its the same only a lot less muddiness
better cleans
and increased headroom

also its a solderless installation
id get the X
just cos its more headroom and the cleans are better
also its not as muddy as the original emgs

so better in every way IMO
not sure how it would do for death metal tho
kick ass strat dude
definitely, especially wen stuff costs 4 times the price in lebanon
i have IK Multimedia amplitube metal and it works on my 64 bit vista
jst hook em up very close together
and step on em both at the same time
or as above, put a 2x4 on both pedals
blackstar ht-5 is the best amp for ur range or in any range
only problem is it doesnt gig
vox valvetronix is a good amp IMO
spiders just plain suck
i dont have experience with the orange tho
well i play metal, any type of metal
i have an ESP LTD Alexi-200

i have a budget of 500$, i prefer something that would do metal without an OD, and with a master volume
thanks dude
i only have a budget of 500$ and not enough stuff to sell, but thanks anyway
im sticking to the b-52 unless i find a great deal
dont u have a pc with /xp or somethin??
if it doesnt say that it works with vista on the box, it probably wont
just use it on an older pc running vista or return it and get somethin that will run on vista (guitar rig mobile??)
i have a guitar with the same body
i just got a wall stand for it
ok so i know that the valveking combo has a bad speaker and crappy tubes,
so my question is, how good are the speakers on the matching cab, and how good are the tubes in the head?
im only askin cos im planning to get a b-52 at-112, but im still searchin the BAY for any good used deals cos i wont be gettin the amp for at least a month
heres the link if that helps

or maybe 10s with heavey bottoms?
dont get a boss os2, too thin for my tastes, then again i play tons of metal
just save up for a good amp, and play with ur bad amp for now
for the love of GOD man DO IT!!!
hey chuck
uve been waiting for ur rebel for ages, congrats dude!!
i change em every month and i play like 3 hours a day
i use ultex jazz 3s, i had a problem with the original jazz 3s, that they would slip, now problem solved
:O, thats amazing!! Enjoy
sell the head, keep the cab, vader cabs are amzing. since i dont know how much cash ud get without selling ur ab i cant help that much.
how abt a used 5150??
actually my cousin tried it
they said the basic thing was 1000$
u dont have to be a jackass
i was just askin people who have done it before if they could give me an estimate
hey Ug
does any1 know how much a custom jackson kelly would normally cost??
if its relevant
neck through
2 EMG Humbuckers
24 frets

thanks all
Quote by DiizZ
You wont have a need for your pedals with the Vetta. If you love your pedals though, get an amp that does cleans really well, and continue to use your pedals.

Out of those two options, Vetta. If i were you though, i would keep the pedals and get a nice Fender.

Fenders generally have great cleans, just get a fender tube, and use ur pedals on the clean channel
that way, u wont have to throw ur pedals away

u could also sell ur dirt pedals and get a better amp with good distortion, and keep using ur fx pedals
nice amp dude
were did u get it from?? ebay?
i dont think they do, cos the purpose of a modelling amp is so that u dont need any pedals
even tho the models arent as gr8 as the actual thing, theyre still decent
in short, they dont take pedals well
choice 2 IMO
even tho i prefer tube, the vetta is a gr8 amp, and u dont need to worry about all those extra pedals with it
bedroom levels for blackstar, dont know about anything that can gig in ur range unless u mic it
no problem dude
glad to help

ever need anythin just ask
u could always use a boost of some kind

the digitech bad monkey is good and cheap
great pedal IMO
i wsnt looking at really expensive cables
just somethin under 25$ that wouldnt destroy my tone, and not break soon

but after reading Chuckles' link, i think that ill just get like a planet waves or somethin
not that im aware of
im not sure it can do metal tho,
however having never tried one, i cant justify that opinion
sry didnt look up
u could go with marshall, is that in ur budget tho??
as the title says, what are the best cables to uses that are low capacitance and wont suck the SH!T out of ur tone??
and not any of those 3000$ cables a saw in a thread a while back

im only askin cos i use some no name cables, but i dont mind cos my amp is crappy anyway.
but since im gettin a new amp i need some good cables
thanks for the help