Good Riffs! Likedit. Neat Stuff Man. I think Forgotten is Live recording i guess. Anyway Overall awesme job!

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Alright M Posting the Lyrics Of Immortal Morality -

I feel wounded, even in my sleep,
All around me, empty, my life is bleak.
Some words are freshly dug, some are hollow,
When you taste my life, you taste my sorrow.
Some words are sincere, and some can be predicted,
Some people find a cure, I choose to stay addicted.

Following close behind, someone that you know,
My footsteps glitter in the December snow.
My mind condemns and my soul forbids,

If I were immortal, would I feel morality,
Would I be face to face, with this hellish normality.
I'm still wounded in my sleep,
Where in the hell have you been.
Trying so hard, at night to dream,
Being an immortal, you don't know what I've seen.

A voice softer than a shadow,
Whispers me, towards the gallows.
Some people dye their hair red today,
In the heart, whishing I was so far away.
The skull holds schemes on how to kill,
The sun wakes up, he ignores the chill.
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nice stuff but wid better mixing would hve sounded gr8. overall neat stuff man. Keep it cmin

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Hey guys thnx fr the reviews. This one is costing 1176$
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Guys feel free to review the Gtr. I actualy forgot to type tht. Well Even i've heard tht BC RICH Gtrs are good. So Any reviews bout the Rockfield Fat Ass pickups?
Dudes m PLanning to buy this guitar.I've seen that the reviews are Good. I have a Jackson Kelly n after i sell that i'm planning to Buy this as its Overall Comfartable to sit down and practice like kelly and moreover its got Diff Inlays and these are the specifications of it -


Construction: bolt on
Body wood: Mahogany
Top style: beveled top
Tuners: B.C. Rich die-cast

Fretboard: ebony
Frets: 24 jumbo
Scale: 25 1/2”

Bridge: Floyd Rose® Original tremolo
Pickups: Rockfield® Fat Ass
Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone

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