Any Vocalists/guitarists/bass players willing to make experimental/extreme metal music with elements of jazz and electronic music? I can program drums, play keyboards, and produce.
When it comes to extreme metal:

Vocalists: Anders Friden (In Flames), Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
Backing Vocalists: Devin Townsend, Dave Mustaine
Guitar: Devin Townsend
Guitar: Dave Mustaine
Guitar: Bill Steer (Carcass)
Bass: Dave Ellefson (Megadeth)
Drums: Thomas Haake
Keyboards: Kevin Moore (Dream Theater)

but if its everything:

Vocalists: Mike Patton (the best vocalist for any job), Devin Townsend, Robert Plant, Frank Sinatra, Jack Black
Guitar: Devin Townsend
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Jazz Guitar: Frank Zappa
Acoustic Guitar: Kyle Gass
Bass: William Murderface?????? (couldn't think of anyone and no, Cliff Burton is overrated)
Drums: Neil Peart
Keyboards: Rick Wakefield, Eddie van Halen
Carcass and Oceano..........
metalGS3SE, this is our band, so everything is not up to me. send me the tracks, now, metalgS3SE, through yahoo messenger
send me the one without the bass track so i can hear it, but i will not record vocals until all instruments are recorded. once i am done with that, i will give the vocal track to you to edit and mix into the instrumental track
i dont know why, but my computer is not able to get to that website so when you finish the guitars, send the finished instrumental track to me through yahoo and i will get the vocals done.
did u learn it? and do you have a good quality recorder?
well, ceDuff is working on that, but if you can provide samples then that would be great.
thats fine with me

after the mudvayne and the metallica songs, we can do a killswitch or lamb of god song (11th hour, because MetalGS3SE wanted to do it). then we can write new material. when we write new material, we will have to have a drummer.

here is the link to the mudvayne song if u wanna hear it first
BTW, if anyone can play drums, post here.

here are a couple of songs i would like for us to cover first
killswitch engage - my last serenade

metallica - sad but true

ill nino - what comes around t_comes_around_ver2_tab.htm

mudvayne - world so cold ld_so_cold_ver4_tab.htm

in flames - sleepless again eepless_again_tab.htm

if some songs are too hard for you just tell me
ok, ceduff you are bassist. i will message you and send you a friend request
ok then ulalume i guess i can take you in as a sampler

between the four guitarists that want in, i have decided to choose metalgs3se and shard prime because of their listed artists that they play guitar on are some of my favorites.

muckypup and improvsolo, if you can play any other instruments, such as bass or drums (skill doesnt matter to me), i will be glad to take you. if you do, post here again

does anyone have suggestions for the name of the band? If not, i will use the name of my first band, redemption.
honestly, after listening to the new album i was disappointed. It wasnt all that special. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. The only tracks interesting to me were take me away, a light in a darkened world, reckoning, never again, and in a dead world. The rest is just average metalcore like your run of the mill bfmv or atreyu.

after listening to the first four albums, here is how i rate them:

as daylight dies: 4 stars out of 5

end of heartache: 5 out of 5

self titled: 5 out of 5

aojb: 4 out of 5

BUT, the new album:

self titled 2009: 3 out of 5
anything is possible, sorry

metalcore is a type of hardcore punk
Hello. I am a singer/screamer, and i am also good at guitar and electronics. I am looking for two guitarists, a bassist, and drummer.

the genres that i am generally into are nu metal, metalcore, and thrash metal. No punk rock. i am looking to have a unique band setup with two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, and a sampler (i fill in that role as well as singer)

the genre i would like to do is melodic metalcore like killswitch engage

so just post here if you are interested
When i am at the Edit band members screen, it wont let me edit any details about my own self on the band members screen (such as changing the role of "god" to vocals on the role in band detail) and when i click ok it doesnt do anything. Help me, please.