I started at the age of 15 i think. I had always wanted to play drums and i was going to get a kit as we were considering moving house. My parents then split up so i was stuck with my tiny box room. Seens as i wanted to make music i opted for Guitar. Started off with a squire strat and small amp just playing bits of songs. Then ive progressed from there, now im a pretty good lead guitarist and im persuing my dream. Im now 17 hopefully i will take guitar to a higher level...
I have the Troy Stetina book "speed mechanics for Lead guitar" if thats what you mean Mr.Loomis_shred. Its a pretty good book coems with a CD and teachees a lot from left hand techniques and improvisation to right hand picking skills. I think you can pick a copy up of amazon for cheap. Other then that you just need to learn music theory and stick with it. I am learning it now and it takes a lot of time. But look in the right places and websites and you can dig up some helpful stuff. Its all about being creative.
Got to be Californication
Thanks, If i was to get a weeping demon, Do you know of any power supplies it can run on because i hear it eats up batteries pretty quick which i cant really afford to keep buying?
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good Wah Wah pedal to recreat the sound of Guns n roses/Velvet revolver's Slash (Other then his signature pedal obviously). Ive read a few reviews of pedals but most say that the wah becomes a bit crappy after the 9th fret etc and i need something that is up to handling high fret solo. Anyway cheers for the help people who reply. Much appreciated.
Is it only when you play guitar or is it all the time. If you go to your doctor they will prescribe you some special stuff for your hands as i have realy sweaty pits and i use this stuff called driclor and it is realy effect. Im sure there is a hand alternative. I wouldnt suggest to play with sweaty hands either as it will cause your strings to get messed up even if it does "make you quicker". If not, well everyone else has given some good advice that id try out.

Ive just looked up about driclor and they say it works for feet on an advertisement, so i guess it works for hands too.
Yeah i like kushners Ravelle elite, but im not certain on if it would give me the sound of slash i.e. a les paul style sound. I realy like the body too it as well. The Mocking bird seemed to have a good body too and ive seen slash use it live a few times. As for the les paul well i cant find any les paul standards for cheap prices so i could only find the studio, Which isnt exactly cheap but the closest i'll get to slash's sound or so i believe. Why do you not have a comment on the Les paul, is that for good or bad reasons?

Also, does anyone know if Epiphone Les paul Standards are good and will give me the sound i need for Slash licks?


Does anyone know if the Richwood 'Slash' Flame Top Les Paul Standard Guitar is a good guitar as ive seen them around?

thanks people
I dont live in the states either mate. I've been trying to find an agile on a british guitar site but i've had no luck.
Lol, Probabaly the coincidence. But we can pretend it was the power of fate
Hey Trusky i'll also have been playing guitar 2 years this christmas. And i also own a squier like you guys. Wierd hu!?
Yeah he does only use it in you could be mine video but he also uses it a lot live (or so ive heard). I was thinking the B.C rich more for iron maiden though. Do you know any good sites for used guitars?
Thanks people, What would you recomend as a better guitar in the same price rang then people. Bareing in mind that i play a lot of Guns n' Roses and a lot of lead stuff?
Hello people, I'm just wondering if any of you could help me out. I just cant make my mind up about which guitar to get next its realy killing my head trying to decide.

Its a tie up between:

Fernandes: Ravelle Elite

Gibson: Les paul studio

B.C Rich: Mockingbird platinum pro

If anyone who plays any of these could tell me their views on them or just which is the best in general. I have read the reviews but they dont realy help me make my mind up. If its any help to know the kind of music i play: LOTS of Guns n' Roses, Foo fighters, Iron maiden.

Thanks people.