all quality rack gear is incredibly expensive.
just save up until you can afford great rack gear, otherwise you'll definitely regret it
i tend to believe wat alf usually says, never known him to be wrong.

Weeping Demon it is, thanks guys
im torn between the weeping demon and the zakk wylde signature
i'm gonna test em to see which i prefer

does any1 know how much a used dunlop original crybaby would sell for at guitar center?? if its near perfect
Are there any problems with the weeping demon, cos it seems perfect for me
So I have a Dunlop original Crybaby and i'm not too happy with it.
Was planning on selling it (cos i don't wanna mod it) and get a new wah.

I know the wah is mostly a funky sort of pedal, but a lot of metal guitarists use them, so I was just wondering what a good wah would be.

Been mostly interested in the Ibanez Weeping Demon.

Thanks Guys

nice dude
just something i never understood, is this like a TS9 clone?? cos it looks a lot like it
i know its a n00b question but i don't know sh!t about pedals
u can download presets for the RP pedals i think
my friend has the RP250 and he downloaded presets for tons of bands

just try to find the SRV preset on the digitech website, and downlaod it to ur pedal
i need somethin with high output and good midrange and low end
and a lot of gain,
could it have been a faulty set??
the thing is i have them with the gain booster, and i find that it gets em close to the active sound, without all the muddiness
tried em through a randall module amp through the recto model
fair point

but i find actives tend to be a bit muddy, so i like the idea of using passives for rhythm sections, and use a gain booster for leads. It sounds pretty good to me.
i take it u dont like actives??
are they worth it?

cos their reviews arent that good, so just wondering whats so bad about em??
could u guys recommend some stuff to do to an original crybaby wah?? not too happy with mine and i dont know were to start

thanks guys
100w is twice as loud as 10w

sound loudness is weird that way
i...... want....... nao!!!!!!

HNGD dude
depends on wat u want it for
its a crappy modelling amp, if its a starter amp go for it. just so u can experiment with stuff.

but if u want a more serious amp, no
if thats the case then buy the wylde one
the wylde overdrive sounds good IMO, but it breaks down easily (or so i've heard)
never tried the other one tho

y not just buy a tubescreamer?? or bad monkey?
Quote by stanrobertsmith
i have the marshall MG 100 watt combo
i find it has a decent Van halen distortion and sounds good with the reverb but the effects suck. also the clean/crunch is terrible. The clean it flat and bassy (in a bad way) and the crunch is flat as well. Yes it does have a marshall symbol on it and it have nice knobs but you'll be regretting it in 1-2 years. Also when you crank it up loud, all the notes blend together amd it sounds like noise instead of music...but thats just one dissatisfied customers opinion.

thats everyone's opinion
small or big doesnt matter

if i do one thing in my lifetime it'll be this

MGs are SH!TE

ok guys plz no more fake MG or spider NADs, its getting boring
wont it be just easier to use a sniping website?? instead of waiting for the last 1 min for an hour
man i would bye it if i could ship it, but id have to pay a crapload
if ebay doesnt work out my backup plan is the b-52 at 112, only thing i hate is that there is no master volume (unless im an idiot and didnt c it in front of me)
hmm, ya thought of that

but i considered the fact that if i did find a good deal while i was here, i would tell my cousin to buy it and pay him wen i go there
nah man dont worry

all my stuff here is 110v, we have a ****load of transformers, i never buy anything unless its from the states. so thats not an issue

EDIT: forgot to mention ill be staying at my cousins house (s)
Quote by i_am_metalhead
Where will you be in the states (are you vacationing or staying with friends/relatives) and how long will you be here?

im gonna be there for about 10 days, and come bak a day before skool starts

but theres rumors that skools gonna be postponed a week for swine flu vaccinations so i might stay an extra week
but i never seem to find a good deal

whereas all u gys here seem to find amazing deals
Hey UG!!

I know I've made a million amp threads already, and i promise this is the last one, as I'm going to the States in a week or so.

Here goes....

How the hell do u guys find gr8 deals on eBay? Seeing as there are so many different options.
And how do you tell which ones are good??

For example I'm a metalhead, and i want a small 112 combo
1) So I can move it around easily, and take it with me back home from the States
2) Its cheaper, and I'm not gonna need a stack for a while

But, i never know what to search.
I'm looking for a nice 112 combo, preferably a 5150/6505 (doesn't matter if its the I or the II, or the plus or regular) or a XXX (also doesn't matter if its super or regular, or EFX or not).

Budget is 500 USD, max 600$
guys just let it go!!
different stuff sounds good to different people bubb, some people like spiders, some people hate em. i dont love em nor do i hate em. sound is all about taste

do not get the wylde overdrive!! it always falls apart, the footswitch never works. the sound isnt that bad tho

EDIT: Get a Tubescreamer, or a Ban Monkey if u want a cheaper option, both are good pedals, and will definitely push ur Classic 30 into metal territory
ok thanks for the help guys

Silver Jubilee (how much would that go for?)
LP with PAF Humbuckers

thanks again
u did about the amp,
but the wikipedia article about the pups wast there :P

thanks for the help guys
but u still didnt answer my question about the difference between PAF pups and regular ones. are they warmer sounding, etc...
chrome, i prefer that to black
whats the difference between PAF pups, and regular ones??

and don't mean to sound like a n00b, but whats a Silver Jubilee??

I'm really into Slash's sound, especially from the time wen he was still in Guns n Roses.
And i really wanna get his sound. I know I'm gonna need a Les Paul, not sure which pups tho, and which amp did he use??

Setting I can try to figure out by ear

tl;dr What pups did Slash use in his LP, and what amp did he use??

EDIT: I also know he has a signature Wah. I'm not looking to buy any of this now, just something for future reference
Quote by eyebanez333
I wouldn't go from the Spider to a cube...especially if you don't mind the Spider. Just get the wah, and save money for a better amp down the road.