaper than a MIM Tele, and you will have a Tele that is BETTER that Fender's, because their tuners aint much better.
I regularly gig with my SX and it performs like a champ, and I'm pretty rough with it.
Well, having had an Iceman, go for the Epi. The tone and sustain wasnt that good for the Iceman, depending on which model and year it was made. BUt the Prophecy has incredible sustain, the neck is super fast, and it's really lightweight for a Les Paul. And sure, it will do blues. Are you going for the one with the Emg's or the Dirty fingers?
Go to
Their Strat and Tele copies are better than Squires OR MIM Fenders. Way cheaper, too. Dont let the low price fool you. I regualry gig with my SX and it performs like a champ.
Whoa, well, I cant talk ya outta gettin THAT!!! It's friggin beautiful. Way better than ANY Strat your gonna find. I mean really, 21 frets vs. 24? Single coils against the Seymour's, pure sexyness against just another strat. I am sorry, but I think Strats are the most overrated axe's out there. Sure, they have great tone, for what you'd use them for, but you can just as easily get that tone out of this, with the right equipment. If I wanted a double cutaway, I'd get one of these, or a Jackson soloist, or Dinky.
Hell, it looks good, you said it sounds good, so what are you waiting for!?
I have a TonePort. LOVE THAT THANG!! But I use the gearbox software that comes with it. I use the Detroit Groove tone and just adjust the mids out. I also use a little bit of chorus and I get a pretty good slap tone. Try using different speaker cabs and mic positions. I have Tone Farm, too, but I use Gearbox for bass.
A Dean ML. If you look around, I am sure you could find one for that much.
You want a heavy guitar? Get an Agile Les Paul. They weigh a good 5 lbs. more than a Gibson that isnt chambered.
You could possibly get one of those new Epiphone explorers that come with EMG's in it. They are from the Prophecy series, I think.
I like the ones from Rondomusic, but those headstocks are just gawd awful, IMO.
Hell, that Ibanez looks damn sexy!! And you say it felt good to you so I asume you played it, so you already know how it plays.
Otherwise, I'd say if you want versatility, Shecter hellraisers look almost identical to that Ibanez and they have the coil taps so you would have some diversity in tones, and they are really comfortable to play, as well.
Choose your genre!?
I think bass players, most of all ,benefit learning theories and techniques from all genres. Metal is in my blood, but when I started playing bass, I studied a lot of Jazz and funk just to learn how to do it, and low and behold, I was a much better metal/rock bassist for it. I really thicken up the sound of my band incorporating those techniques into the songs we do.
Yea, I'd have a talk with your teacher.
The white one, but...................
They do make that bass in an orange color. I know, ORANGE!?!?!?
But in person it's hot lookin!
Well, I have to say, you did the right thing, and I am sure your Dad is grateful since you didnt really stick with it. It is more of an acomplishment when you start out cheap and work you way to the day you can go out and get your dream guitar and know you will take it home and shred on it. It's called paying your dues, and I salute you!!
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That's not a dean pickup. That's a seymour duncan trying to make a bill lawrence and doing quite a ****ty job. (I think it's a duncan, right?)

Oh, I know it isnt a Dean PUP, but it does come stock in the Razorbacks. I made the mistake of putting one in my Iceman. Completely ruined the tone of that guitar. I doubt Dime even used it.
Actually(and I asked Kurt about this) Agiles are made in the same factory that used to be owned by ESP, then Epiphone's were made there. And yes, they are as good. I bought an AL-300 from them and it was every bit as good as almost any Gibby Les Paul I played, and that's a lot. The only thing is their tone is a tad brighter due to the thick Maple cap on them. They are made more like the older Les Pauls in the 50's.
But be warned, they are HEAVY!!!! I know Les Pauls are heavy, but Agiles weigh a good 5 lbs. more!!
Go to and look around. I have bout a guitar and a bass there and you really cant beat their prices for what you get. They have a wide range of different models and the quality is unbelieveable for the price.
Hmmm, well, I personally like the Schecter Hellraisers. They have a good, loud, screamin' tone, and for metal you cant go wrong with EMG's. They play good, too. Maybe the reason why lots of people get one or recommend one is that they are actually great guitars. Just a thought.
Here's some other suggestions,
Epiphone Prophecy series

These will serve you well as far as Metal goes.
But definitly shop around, take your time, and get what sounds and feels best to you.
Anyone remember those old Harmony guitars that sorta looked like a bad SG copy?
Absolute CRAPOLA!!
Well, I have had three Deans, and I have to say that Deans dont get their just due. The ML's are fantastic guitars no matter where they are made. Very comfortable, and the necks are nice. Only thing I can say bad about them is that stock Dean PUPs, depending on what model you get, can be pretty bland. Especially that damned Dimebucker. Steer clear of that one.
Never played a bad Jackson. I love my RR3. It's light, the neck is fast, and it just looks badass!!!
I'd love to have a Kelly, but of all the ones I've played, I have to say mine would be the Warrior.
With your budget, you could go Ibanez. They have really good active basses in that range. They have really thin necks and are really comfy to play. Or you probably could find a used Fender P bass or Jazz out there somewhere.
As far as strings, ROTOSOUND!!!
Peavey Millenium 5 string Jazz bass. Not too bad to start out on, decent tone, but then I got my Spector and never looked back,.....................till the neck on it warped beyond repair>