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So what you're saying is, and bear with me I've hit the guinness tonight so I might be missing something here. But what you're saying is, that rather than take your tone and hone it to a perfect tone you would take that money that could have made your tone better and spend it on a seemingly unnecessary practice/recording amp? Am I the only one that thinks this is silly?

Plus, for me BKP are only about £10 more than SD's so it's not really that big a deal for me. I would also spend the money on a Hayden MoFo if I was considering another amp.

Maybe you have a point. I was just defending my friend's choice in the Invader and this got started. But I looked at their website, BKPs cost like 200 British Pounds (don't have the symbol), and EMGs or SDs usually cost no more than 150$. But I guess you have a point. Also never tried the MoFo

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A) Invaders sound good. When ran into $3,000 Bogners with a $1,000 dollar cab. Otherwise, you'd be better with EMGs.
B) EMGs HZ are pretty crappy. Alexi Laiho doesn't play a HT-5.
C) HT-5 is great for a cheap, low wattage tube amp. Doesn't top most amps over $1,000.

I agree with all that except the thing about HZs. They are just a bit flat, but other than that pretty good, and with a gain booster they sound great.
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what if you've already got a nice amp?

Well you got me there.

I'd say get a new amp with that money, something like an HT-5 or something
How many times should I clear coat?? I thought it was just once and be done with it.
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Invaders are mediocre at best....and also, its not a good idea to talk back to a mod that was nice enough to move your threads instead of just closing them and leaving them.

I get it now, so in the end I'm supposed to sand the clear coat with high grit sandpaper, that way it'll become smooth and I won't remove the coat.

Ok guys thanks for all your help, I think I got in now
wouldnt sanding the clear coat remove it??
No I don't think your snobby. Maybe I'm just at a level where i still can't differentiate that well between different pickups played with the same amp (tried a few at GC today, barely noticed a difference). Maybe to your ears it sounds better. However, if the Invader wasn't good, Synyster Gates wouldn't use it, or if EMG-Hz pickups were bad, Alexi wouldn't use them. What you like in music is all up to you.

EDIT: I just feel that boutique pickups are an unnecessary luxury
Alexi Laiho's Fin guitar, only 10 were made
Randy Rhoads' guitar he last used on stage
My point exactly. So if they use those 3, shouldn't it be good enough for you. Anyway IMHO, having a BKP or Stephen Designs pup, is just being snobby. Pickups don't do anything except for tweak your sound, so spend your hard-earned cash on a good amp and SDs or EMGs, instead of buying BKPs and a mediocre amp
he's right, Bare knuckles are expensive. and yes Seymour Duncans are relatively cheap, however, none of the arists he mentioned use anything besides EMGs or SD, also i have never heard of any artist who uses BKP or any other high end pup, mos use EMG, SD, or DiMarzios
so sand off the clear coat, mask off and paint the stripes, and then some more wet sand, then clear coat. then im done
hmm i guess ur right

so what sandpaper should i use in the beginning?? rough or fine??
hey UG!
so i have an LTD Alexi-200, in white, and i wanted to add some stripes on it to make it look like the one in my profile pic, so anyways, i think 1 know what to do, just tell me if im wrong.

1) remove strings
2) sand the body
3)use masking tape to cover the guitar and cut the ares that i want to paint off
4) use spray paint to paint
5) sand again
6) clear coat

also, i would like to know what kind of sand paper i should use, and if this would chip off naturally
not all solid states are shi-te

i like randall solid states, and also some SS amps as stykerwolf said are good, especially the vetta, but new they are damn expensive
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Maybe not for EVERY style, but it would be quite good.
However, what I would do is this:
Tech 21 Sansamp tri ac -> T.C. Electronics G-major -> Power Engine

It would a little bit more expensive, but it will sound better that a me-70

dude the invaders don't suck, just cos u don't like em doesn't mean they aren't good.
jurji, i know you, you're never gonna use ur neck pup (which is y u want a RR24) just dont waste ur cash on it. but apparently u never listen to me, u only listen to people on UG, even if i said the same thing :P

some best friend you are :P
but would micing the blackstar get enough volume for a big event?? not like a stadium or watever, but not the smallest place either
Blackstar ht-5

I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet.

EDIT: unless I didn't see someone mention it
I love DRs, bes strings out there IMO.
Also Ernie Ball is good.

For a Strat i wouldn't go too heavy, 0.10s will be fine.
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I tried acid once and it freaked me out.

Just ordered the half stack on Sunday, should be here next week hopefully

guitar rig session
comes with an interface, and cubase LE for recording so ur good to go
For some reason, everybody seems to think Boss pedals are THE pedal solution.
They are not crap, but they certainly aren't good.
it can do metal i think without a pedal. im a huge metalhead and wanted to get it, but since i dont gig i went with a blackstar ht-5, its shipping now

bottom line is, this thing does metal. and good choice on the decimator
The visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde is a great pedal!!
Or one of the Blackstar HT pedals.
As for EQ, get the MXR 10-Band Distortion, easily the best one out there.
I second the new Peavey 6505 112, but its a 100$ over your budget.
As for a guitar, you can't go wrong with a high end BC Rich (800$ or so).
As for cables get some Monsters or Mogamis, and picks are a preference, i use Dunlop Ultex Jazz III, and some Dunlop Tortexes 60mm, you might like those.

EDIT: but that would leave you with no pedals. Personally, I only need a Wah, and a nice Analog Delay. So, I'd get an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah and the Malekko Ekko, or the Carbon Copy.

At least that's how I'd spend that cash, maybe a bit more
this belongs in the classifieds

ESIT: Damn, beaten to it
not to threadjack
but if u have a 8X12 fullstack, is it possible to use all 8 speakers??
try a different outlet
DSL 50 is nice IMO
Spider Valve is meh, but better than the Spider 3s
Never tried the TSL 60
for flanger go with the MXR Eddy Van Halen model
the only difference is more headroom

gigging doesnt necessarily have to be with a halfstack
not sure but i think they could

y would u want to do that anyway??
actually i prefer wah after distortion pedal, its more subtle, or do i have it the other way round?
either way, i do it the way hendrix did it
the MXR chorus is amazing!! get it
dunno, never like buying used pedals or guitars, just amps.

maybe if its in good condition and reasonably priced (3$ :P kiddin)
classic 30 is good. and if you ever need to get into metal territory, just get a Tubescreamer or Bad monkey
some kind of fender tube amp
Digital is pretty much more versatile, while analog is warmer sounding and better IMO.
If you want to do all sorts of stuff with it i recommend digital.
If you want it to give a bit of an echo, with warmer repeats go analog.

Good Analog pedals: MXR Carbon Copy - Malekko Ekko - EHX Memory Boy
Good Digital Pedals: Boss DD-7 (I think, not really familiar with digital delay)