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bodom actually uses krank in the studio and arch enemy used to use krank. so I'd say go with the krank. plus they sound great

dude bodom never used crank in the studio.
the stuff they use in the studio is the same as the stuff they use live.
since they use marshall jcm 800s, or a tube preamp-->tube poweramp setup, they never used cranks
in your opinion, Shiromar, which would be better?
A Mesa Boggie triple rec through a Mesa Cab
or the same head through a Vader Cab
ok, that i know, but generally, which is better?
I figure the matching cabs cos they are made for that head, then again matching cabs like the Valvekings arent that good
OK, so first off, i am not planning to purchase a cab or head or anything now, this is just for my knowledge.

Is it better to get an amp head with the matching cab or getting a different cab.
So would it be better to get a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with its matching 412 cab, or with say... a Vader 412 cab???
well for metal u need a humbucker, floyd rose, 24 frets, and a lot of distortion (a pedal or better yet ur amps)

as for punk i dont know

so i recommend an ESP or BC Rich of some kind
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According to:

... he uses a preamp, plugged into some effects and then a poweramp, rather than plugging the preamp into a normal amp. This is basically the same as a normal amp but with the pre- and power-amp sections split up.

Although, why it says he uses 2 Celestion speakers and a 4x12 cabinet, I don't know...

Get a fender tube amp combo, i hear they have nice cleans.
and add as many pedals as u need. and for distorted parts just put a distortion or overdrive pedal on the clean channel
cool ima get one wen it comes out

just wanna know how i would use the direct out, as it would save me from buying an interface, and wat cables would i need.
Nothing. This was just a general knowledge sort of thing.
I knew that Alexi Laiho deos it and i wanted to know how. Thats all
Have you ever tried using your VOX amplug into a PC??
I wanna know how that works, and if it acts as an interface.

In answering your question, the majority of your tone comes from your fingers. Then another big part from your amp, then the rest from pedals (they color your tone), pups, and your guitar (woods and such). So if 2 people had similar gear, and similar playing ability and style, they should sound the same. In Theory.
You can do a hell of a lot better a t 750$
I'm not saying the Haze is bad, just that there are better options
Look into a used Peavey 5150/6505 or XXX, maybe as said before a used Marshall JCM
so ur saying running a preamp parallel into the fx loop so itl b like this

guitar-----> amp preamp (sounds wierd but bear with me) ---->amp power amp
| |
--------->preamp parallel into fx loop ------------ |
crap thats ugly
seriously man, just learn like every1 else
im not sayin its ez, hell i hate it, but u have to do it
i know that i could crank the preamp gain on an amp
but if i were to add a preamp in the fx loop, it would be the same as adding a distortion pedal??
also how would a preamp in the fx loop affect the distortion and tone?
what if i use it on the dirty channel?? will that give me too much of a distorted gainy sound.

only askin cos ALeci Laiho runs a lee jackson preamp into a jcm 800 head
is it possible to use a preamp and a head running into speakers
preamp--->any head -----> any cab
preamp----> any combo
Alexi Laiho Fin
Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw
James Hetfield Iron Cross

EDIT: Scratch the Iron Cross
Its Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth V
hey ug

so i play metal, mostly modern stuff, and i know that modern metal uses pre-amp gain.
so i was wondering, if i wanted to get a good modern metal tone, would i need to buy one?
if so, which ones are good.

also if possible, could anyone tell me what a preamp would do and how it works

thanks for ur help
my pedal doesnt make noise if ur using the gate unless u put the gain on the max, besides the feedback.

i dunno wat ur priblem could be, like every1 else ill just say get some good cables, and get it away from appliances that could interfere with it
i think u should get a new guitar, now.
im not sayin that ur guitar is bad cos i dont like ibanez and what i like may not be waat u like

as for the guitar specifically, iron maiden use strats, but jimmy page uses a les paul
and metallica use ESP

in the end it comes down to what u like, if u like metal i suggest a guitar with a floyd rose and 24 frets, maybe something like a BC Rich or an ESP
i have the same pedal it does that sometimes
i use it to my advantage at times, but its a b!tch most of the time

just mute ur strings or lower volume
just for fun,
how much cash would all these cost??
more than 100,000$$ ??
that guy is the biggest dumbass ive ever seen
my 2 yr old cousin could probably say that the 6505 has enough gain for 3 other amps :P
for a cab either
1) go used
2) make ur own (easy but u need to know some stuff)
3) but a cheap 1x12 till u save up for a good cab
dude just get the head
its a good deal

and buy a cheap cab for like 100$ ( i know the cap is 100$ but get one from a reputable maker) and use that, then save up for a good cab
i dont think theres a right way
wat i do is remove 1 string at a time and the bridge wont collapse

but in ur case id just remove the springs, install the strings, re attach the springs, then tweak it a bit
loose neck pup switch??

EDIT: sry i meant loose neck pup wires
or maybe faulty neck pup wires
well played
but i get the same tone he does from the guiat (or almost cos i have one of his ltd guitars)
i guess it was stupid to post that i loved his tone

that aside, can u answer my actual question?
i dont wanna emulate his tone
i just wanna get that guitar
i love my own tone i dont wanna emulate his
is it possible to order it custom??
cos the only way to get the pink one is to custom order (i think only 40 were ever made)
ok so i know ive made a thread before about alexi laiho signature guitars
but i saw this one and i fell in love with it

so i searched the internet for a while and coudnt find anything

so i was wondering if u guys knew where i could get one

its called the ESP Alexi Fin

its a V and i know u guys dont like a guitar for its shape, but its exactly the same as other alexi sigs, and i love his tone sooo.......

thanks for ur help
not to thread jack
but would the windsor do metal with a pedal? if so which pedal?
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I've had my Computer and Fender Princeton amp also plugged into the same powerboard for the last 6 months. Shouldn't they of blown up as well?

I'm in Australia maybe when they are doing the conversion of the Peavey amps they are doing something wrong. Could that be a possibility?

if thats the case then ur the unluckiest person ive ever seen
to have 2 amps blow up in the same way is just unlucky

id just return the amp and get a refund
but if u like the amp, and got it from a local store, try to get a replacement. cos as said before, local stores will feel bad for you and dont want to lose customers, where as chain stores (ie guitar center) wont give a rats a$$ if they lose a customer as they have a million others.

try one more time, but in a different plug cos third times the charm, and if it still blows up dont get a peavey or get a refund
maybe the room u have it in is having wat we call in lebanon a "mass" (lebanese slang not sure wat the actual word is)
simply it means that a power jack, a room or even ur entire house, is either:
1) taking too much power than it should: so 250V instead of the the 220V
2) its taking too little power: 200V instead of 220V

since the amp is blowing up i assume its probably taking too much power

thats an electrical point of view
thats my 2 cents

how u figure it out
i saw both vids on PGS,
both are amazing delays
u really couldnt go wrong with either
i felt the ekko was more versatile
but the cc was warmer
personally id take the CC
who says JCM 800s have no gain?
Alexi Laiho uses them
i use ernie ball o.10s and they sound really muddy in anything lower than D tuning
drop d would be fine, but drop c wont
im swithching to 0.11s for drop C