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u have to adjust the 2 screws on the bottom... under the floyd rose plate
Dude.... it's a sweet guitar..... and the black and yellow ones are pretty hard to find.... at least I never seem to find them.

The trem isn't an OFR though, it's a series 1000 or something, look it up on the website.

But for playability, personally I don't like Jacksons, the neck is too thin, and I still loved it.

And it usually goes for 1100$ new, so its a steal, and as said before, just sell it for more if you don't like it... just hope that its still in good condition...
aaaah.... I love UG....

Our logic is awesome..
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So, what your saying is use both?? The built in one for Pre-amp hum, and the ISP for guitar noise??
Hey UG..

Ok so... I recently tried an ENGL Fireball... (hence my sig...) and I didn't have enough time with it.. but I'm seriously GASing right now...

And I just wanted to know how good the Noise Gate is on those babies?? Or would I have to get an ISP Decimator so I can preserve my tone??

So as always.. I put my faith in the hands of the GG&A.

Thanks UG
I hear the lead is nice, not sure about the built in delay though..... I wanted to get it, but Guitar Center were out of stock......
Dude, 1/4 watts is still low, you don't even have to max it out. Frankly i don't see the point in an attenuator....
Schecter avenger FR
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Marshall TSL

i dont feel like listong all the pedals adn shit
Yes, licensed ones do suck. But an OFR on a set-neck or neck-thru is heaven
Personally i don't like Ibanez guitars. And I prefer a Floyd Rose over the Edge, can't explain why, it just feels more comfortable.
ummmm, how about the 535Q wah wah pedal?? Jack of all trades but a master of none, so its should do the stuff u want

or get a crybaby and mod it to the specs u want

EDIT: most importantly a fasel mod so it becomes true bypass.
I also love ESPs, second best, but they're sooooo damn expensive, and sigs go for like 4000$
Malekko Ekko, that is one awesome delay pedal, analog
Schecters personally are my favorite guitars....period!
The best ones go for like 800 or 850 USD ( i know it's over your budget but it's worth it)
Even signatures go for like 1000 USD only.

If you can spend the 800 USD, look at the Schecter C-1 series
yeah man thats awesome, why would u wanna stop that?? I wouldnt mind cos i never use cleans :P
WTF!?!?!? Never heard of that before.....ever. I really wish I could help......

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i live in lebanon. If i did find one, it would be ridiculously expensive
I'm guessing this will suck tone like a *****, right??
Hey UG.

So, i just recently got a Blackstar HT-5. And i need a boost to push it into metal territory.

I have a crappy Boss OS-2 (i think) its the one with overdrive and distortion. So, I was wondering if I could use this as a boost until i can get a Bad Monkey or something???

And if I could use it, how would I have to set it up. It has tone, volume, level, and color (to choose between overdrive and distortion) controls.

All help is appreciated.

can anyone tell me the finish type on the LTD Alexi-200??

Cos everytime i wanna get to changing my finish, something gets in the way.
First i didnt know how to do it,
then i get lectured about the fact that im gonna ruin my guitar
now, my dads friend (who works in wood and paint and stuff) says that my finish is polyester, so sanding it will **** it up.

I just need someone to tell me what kind of finish it is, so that i can sand it then paint it as i like.

thanks guys
Ah, but the thing is i live in Lebanon. I can't find anything here. And if I do, prices are probably jacked up.
But I've seen a Bad Monkey in Lebanon, probably 100$ or so. Soooooooo damn expensive, when it's actually 50$.
then what is a good affordable boost?? Assuming I can find one.
ok now the pics are way too big

but still, at least they're there
hopefully this should work
crap, i cant figure out how to work the pics
can anyone help?
Ok so....

When I was in the states, I ordered something. And it was a week late, so i called to check where it was and GC said it was delayed. Then I called again, and started yelling and screaming, till they finally hung up on me (mother f***ers.

The day before I left for home, I went to Disneyland, and when I came home, to my surprise, stood (drumroll please).......

The Blackstar HT-5 Halfstack! Everyone seems to have one of these now .

I've had this amp for 2 weeks now, plays like a dream. Jut got around to doing a NAD now.
Also, I got a new set of pups for my guitar. Installing them was a bi***, cos the cables wouldn't reach the output jack. So i just soldered wires to the tips and lengthened them. Problem solved. I got the Alexi Laiho EMG set. The pickup on its own is not that good for high gain stuff, but with the gain booster it sounds better than any active I have ever tried. And I love the 3 frequency switches on the bottom.

Pickup Shot:

Family Pic (at least the ones I'm proud of):


And if anyone could help me get a Bodom-ish tone out of the HT-5 that would be awesome.

Cheers guys
I think your right, thanks man.

Actually my HT-5 did arrive, I just haven't gotten around to doing a NAD. Maybe this weekend.
Hey UG

So a few days ago I was at grandmas playing on my little Marshall micro stack, on my crappy squire guitar, it didnt sound that bad. But when i play with it on my LTD alexi 200, at home when i cant go too loud it sounds like absolute crap. Too trebly, and just plain shi-te.

Anyone know a reason for this??
assuming you already have a cab, a JVM head should run about 1800$, so I'm guessing that it's a bit much. I dunno, I suggest getting a used JCM 800 (1000-1200 USD), or a DSL 401, but not sure how much those go for
True, but as said previously, the DSLs are pretty good amps, so are the JVMs, and the JVMs are very versatile from what I've tried
I dunno what to recommend, but I'm just posting to say that you shouldn't limit yourself to one brand. Some of Marshall's new stuff are way too overpriced and aren't even that good (for example MGs).
level?? its parallel to the body, if thats what u mean, and the floyd height is good. But how do u change the height on one string?
Hey UG
I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes...

So every time i fret on the High E string on every frets 20-24, it gets very trebly and sharp,and buzzy. It doesn't happen on any other string or any other frets on the high E.

Can anyone help with this??

can anyone help with this?? when i fret the 20-24 frets on the thin E string, it starts to buzz and gets really sharp and trebly.

thanks for ur help
sure, y the hell not!