I'm doing something similar to this for my bridge pickup. I am fairly sure it's as simple as routing the space you need.

<3 Loveless, btw.
Would you ship to UK?
Can you not just...not play the lower string? Or do you mean to stop the ringing of the previous note?
It can fix string buzz issues though. E.g., if you have a Squier or something with a shitty nut.
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depends what amp you've got as to whether you can/want to DI
most recording interfaces are simple mixers connected to a computer. You can either connect the mixer to directly into a socket in the back of your amp or you can mic the amp and do it that way.

Does the interface emulate an amp, then? Would this be low in quality?
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Adding a cab won't make it louder but it would help with projection. You could just mic it up, but that's not always possible.

Could you check out a Laney VC15 instead of the LC15? It has better cleans.

I'm not discounting the Vox here either; it has many great clean and overdrive models and takes pedals well. By all means I'd go for the Vox if you want good cleans and OD in one amp and you want them loud.

Thanks muchly, you've given me lots to think about. I'm leaning towards the Vox at the moment, as it seems to be the most versatile?
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The Hardwire DL-8 does reverse delay and the Hardwire RV-7 does reverse reverb. Also check out the Verbzilla.

What kind of volume do you think you'll need? Also what is the highest gain stuff you'll ever play?

If you're just a bedroom player the Vibrochamp would be ideal. If you play shows, you'd want to go for either the LC15 or the VT50. If you need anything higher gain than Sonic Youth, the VT50 is pretty much the way to go unless you have an OD pedal.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I do have an OD pedal, so the stock overdrive is of little consequence to me, so long as the pedal's potential can be reached (If I make sense here)

I won't be playing any postrock shows in the super near future, but it is my goal to do so. I've played shows in the past but never stuff like this. (Death Metal shows about 4 or 5 years ago). If the Vibrochamp is of superior tonal quality though, I could just shove cabs on it later, right?

I will check out your pedal suggestions, and thanks for the help.
Just gonna copypaste this, as I was told to post it here.

Quote by Cloudburst
I am currently considering the following amps, as I'm looking for a lower-end midgain amp.

Fender Vibrochamp
Vox Valvetronix VT50
Laney LC15

Any thoughts on these? Compare/Contrast maybe? I am looking at playing Sonic Youth-y/Post-rock/Shoegaze type stuff for the most part. I play a Telecaster, soon to be modded to H/S configuration.

Thanks guys. Any advice on a good reverse reverb/delay pedal would be awesome too.
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sorry I had caps lock on and it does that.

I have someone offering me a V847-A for 40. What would the differences be between them?
I can arrange payment for saturday. I don't have paypal myself, but I can use a friend's, presuming you want to use paypal?
TR-2 is tempting. Good condition?
Looking to expand my effects range. What is it, why should I buy it, and how much are you selling it for?
I've never recorded a full song in a non-studio environment before, but I know I need an interface for decent quality. Does the interface emulate an amp, or do you put the guitar through the amp, then attach it to the interface? Can anyone recommend one?

Thanks much.
Sounds good dude. The physical condition is ok, then?
I'll buy it if the condition is near new? I can pick it up on Saturday, as I'm in London tomorrow?
Possibly. How's the reverse delay on it? What kind of price?
Cheers for putting my mind at ease, I will make sure to try it instore before buying.
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loads of reverbs have a volume drop on higher settings, and i've yet to find a reverse reverb that doesn't have a volume drop. it's the nature of these things haha.
the hardwire reverb does the best reverse i've heard in a pedal format. the best ever is the 'early reflections' sound on the yamaha spx90. other reverse reverb pedals include the ehx cathedral stereo reverb, digitech digi verb, digitech xp-400, yamaha magic stomp

Would you say, bang for buck, that the hardwire is one of the better ones, then? It's pretty expensive I recall, but the sound seems pretty great.
Digitech HardWire Stereo Reverb

I've heard whisperings that there is significant volume loss at the 2 'o' Clock position. Is this a fatal flaw, or can you just counter it by upping the volume on your guitar/amp? Is there another pedal that will have a similar reverse reverb effect, as from what I have heard on youtube, it is gorgeous.

Thanks in advance for any help, guys.
Ibanez GSR 205 is great for the price.
If it's a small gig, don't be all "YEAH WE'RE THIS BAND AND WE'RE HERE TO KICK ASS". Engage with the crowd, and have a good time. Will be less awkward for everyone that way!

Have fun, is the main thing.
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Went to see And So I Watch You From Afar + This Will Destroy You on Monday night. F*cking amazing, is all I can say. The best gig I've ever been to, both bands were stunning. I dragged 4 friends who had never heard of either band on a 3 hour drive just to go to the gig. It's safe to say they were all blown away!

TWDY also said they'll have a new album ready for release next year fairly soon

Hey, I was there. It was ****ing incredible.
Could anyone outline the major differences in sound between the VT and AD series? Considering buying either the Vt15 or Vt30 as a practice amp. For at-home sound, is there any point in me getting the 30? I play mostly post-rock. Which amp is best for this?
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Condition is mint.

there's a pic from when I first got it. It still looks the same.

I can get up-to-date pics at the weekend for you if you need them?

£240 delivered is pretty reasonable I reckon, Postage on these isn't cheap?

I'd agree with that. I will most certainly let you know by Saturday.
Condition/pics of the VC15? Would it be 230 delivered?

I wouldn't be able to buy right away. A week or so, maybe.
Lowest price on the wah if I was to pick it up myself?
I'll have a think. Pics aren't that important on the crybaby.
I'm from England, but postage of the pedal would be very low, I think?
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Which crybaby is it? Pics/condition?

Oh, and if you're still selling the valvestate in a week, I will buy it most probably.
Which crybaby is it? Pics/condition?
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If the bluesbreaker deal falls through, I'm in for 35 posted.

Sorry, didn't read second page. Ignore.
If the bluesbreaker deal falls through, I'm in for 35 posted.