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It's in my profile, and just a rough version with a few errors. I really want to know your opinion on the voice, because I've been trying to figure out for years whether I have a voice that works for singing.

c4c, thanks!
Cheers for the crit in my thread.

I checked out acoustic 3 as requested, and it definently sound like some sort of homage to Stairway to Heaven! The tone was lovely and the different sections mixed together well. Those little slides and trills sounded great. I wonder if they'd come out so nice if you were actually using an acoustic! Overall, i'd say it was really good. I can't think of any valid suggestions, except maybe, if you can sing - do it!
You have a great range, and a rich quality and tone to your voice. Really nice lyrics and the guitar work was good - tidy and simple, complimenting your singing. Don't know what else to say, if you've only been working on singing for three months, you clearly have some talent there! Keep at it!

I've also recently started to sing. If you could have a look at this it would be much appreciated.
I thought it was very impressive. But *some* of those harmonics don't really sound like they belong there at all, sometimes it worked, sometimes in my opinion it didn't. That little melody was really cool though, I'd like to hear that developed! The texture was nice and full, maybe a bit of percussion would be good at some stage (are you planning on recording/putting up the whole piece) - but overall it was quite a unique listen. Bravo.

Could you take a look at this for me?
The guitar is excellent, full of atmosphere, feeling and very clean! I thought your voice was really nice, and suited this piece very well. After the first verse, I think it would be nice to perhaps introduce a light percussion and simple bass line. Or maybe closer to the end, would make a nice climax perhaps and thicken the texture without over complicating the very nice minimal vibe. Lyrics were pretty good. Did you layer this recording or was it all one take? Anyway, overall very impressive!

I've just started trying to sing in my recordings, if you could check this out for me it would be much appreciated.
I listened to relapse and I really enjoyed it. It was obvious, like you say, that the pianist hadn't quite nailed it yet as he had a few timing issues, but you can tell with a little practice it'll be great. The lead was quite good, I would have put some more bends in there just to give it a little more emotion. That riff was somewhat rigid, I think bends will improve it a lot. The lyrics look excellent. Overall it seems to be a really good tune with lots of potential!

Hope that helps and cheers for the feedback in my thread.
Play "Waiting Around"

Another random short piece of me messing around trying to sing. Any input on the singing and general observations would be much appreciated. C4C as usual.
The problem for me is, I can't see her in person for like fifteen minutes at the moment.

If I wait to do it person, I'd have to ask her to do something, spend the day with her - which seems kind of weird considering what I'd have to say at the end of it. My break-ups have never been smooth in the past - but I would like this one to be.
So I'm trying to break-up with my girlfriend (I say girl-friend, we've been seeing each other for a month and a half - but she's been using the term) but it's actually quite difficult to forsee when I will next see her. I have exams, and she doesn't live near.

Because of that fact, would it be ok to break-up with her over MSN? We both kind of know things are going to be over, so it's not like it'd be straight out of the blue. I just don't want this to be hanging over either of us for the next three weeks - exams.
I don't like broccoli bitch.
Just wondering if this is ok to do? I know you can't play bass through guitar amps (or you shouldn't) but would the reverse a bass amp in anyway?

I ask because I'm off to Uni later in the year and it would be a space-saver to only have one amp in my room.
Will check those amps out now.

Quote by lorrythebassguy

What style do u play?

Mainly funk, blues, rock, jazz, ect. - nothing too heavy basically.
I've just ordered an Ibanez SR300, my first bass, and now I'm looking to order a decent amp. I'm not going to be performing with it, but I wouldn't mind getting something reasonably loud because I frequently jam with people. I have about £240 to spend, max, so I'm thinking this is my best bet.

Anyone have any opinions or suggestions?

As already stated, the guitar work was very solid and very clear. Always nice to hear that sort of professionalism even in a low budget/concept tune.

I think the lyrics were a bit boring - there's so much focus on the voice, I guess I just feel there was something missing there. The singer also sounded a little stressed when he started pushing it toward the end, but that was just a small thing.

Mixing wise, I think the guitar solo needs to go up a fair bit! I also feel the tune needs to go somewhere, modulate or maybe even just change the strumming pattern. A little bit of variance, however you achieve it - would make this good song great in my opinion.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Did kind of remind me of Tenecious D too.

All I can suggest is maybe some backup vocals throughout the piece and not just at the end. It wouldn't need to be very prominent, but could thicken the texture a little bit. Think along the lines of how frusciante does backup vocals in the Chili Peppers (in some of their more mellow tunes).

And yeah - a face melting acoustic guitar solo is a must. I was expecting that and a little dissapointed when I didn't get one.

But overall it was really good!

Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated. I will try and work on my voice a little more then.

I'll take a look at all of your tracks later today if that's ok. Solemn Silence - do you have another place where I can listen to your track? For some reason my PC refuses to load MySpace music streamers.

Edit - Scratch that, I'll have access to a better PC later today.
I worked in a Shell Garage/Supermarket. Was fun at times, but also boring, depressing, frustrating - and the pay was ****.
I have been playing guitar for a few years now and I've just got confident enough to try and sing a little as well (just for pratice). I just recorded this, be blunt, is there any potential in this voice at all? If I work at it? Or should I just accept that I can't sing?

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