for example, if u had a 60 watt amps with one speaker, and the same one with 2 speakers
the one speaker would push 60 w through its only speaker
while the 2 speakers would push 30 watts through each speaker, and ur brain is tricked into thinking its louder, and u also get more headroom
as the title suggests wats the difference between the 2?
go into as much detail as u can plz
seriously do they look that bad?? iwasnt planning on gettin it anytime soon, just as a GAS thing
i now this is a question about guitars, but i know that this GG&A is the better forum'
u might c this as a vs question, and i c it as that too but i just want some input

in ur opinion, which do u think looks better
the dean Splittail

or the Gibson ZV
are u good enough now that u can do stuff like gus g (that the only person i can think of that can do great legato)
can anyone recommend any techniques or tabs that could help me start with legato, no1 recommend any Gus G stuff thats too hard for me.

something for a beginner to intermediate legato player

if he got one of those, does it come with an interface??
and if it doesnt how will he use it??
hey ug,
as the title suggests, is there any way to swap out the fingerboard on a guitar without having to replace the neck, just remove the fingerboard and put on another one

i dont mind if its not possible
im only asking cos my guitar has a rosewood fingerboard and i prefer an ebony one
ok so i was looking at the upload playing skills area (havent uploaded any yet)
and i saw some techniques that i had no idea about so if u could kindly explain them to me that would help:

tremolo picking
slide guitar
lap slide guitar
hybrid picking

thanks for ur hellp
i dont really like it that much, but im stuck with it.
this pedal is good for the scooped palm muted new metal sh!t, and it doesnt really suck that bad for other stuff
ill tell u my setting and c how u like em
Level: 3 o'clock
Scoop: 11 o'clock
Drive : 3 o'clock
Bass: 1 o'clock
Mids: 3 o'clock
Treble: 4 o' clock

the treble and bass tend to balance each other out so u get a nice bassline that doesnt bring down the house, and the high notes wont rip through ur ears likje a dog whistle
Quote by md41
You mean digital. At least, I'm looking to change my distortion tone to be less digital.

well dude, u picked the worst pedal if ur lookin for analog tone
all line 6 products are digital, especially the tone core pedals, if u want something analog try some MXR distortions, maybe the distortion +, i think its the yellow one
Quote by Darkflame
aren't all distortion pedals analog ?

not the line 6 one
i have it, and u can remove the control part (which is essentially a big computer chip)
and u can replace it with another one, so u get another effect pedal
HNAD dude

Can i have ur gibson? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?? :P

dude ur 19 and u have all this stuff??
weres this part time job of urs?
good cables: try dimarzios, i love my ones
Power Cables: for the crybaby get the crybaby adapter, and get a vox one for the satchurator
Clean ur guitar: i clean my fretboard with lemon oil, and polish it with a clean cloth
Hardware for PC: get guitar rig session, its the best at the price IMO
i dont think pickups get damaged after a lot of use,
i know there was a thread just made about this
but i just want to know if anyone knows were i could get one of these things in the US, preferably the 45 w combo version

also if anyone has any experience with it, especially the cleans and high gain settings

Quote by Sirakov
I recently bought one of these.
Great amp!

how much did u get it for?? and from where?
can it do high gain stuff?
ill give u a nickel for it
seriosly tho, u could get a great deal for it
i no that the street price for the head is like 2000

if its in good condition u could get a pretty good deal out of selling it, then buying a recto
singlecoils might work for 80s style metal, but IMO, they stuck for modern stuff,
i love the fat sound of a humbucker and it works perfectly for modern metal
no way in hell u could get the head, with the cab in for cheap
however, it might be less than the original price
so ud probably end up savin 50$ or so
Quote by bubb_tubbs
Wait til you see my LP when I get my gold Wolfetones in it.

ok then, wen u do that post some pix and well c
i think it would be nicer, LPs are cooler than strats
thats the shiniest strat ive ever seen,
how much would that cost, and is it even playable?
i wouldnt wanna damage all that gold, id just hang it on my wall and sell it for a sh!tload of cash
Alexi Laiho - skill, speed, technique, amazing dueling lead riffs, improv
Slash - Slow, melodic solos, and pure skill
Synyster Gates - i like his shredding and improv
get guitar rig mobile, pretty simple to use and its really good
Quote by DieGarbageMan
its arabic so it obviously means



How dare u?!?! We also caused numerous other catastrophes :P
i almost punched myslef in the d!#k had i not scrolled down
u almost had me
im lebanese so thats definitely not arabic
try some language in some book, like elvish in lord of the rings or somethin
AC15, gives u the tone u want, and i hgear the haze is too overrated and not that good
if u can spring for a bit more get the AC30, or get it used
im torn between this or the carbon copy, so i also need clips
the pics arent working here eihter
if u can afford it, line 6 Pod X3 live
which is the best guitar rig for under 200$ or should i go with the stealth
doubt it, in the comments he said that it was the stealth pedal
which is at least to me the coolest interface, but i think guitar rig is better

EDIT: the stealth is 200$ i think
wats the difference between all guitar rigs, besides that there are more amps or cabs or watever?
and do they all have the same quality?
Quote by stephen_rettie
if you want samples all my recordings are done solely with guitar rig, i like it a lot.

Edit: prodominantly done with orange amp sound, some with the lead 800, but tbh it doesnt sound as good as the orange.

dude, those recordings were made with guitar rig?? thats amazing, i was under the impression that things like that were crap
this isnt as good as studio stuff, but its not as bad as people make it out to be, and to untrained ears, it wont make a difference, mind tellin me which guitar rig u used exactly?
thanks guys
that helped
b-52 at 112 amp? decent tube amp for cheap and can do metal
then think about pups