its really easy
theres diagrams and videos everywhere
guitar center WILL screw u over
i just noticed u were new
ok could u tell us what u play?? genres and such
used or new?? (bear in mind u can get some amazing gear if u go used and its cheaper)

did i miss anything?
Quote by gorrath
dude didnt you make this thread before?like half an hour ago?

yeah i saw that thread and recommended a B-52 AT 112
i think he has 500 Pounds = 850$
he wont go used

is that about right?
i used to play classical guitar
wen i switched to electric i found it very hard to play with a pick, so i know wat ur going through
as said before, just keep practicing
in the end ull get the hang of it
500 pounds if im not mistaken is around 850 USD
i still dont think its enough for a JCM 800, even if it is used
he could try tho, i suggest a b-52 AT 112 Combo amp
Same as SPBY, but not emg 60x nd 85x
Get emg 81x in the bridge nd 60x in the neck
Once i dreamt i was stabbed with an esp v, those sharp pointy ones
i have the same problem with my alexi 200
went to my local music shop, and they had a bag, but the zipper broke

i love Vs, but the esp ones are just so dam huge

how much did u get it for?
no man, tried it on several somputers, even on macs and PCs, still the same problem, maybe it was just the one i got
guitar rig mobile is better than the line 6 one
ive tried both and i went with the guitar rig simply cos line 6 has latency issues (meaning u hear the note a few seconds after u play it)
if u have 100 more lying around get guitar rig session by far better than both, and u can use 2 guitars and a mic, i myself am planning to get it in a month or so wen i save up
i play lots of metal so im good

EDIT: were u talking about the master gain, or the gain on the overdrive channel
thanks guys
so basically it just lets me get tube overdrive or distortion without blowing up my house?
ok, u guys have been talking about master volume in a lot of the amp threads, and i dont know wat it means
i tried the stickies but it didnt make much sense to me
if u wanna make fun at me dont post
u can make fun of me behind my bak, i dont mind that :P

thanks for ur help
if i had a les paul id play it right now
btw at first i though that something happened to ur les paul :P (this is probably innapropriate)
its not really more volume, just more headroom. is it possible to run both ur amps speakers and the 2X12 like juadafi said?

btw how do u like ur b-52 i wanna get one soon, any reliability problems and such?
i hate u :P
u got that for 300$? us sure u didnt sell ur arm or something??
seriously desnt any1 know about this
i asked about it here on UG, and people said go with guitar rig and that the line 6 has latency issues
never tried the line 6 out tho, so im just talking like an idiot
as the title suggests, wats the difference between the 2, and can u play both together??

also as a side note, wats a phase inverter tube, cos there is one in the B-52 at 112

thx for ur help
i hear it has latency issues
meaning that u hear the note through ur mac speakers a few seconds after u play the note
vetta is pretty versatile, but if u want something specific, the XXX is good at wat it does
ok guys i have to apologize for this thread
my friend knows my password and i told him he could ask about this amp, wven tho i suggested the randall, but he wanted to ask the experts
however, i had no idea he was gonna talk like an idiot (he deosnt know much about amps and such)

ok thnx gonna go with the randall
Quote by Tedward
well I think that it goes like

a 100 watt SS amp is twice as loud in volume as a 10 wat SS amp. and when comparing to a tube amp, its even less of a difference. Also I think that different tube amps can have different volumes even with the same wattage.

I have a Vox AD50VT and its not that loud really. I sure a 20 watt tube amp could be louder (although I've never cranked one to see)

think that the marshall can be used for gigging?
Quote by ProgFolk12
The marshall is NOT tube, what you should do is save up and find something much better

the marhall IS tube!
yeah! i may use it for gigging
will the 2o watts b enough?
hey people, i am lost between 2 choices, either the marshall advanced valvestate 20 or the randall rg75.

the randall is 75 watts , its a hybrid...........

the marshall is just 20 wats but its a tube amp, its a very VERY powerful amp but the problem is that its only 20 watts :/

i play metal ( COB, trivuim, bullet for my valentine) ant that stuff....

wats the difference between a PAf humbucker and a regular one?? and wat voltage would be considered high output
just wat is GFS exactly??
and its a strat with 3 single coils
i would prefer something like a single coil humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the middle and neck
i think the low input is meant for guitars with actives like emgs
then again i could be wrong
ok so i have a cheap sqiuer affinity strat, i got in a value pack
and i heard somewhere that if u just replace the pups, controls, and some other stuff.
and i was wondering what pups would work for me?
i play any type of metal mostly children of bodom, machinhead, slayer, metallica, avenged sevenfold, and also some blues
so i need some high output pups, but also something with nice cleans and some smooth highs and lows

my budget is like 100$ for each pup

btw, wat are middle pups generally used for?
theres a 100$ version and a 200$ one
the 100 should be enough for wat he needs for now
wat pups do u use in ur 7 string?
as the title suggests, wats r 2 versatile pups for a 7 string guitar
my friend has a shecter hellraiser 7 string and he wants somethin more versatile than the EMGs that come in it

wast talkin about cabs
just amps in general