Chuck, maybe your saying that because you have an Avatar cab? No, offense

Add Vader to the list
nah man
I love em, not a big fan of actives
to put in the boost ur gonna have to drill a hole in ur guitar :/
the rest is just soldering
adding the battery, hooking it up to the pup and the output and stuff, u know
EMG 81/85
or EMG ALX Set
ya i know, sometimes i don't use my head (which is weird cos I'm top of my class:P)
English 1st
Arabic 2nd
French 3rd
and a bit of Spanish and Italian

EDIT: I was born and raised in the states but i currently live in Lebanon, so i have to speak Arabic, and French is the national second language as they were occupied by France for 30-ish years
didnt know he wanted cleans
just read heavy metal and jumped there :P

EDIT: just for ur info turns out its now in October
get the peavey 6505 combo coming out in like a week
600 in the states last i checked

EDIT: its the combo version of the 6505+, and i believe the one coming out is a 112
power supply definitely
try another wall socket or another room, or even another house
No offense but, is that even a question??

Dude, u have a 24 month warranty!! Just take it to GC, and they'll replace it or fix it or whatever it is they do.
EB slinky skinny top heavy bottom
or dr tite fit alexi laiho signature set
its a good choice if u swap out the stock speaker and tubes, otherwise its shi-te
wait a week jst to be sure
since wen does the MXR smart gate suck ur tone.
ive tried it and the ISP Decimator and the MXR beat it IMO
triple is just more powerfull
but both are extremely good
i mean for almost 2000$ a head they kinda have to be
nice amp dude
i wanted one but it wont be suitable for gigging

and marco0mu, arent they made in the UK?? shouldnt it logically be cheaper there??
can i have it???
pwetty plz??

post clips soon
not a big fan og gibson style Vs, prefer somethin more in the style of a jackson or ESP V.

I liked the demmelition V, but reviews on MF say it isnt that good (then again they arent that reliable), and any Rhoads guitar is amazing.

the carvin in the link looks freaky, its a reverse rhoads, dont think id be comfortable with it

I guess ill stick with a jackson
ok so im looking to buy a new guitar

budget is 1000 USD (still saving but im almost there)

i know in my sis it says bc rich warlock deluxe but besides that,
what would be a good metal/shred guitar for 1000 or under

24 frets, neck through, original floyd rose (if possible), humbuckers (bridge, or bridge and neck, doesnt matter)

doesnt really matter, but i prefer Vs

thanks for ur help
ok then how bout to get a guns n roses sound??
it only has 1 vol, 1 tone, and 1 gain
ok so how do these things work??
theres 2 on strats (im sure every1 already kows this :P), and i have 1 on my little Marshall MS-4 (which is a pretty good amp when im on the road).

so as stated b4 how do they work?? and how woould i have to set it on my amp to get a nice heavy sound?

tl;dr how do they work?
there was just another thread on UG now and every1 recommended the b-52

here u go

but if u cant afford a tubescreamer, get a bad monkey
i figured the same thing, its cheaper and just as good so y not??
anyways these days the problems are fixed.
i love randall modular amps
how many modules do u have so far??
i have the exact same thing goin through my head.
but im gonna get the b-52 just cos its great and the failure rate is just for stuff like blown fuses and such, nothing too big.

but if ud rather save for a peavey go for it
haha that guy is a smart man
i think the lead is like the metal, only they just added some delay, and more gain

hows the classic rock one?? could it give u and old guns n roses sound?? or led zepplin??
hmm so if i just had a 1/8 to 1/8 jack i could record on my pc, ok thn
and i just need headphones.

thanks guys

just one more thing, what controls does it have?? and has any1 tried the new lead one, i hear it has delay
ok thanks but how would i hook it up to a pc? and how do i record (if i can?
hey UG

Does anybody have any experience with these things?? As i need something cheap to practice at night and they seem pretty good.

I'm currently looking at the lead version and the metal version, and i was wondering if they could be used to record simple riffs and ideas.

I don't really care much about sound quality as long as i can understand what Im playing. and if it does record what else would i need?

Thanks for your help
dont replace it with 81 85s
just keep it the same, use it as passive during rythm, and use the gain boost for solos
its wat i do
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No, he plays classic rock he doesn't need a monster of an amp like that, I love 6505s but for classic rock its overkill. For the price you could get a Vox AC30/15 or the new nightrain, there are also a ton of old marshall JCMs in your price range too.

oh didnt c that he plays classic rock