Hey guys,

Been a while since I last posted here. Anyway, let me get right down to it.
I recently purchased a 7 string Schecter Hellraises FR. Plays like a dream honestly, but that's beside the point. The strings it came with were .09s. Now I don't particularly hate them, but I much prefer 0.10s. So now, the time has come to change my strings, and here's my question.
Upon switching from .09 to .10, what adjustments would I have to make to my guitar? Truss rod adjustment, bridge adjustment, etc... And how would I go about making said changes?

Thanks a bunch guys..

Yup ^^
Took time to convince my parents to let me get it
But all that ass kissing will be worth it

Hey UG

I'm planning on getting a PRS Custom 24 sometime soon (for graduation).
I've tried the guitar, and fell in love with it. But I haven't had enough time to actually be able to tell how good the stock pickups are. I was just wondering if the pickups would be good for something in the general area of GnR, Slash, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and maybe a bit of Megadeth.

If the pickups aren't able to pull that off, could anyone tell me of a different set of pickups that could do the job? Passives are preferred, and nothing too expensive (100$ per pickup)

Thanks Guys ^^
Basically, you get what you pay for. A line 6 spider is just a cheap practice amp for those who can't afford a better amp
And as long as you don't go around comparing it to other amps 10 times its price, it shouldn't sound that horrible to you. Off course it'll sound crap next to any half decent tube amp, but in my opinion I don't find it to be absolutely horrible
could you be a little more specific?
and with the gain as well

i dunno what's wrong with me today, everything i try seems to go to hell :/
hello all

ive been practicing some megadeth lately, and my EQing seems horrible for megadeth
sounds too bassy, and too muddy
im pretty sure its not my strings, theyre E standard tuning, and .11
so muddiness cant be from them

so if anyone could help me a bit with the EQing, id really appreciate it


81 in the bridge
85 in the neck

you could try the X series, never tried em tho
nah ive tried it before, its umm, whats the expression, jack of all trades but master of none?
sweet, would it be able to pull off bodom with no pedal? i dont consider them extremely heavy because there are way heavier bands.

EDIT: didnt see the edit

ok thanks, so the DSL it is

uve been a great help
i tried a marshall dsl 100 a few days ago, i liked it, but didnt get a chance to crank it in guitar center. would that do what i want?
also, forgot to mention i dont want used.

thats an old GAS list :P havent updated it in some time. im kinda over that amp
Mesa Mark VI, from ebay right??

i also forgot to mention that im mostly looking for something along the lines of slash's tone. if that makes any difference
hello UG

i have a blackstar ht-5, and while that does get the job done for house practice, im looking for something with more power for gigging.

i want something that could pull of the heaviest metal (children of Bodom, Dark tranquility, lamb of God) and something less heavy (dio, black sabbath, metallica) while still being able to play some classic rock (led zeppelin, GNR, Slash, ACDC). Also i would like it to have decent cleans, but thats not a huge issue

Budget is around 1500 USD (just for the head). Cant go any higher as im already working my butt off for that amount of cash.

i realize im asking too much for an amp like that with a budget like that, but it doesnt have to be perfect, just being able to do those things satisfactorily will be good enough for me

thank you
i know i know, and dont worry, none taken. its just that, iwanted to get a general opinion. ive had bad experiences with straps :/
hey ug

ok so my old strap snapped, and i hated it anyways. so i want to get a new strap.

something simple, not too expensive (50$ or less) and wide and comfortable.

im actually looking in to buy a les paul, and wanted to get a sort of slashy tone

seeing as i cant afford a marshall amp, i figured pickups were the best alternative to get close to that tone
ok dude

thanks for the help
the title is pretty much self explanatory

canm anyone help?

thanks UG
yeah man, all i did was increase the volume a bit more and i got a great sound, thanks for all ur help dudes
made no difference to the clean channel
ok first off, the OS-2 sucked ****s.

second, i know that dude, and i can't afford a Gibson Les Paul, or any of the Marshalls that Slash has used over the years, but i want to get as close as possible with my current gear.
thanks man ill give that a shot
nah dude, id never buy a multieffects unit. my friend has it. i could buy a bad monkey or something, its like 70$ here in lebanon, which isnt that much more than what it costs in teh states. i do have a crappy boss OS-2 i think, could that work?
ok, that can be arranged. would a digitech RP250 do the trick?
yeah :/ the thing is, i dont have a neck pickup, never thought id use it, and it sounds pretty good on the bridge. off course with a neck pup it would be better, but still. I just need help with the settings, thanks tho
hey all

I have a talent show thing coming up soon, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get this tone on a blackstar HT-5 amp?? and ill be micing it so ill be heard no problem.

thanks for all your help
hey all

i have a Blackstar HT-5 amp, and i was wondering how i could get a nice Metallica tone out of it. Something in the Master of Puppets era or And Justrice for All or Black Album.


banned for having a gay name ><
yes....get it.....dont play at max volume, and yes you will not get the most out of it...but it will sound the same as any other amp at low levels....and always good in case you start gigging in future
I think it should work. If my knowledge of electo physics doesn't fail me, voltage doesn't split equally in a parallel circuit, the voltage stays constant inside all the circuit.

So yeah, i think it should work
HNPD dude!! hope u enjoy em
really simple...if u had just looked at ur pedal, u would have figured it out easily
i saw peavey XXX with the ibanez, but change the pickups.... i know its been said before
well the bad monkey is a nice solo boost in its own right....
ok look.... happy NPD..... we're all happy for you... now tell us what the hell it is....
never heard of it.... but i dont think so... should be pretty safe
i think ud like the 6505 combo...... 600$ tho.... the B-52 AT112 is always a good choice... great amp
It's a good pedal... or so I've heard... just go to your local GC and try it out.