still going mate i'll PM you
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Laney VC50 £300 based in blackpool, comes with channel switcher and built in reverb unit

ok :s
Selling my ValvePower 18w clone and also a Blackheart 112 cab if anyone's interested
For sale is here is my ValvePower 18w cage amp as seen on

I bought it back in 2010, I believe, and it's either the mk II or mk III model (can't be sure). Sad to sell but since going to university I've lost the habit and this lovely amp is sat at home gathering dust thus deserves a better home. Still fitted with the original JJ valves it is in full working order, with a few aesthetic marks on the cage here and there.

The power regulator really is a useful addition as it allows valve breakup sound at low volumes and works better than most attenuators I have tried. Has to be said though that the louder you crank it the better it sounds.

Was purchased for around £300 back in 2010 iirc and the newest models are going for £400.

Looking for £180 ONO
Located in the Blackpool area but can arrange for a courier to deliver anywhere in the country.

Will sell the Blackheart 112 for about 20 quid if anyone's interested btw.

P.S: Sorry for the shitty phone pics
It's been said before but you really should be on commission for these things Dave
Nice, and welcome back

P.S. Don't get banned again plz. It's too entertaining seeing people get mad at you for having better gear than them.
I actually like these. A lot better than the past 2 generations imo.
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So many geezers here who forget what it's like to be a teenager. When you're 15 you aren't exactly making 6 figures, you're likely saving up for a car, gas, and insurance, maybe you've got a girlfriend with good taste in restaurants; unless you sleep with your guitar and it's your only passion in the whole wide world, you're going to be stuck with Boss pedals and Fender solid state amps for a little while. It's how you learn to be frugal and make good use out of what you have- I spent my first 8 months of playing with a Line 6 Spider III 30w, and with endless tweaking I was able to get a sound that got compliments from tube amp owners. Not saying the Spider is a great amp, just that I was able to get by with the resources available.
I'm 15 and I think my gear is alright. Cost me a little over £600 and I don't think that's too much really. I'm not rich I just used my christmas and birthday money and all the money I saved up in between those two to buy it.
^I don't think it can ever be /thread with something as subjective as this.
I like the Tone Wicker but I don't know how it compares to boutique muffs
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Clip of the first prototype of the trirec:

That is the funniest post I have ever seen on UG
I used to love Metallica, now I hate them with a passion
Even if it was 2 hours that'd be normal, since everyone with sense only bids in the last second anyway.
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"should of" instead of "should have" (happens with "could" and "would" too, of course.)

those piss me off more than anything.

Ahh most of these annoy me, but I use that one and never realised it was incorrect.
Does it matter if the thread is old? I mean Ross was asking a question related to the topic, not responding to an old comment. Imo, this is okay

I reccommend you go to the GB&C section Ross
Gotta be Pepsi. I mean Coca-Cola is okay, but Diet Coke is horrible, while both Pepsi and Pepsi Max are awesome.
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yeah, same here. I was going to try kabl before that thing happened anyway (as supposedly the klotz ac110/la grange is better than van damme), but as you say, this is a good excuse. I just have to get round to it, lol.

Yeah, I heard that. Doubt I'll be able to tell the difference though since they're both good cables
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yeah. what's particularly funny is that, before they posted, a bunch of people had risen to award session's defence. Once AS (ok, allegedly AS) posted, most of those people swore never to buy from AS ever again.
Myself included, just in case it really is Award Session. It's a good excuse to try out KaBL anyway
That's why I didn't recommend them
I wonder if it actually was Award Session, or it was a very clever and dishonest competitor. It's almost hard to believe that the company would make posts like that on a popular guitar forum without even thinking that it might lose them a bit of business.
^The only pine guitar I know of is the Squier CV Tele. Good guitar too.
I've actually not tried them, but they are supposed to be very good.
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I thought you were a bigger fan of the Vypyr Tube than the Line 6 stuff?

I thought MatrixClaw was just a bigger fan of the Vypyr Tube than the Spider Valve
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AS are A level subsidaries. Essentially as all (I think all) A level courses are now modular you get given an AS certificate after passing 2 or 3 modules in the first year of A level study.
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in year 12 you do AS levels and in year 13 you do A2 and you combine them into one A level.

Excuse my ignorance, but what are AS levels?
I myself am getting my Statistics and R.S GCSE results, not really nervous
Sorry, completely forgot about this thread
Anyway, just decided to do it and my mic won't work so I'm out.
Nice, HNAD
In other news, someone sigg'ed me, woahh!
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This thread is a year and a half old.
I don't really think it matters in a thread like this
Yeah it is. Bit pricey new but you should be able to find a used one for under £70
Hmm I guess I'll enter. My voice is shitty and I have a slight lisp but I may as well try
Now to find a good speech to read, although I'll probably just end up doing that one Kensai linked.
Well my voice is very boring, almost a monotone really. Like most teenage boys, my voice is awkward and I mumble a lot. Still, I'd be up for a voice competition
Well do you prefer warmer sounding delays that decay or colder ones with lots of clarity?

Fish & Chips and Memory Boy/Used Digitech DL-8 is a solid option imo
I remember you TS
Expect 5 more threads all titled 'Which Marshall?' or 'Is this the Marshall for me?'

Well at least you've improved in one thing, you've actually realised that a SS Marshall will not get you the tones you want. Maybe realise a bit sooner that you probably don't need a full stack?
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You seem to like the LP shape so I'll put this out there: you can get a custom, hand made LP copy from Feline with custom wound pickups from Bare Knuckle for less than a standard, non-customised single cut carved top guitar from Carvin costs.
This. I haven't played one but they look so pretty. And that neck joint
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and the (obligatory) Cristina Scabbia pic

Ahh took me a while to realise I'd seen this thread before. Everything is just as I remember it: one-line reviews that go against the majority of opinions (not to say that they are wrong, just everyone hears things differently), acousticmirror being right to an extent but being a dick about it, and as most threads that he (acousticmirror) is involved in, it turned into a flamefest.

HNAD, I guess
The Hold Steady, good band I just hate the singer.
Although when it grows a bit I think she'll be hotter than ever, since I generally like a-little-less-than-shoulder-length hair best on girls.