17, playing for about 5 years.
The tall guy
The bearded guy
The music guy
I was in a car crash when I was 2 and now I have a dent in my skull on my forehead and a lightning bolt shaped scar like Harry Potter but on my left side.
Me and some of my friends for our first day of college, we're all going to go in suits.
Your dog looks about 5
Alter Bridge

Hopefully I get the other band tickets I want and a Bloodstock ticket for next year
7/10 I really liked the life quote
I know he's not a musician but you really look like Ed Byrne.
I just made one a few days ago
8/10 I love the tattoo

Was lucky enought too see the show and got the live CD aswell
For my age i am rather hairy.
Im 16 and can grow a full beard, and my body is just cover'd in hair...
People tend too call me Big foot or Sasquatch.
I'd say a bit like Alex Turner
Such a stupid quiz, i might cry at how stupid it was...
BP basically took a 3 month long shit and finally wiped their ass today, but they still have yet to flush the toilet.
Well i just left school a few days ago, and i'v got my prom today so ill see everyone one last time
im sure ill miss it sometimes but most of it i wont.
I had a packet of mini cheddars today and half way through them i needed the toilet so i finished them when i was on the toilet...
Doesn't bother me too much when its a snack.
Got a scar from the top of my forehead down, in the shape of a lightnight bolt so i get called harry potter.
One on my left hand just before my thumb.
One on my middle knuckle on my right hand.
and other little ones dotted about.
Ima draw a pretty picture
When i was about 11, when i started guitar.
Then it was a snowball effect from then on
Chris Robertson or Myles Kennedy
Quote by burndttoast
Disney Metal

characterized by Disney stars playing metal tunes; the most hardcore form of metal
When i first read the page name
the start of war in space?

It reminded me of the Doctor Who episode a few weeks ago
Your kicking off with me from what i said, when you left me and you do all this shit.
Shes my friend aswell, she tells me you have been pissing her off and she finaly has had enough of you and your taking it out on me, when its you that has been screwing with her all this time.
Yes, she did talk to me instead of you because im not the one who went moaning too her, i actually talked and listen'd to her istead of ranting about my problems.
Why dont you sit down, shut the **** up and grow up.
i voted since the picture made me laugh