This was WAY more straight forward than I anticipated lol. So I guess you succeeded.

Couldn't really get into the pre-chorus personally, a bit too majory for me, with the accidentals and what not. I've been trying to wrap my head around the chorus, it's syncopated to all hell. I feel like maybe it would make more sense recorded, maybe?

Anyhoo nice song m8
I'm guessing you didn't write this in GP5 because the piano makes the song crash lol. Probably too high notes or something, I had to delete it.

I don't listen to this kind of music at all. So for the solo, just do like a mix of what you have and a bunch of bends. Also, in bar 83 my ears were really expecting the first note to be a# instead of a c, but that's pretty subjective. Maybe use some more open hi-hats, I dunno. Rock drums arent all that varied most of the time.
The best would obviously be playing the respective instruments, and seeing how noodling isn't a thing for you I'd say look up others tabs and tabs for "real" bands. I still have no idea how to write keys or drums, I just write stuff that sounds good and looks realistic to me. Most of the drum stuff I do I have learnt from this subforum.
Dude, I haven't seen you in here in like 7 years, I used to be a huge fan. However I do recall your style to be more Symphony X-ish then, this feels more Cynic-y.
Right. I'm back, putting the math rock aside for a while and trying out with the ol' octavized tuning (which I usually call the "SikTh tuning" but I don't know who was first). 
I just wanna know how you guys dig these threads up.
It's like a constant barrage of key changes thrown at me so I'm basically just trying to wrap my head around this. Apart from Contortionist/Last Chance to Reason this isn't really what I'm usually listening to lol, and this is probably still more out there than those bands.

That 91100 chord is kinda sour as previously stated.
Actually kinda surprised that 53 is the chorus because it feels very transition-y. Personally I would have pinned 62 as the chorus. I really like 62. I want more of 62.

I like making the clean part distorted, variations and yaddayadda but I'm not sure how I feel about ending it on that riff. Doesn't really feel like closure. I really don't know how to end songs either though, I probably would have ended it in a fade-out and that's usually a copout, for me at least.
I see what you're saying and I've had that problem for a long time (before these songs) and I'm not sure how to overcome it. Part of it might be attributed to how much these open tunings give away for free (although for Sleep that's a weak excuse since it's standard tuning). I haven't listened a lot to Yvette Young although I see where you're coming from.
It's obviously very well polished, love all the lead work. The main riff is groovy as hell.

Verse 1 is kinda weird though, a bit too majory for me. At least the trumpet seems a bit too happy.

Mm, taht lead guitar in the chorus though. So good. Not too much of a fan of interlude 1, the major thing is kinda weird still. I think the last chjorus works though if you want it to be triumphant as shit.
You get two for the price of one! They're both supposed to have vocals but I just don't know how to go about writing vocals and metering them and what not.
It's actually been like this for a year or so, only extended some parts and made a really half-assed ending.

Edit: did they make it harder to upload several files or am I an idiot

Also bar 93 isnt riff 3:d either I just realised but I'm a lazy asshole, so lets just call taht section "riff 3:d, this should be riff 4 but oh well"
fixed, but i do believe it was earlier
I'm feeling inspired
That's some fine power metal if I say so myself.
revival inbound

edit: it aint great

edit: next
hello friends i will make additions to this thing
Wow, this is literally the only post here now.
I'm pretty sure this is my first finished song (I had like a bazillion unfinished songs before that though, as I guess most of us have)

At the time I was furiously listening to PTH, which shows in more than one way.
A sudden flux of inspiration had me me finish a song for once. It's very TTNG inspired. I'm still working on writing vocal lines. They're getting better but there's a lot that could be improved.
The first three parts are actually really good, really like Through the tunnel. Good choice of notes and synth chords and what not. Feels like Evergrey and Tesseract made a love child.

Now, bar 34 doesn't sit right with me. It feels kind of out of place, I would just suggest removing it, I think it flows pretty good into the next part.

Wasn't really a huge fan of Trenches I'm afraid. Feels a bit too much like metal core to me (but if that's what you were going for, great). I tried changing the chords in bar 39 to 8x77 and 8x79, instead of 8x710, not sure if it's better though.

The plan is pretty good, return fire is feels like trenches pt 2.

Brain Scan is awesome. It's just so good, I feel like I could eat it up. The next part is really good as well, with the solo and all, so no complaints. Really feels like both a Destrage riff and solo.

The eyes of the enemy is good. Feels kinda like something out of Six degrees of inner turbulence.

Mano y mano is some Megadeth shit, good stuff.

Fighting dirty is also good, like Brain Scan but less DT and more Maiden.

Sorry if I was a bit too harsh, I do not mean to offend.
Thanks for the crit man. Nah, it's actually supposed to end after 131, I just don't know any other way to end a song than to fade it out.
I made some music yo. Track 7 is supposed to be vocals, keep it muted.
Svensk matterock alltså!

I hope you have a non-sense name such as "I drink tea with my hat on". This is crucial.
As for the song, it's very well written and there's not really anything that I would change. However, I would probably remove 86-87, I think it flows a bit better.

It's very American Football.
I fucking love dat Mute City

Edit: And then there actually is Mute City
Pretty sure you won't like it. Also, I thought you were banned?
Jesus christ, this part of the internet is dead. The threads are getting removed by the day due to expiration. I have come with a solution: a new thread.

This is probably the fastest I've finished a song, and maybe it shows.
So here it is, the song I posted some days ago, more or less finished. This is the first song I've written with vocals in mind. I've come to the conclusion that it's really difficult to write sensible vocal lines.

There's quite a few sections that should have vocal lines (the chorus for example lol) so just imagine there's something cool there. No lyrics yet, and no idea what title it should have.

I'm also not quite sure about the chorus, if it feels epic/chorusy enough, that might change. XVI might be wildly out of place, I'll leave that for you to decide I guess. Not sure how to end it. On one hand I want to fade it out because it's easy, but on the other hand I always fade out so it feels cheap.

zip files also crashes.
Thanks, man! I've almost doubled it since I posted it here. It will probably be done soon.
I mean, Ometh could have sugarcoated it a bit, butyeah pretty much.

Also I think it would have been better to play it twice at different tempos than slowing it down. And announce that it's the same thing but slower because I got confused.

Best of luck
Pretty standard Seb1uk song, with that I mean it's good as usual. DO you by any chance listen to ttng? Or Chon?

The verse is kinda strange, like the 7/4 feels natural and all but the two guitars feel very disconnected. It's almost like a short solo, I don't really know if that's what you were going for. The bridge feels more like a verse than the verse does.

The rest is good. I like the change to Intro, feels fresh or something. Very upbeat and nice. The next verse is good too, albeit a bit short. I guess it's fine if this is going to be instrumental? Might be a bit short otherwise.

Clean has some sexy progressions.


If you wouldn't mind writing down a line or two on any of these
I don't really know what to do with this. First of all, it kinda sounds like I ripped it off Systematic Chaos or Train of Thought and I am aware of that, it was not intentional. Second of all, it doesn't really feel like it has any direction (like all of my songs lol) but that's up to you to decide.

Anyway, I was kinda thinking of going into some kind of clean section at the end there, but not sure how to make that transition.
I really tried to do something with 87, but I couldn't figure anything out. If I ever write a concept album, maybe it will be a recurring theme.