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Nice pinup. I'm not a fan of tats that you have to shave for, though.

ya the shaving part sucks, but I really like the tattoo. Probably 60% of the time she will be a bit hairy as im pretty lazy when it comes to shaving lol
Here is the tattoo I was talking about in my last post. Just got this done last weekend
Getting my second tattoo tomorrow! Ill post it after i get it!

@StopReadingThis - Personally, please dont get a tribal tattoo. You will most likely regret it over any other tattoos you get. "I don't want it to be filled in with generic artwork" "Honestly, I really like tribal tattoos" contradicts itself. But in all honesty, its your body and your choice, if you really like tribal tattoos, then go for it I guess, no judgement. Everyone's entitled to get what they want on their body. I just really think its a bad idea and you will look ridiculous. The artist that I get my work done from actually will refuse to tattoo people that want tribal tats lol.. The resident evil thing sounds cool, you and your cousins getting different logos from the different cooperations and what not, (I dont really know anything about resident evil) but ya go for it! Getting a tattoo is a great experience, everyone should do it once at least.
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Yeah Chuche, I know clamping is coming, but at this rate I should still have enough time c:

Thanks for the headsup.

Clamping is all dependent on your hidden mmr. As you reach closer to the next division and tier, ie. bronze 1 to silver, if your hidden mmr is too low and does not match up with the average of silver players, riot will clamp your lp and so that you have to win more games to effectively raise your mmr more before you make it to silver. If on the otherhand, you have a much higher mmr than your current standing and the next tier, riot will drastically boost your lp per win. I have a friend that was in his promotion for going into silver 3, and when he won it, he was in gold 5, cause he had high hidden mmr
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nowhere close

just gonna play 50 games a day and try to keep the dream alive

If getting to 30 and ranked gold is that important to you to get there fast, wait for a span of either 1 day or 3 days that you know you can grind a ton of games in one day, basically nolife the entire day(s). Buy a one day or 3 day xp boost, for that day and youll level up pretty fast
I bite my thumb at you sir
So im in college and my girlfriend is 2 1/2 years younger than me, weve been together a year and 8 months, shes amazing. I really want to try out drinking alcohol on weekends with my roomates and what not, but my girlfriend is very anti drinking because her step brother got in a really bad accident accident from a drunk driver blah blah. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to approach the subject so that she doesnt have like major resentment towards me for it because we have a very open relationship and I wouldnt be able to drink without telling her, theres no way i could do that to her or myself.
I know this is a few weeks past, but id say you're looking at 4-6 hours +, possibly broken into two sessions depending on if you and the artist want to sit through the whole thing in one go
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sounds shit, its not dodgeball because theres no way to catch eachothers balls

Can syndra grab another syndras ball and toss it?
So, im 18, been having sex for quite a while with my girlfriend, and then tonight we were goin at it with foreplay, things were going smooth, and started to have sex. Things were going fine, although looking back on it not 100% sure if she was fully into it right away, but after a little bit she said alright lets switch positions, which if she wasnt fully gettin into it that may be why she wanted to switch it up, anyway when we got up to switch it up, i went soft, and could not get it back up, I have no clue wtf was wrong with me..i felt so embarrassed and like shit, i eventually got about like 80-90% hard enough to finish quickly...ive never had this issue before, I dont know what was wrong with me, has anyone had issues like this? i really hope this was a one time thing and ill be fine next time, but my self-esteem hit a major blow..
It's not actually a movie, its an animated series called LaLaLa DemaCia, whoever made that video just mashed like every episode into one
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i dont think ive ever got so much as an assist when i tried amu

try warwick and vi for actually easy jungles

I might try ww, i have vi, and her clear times are so much slower, especially after her nerfs, maybe im just doing it wrong, but if ive played her for a while in lane and then try jungling her and cant seem to do it right, but I can buy amumu and the first time ever playing it actually pull off a few succesful ganks, id say amumu is an easier jungle
So I never really jungled before, tried it once or twice, sucked, never knew what to do. I just bought nasus and amumu last night and jungling is so much fun and its actually not as hard as i thought lol
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ice lady top
bird mid
sej support
ashe adc

it could work

ice lady should support and sej/trundle pick between top/jungle
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an ADC should not have a blind seriously its the most ******ed idea

unless it's a really long cooldown and hard to land skillshot or something, even then i hope it nerfs her somewhat, like yi's wuju

minions stop the blind so any fight thats on top of minions its pretty much useless cause the minions will get hit and not hit the enemy adc, the blind is also pretty short
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The Sona never warded either, and wasn't bad in lane, but was crap post laning phase.

warding is not just the job of the support, its everyones, I cant stand it when people dont realize this usually the adc is the only one that can get away with not warding because they are so gold dependent, but seriously, i ward whenever i have an open slot even as adc
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If its intended, its because people are complaining about getting dived 24/7.

I dont think thats a reason, that would give more people reason to dive, currently, if someone dives you, and you get one hit on them then kite them and let turret kill them, you get the kill, but with this new "bug" if someone dives you, you hit them and then kite till turret kills them, turret kills and you get assist, so enemy now would think, oh if i dive and die, the most they will get is an assist instead of kill, so this would actually increase such complaints
you guys dont know what youre missing bot lane with quinn
I have actually not seen many trolls in bronze so far, Also with the trolls in higher ranks, it may be because once you reach gold/plat you cant go back down, so they can troll without going to silver
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Played against a Quinn. Easiest adc to shutdown ever. Should not be played as adc.

I just went like 17/7 as her adc, 3rd time playing her 2nd time against other people
she really only gets shut down by long range poke like caitlyn, but if you have a support that knows how to put pressure on the other team, you can easily shut out the enemy as quinn, and farming with her is extremely easy
By the time you are teaming up with teamates and make w's as buff useful or to the point were proccing your passive with w instead of just waiting for q's 2 sec cooldown to proc another passive stack, you are already lvl 10+ in which point you should just wait till 10+. There is no need for w in laning phase really unless you go for a duo adc bot kill lane
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So is there like a specific way to play Ezreal successfully? Whenever I play him, he does next to no damage (besides his ult).

start with long sword and 2 pots, rush vamp sceptre, then lvl 1 boots then BT, max your q first then your e, dont take a point in w until level 12 unless your team really needs the attack speed buff, try and land your q on the enemy adc as much as possible, after bt get tri force
I got 8000 IP saved up, waiting for Quinn, Idc if the price is bumped up to 7800 I dont wanna wait
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I am so gonna stalk you

Sky wants a valentine really bad
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it was

and now its back
maybe for the china thing temp again idk

ya i see now i havent been on at all today since now
I thought they made it so you cant gift people anymore for the time being, like it was only a seasonal thing
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I am ins

ya alright, its hard to keep track, sorry again ichi!
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sorry but i believe this is the first we've met

see my edit above^

edit: expanding on my previous edit, i believe i confused you with ins, ins, ichi, they are very similar lol. I apologize, but add me on LoL so we can play sometime
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but i dont even know who you are and no ones ever asked me to play

I'm DynamiteTeacher on LoL

edit: You know, its possible I may have you confused with other players, I'm still learning who everyone is, so I take back my previous statement, but I would definitely play with you next time I'm on and you are
>ichi complains no one will play with him

>everytime I'm on I ask him if he wants to play

>responds not in mood

edit: >using the > symbol only cause sky does, but I have no knowledge of how to use it correctly
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wtf is tournament code

its for if you want to set up your own tourny and want riot sponsering, like a university esports club could host a LoL tourny at the school and make a bracket of teams, email riot and ask for sponsorship of some prizes and such, and you have to use the code, and send riot like screen shots or recordings of the games or somthing to prove it was a legit tourny or somthin. My school tried to get riot to give prizes for our tourny but we didnt contact them soon enough and they didnt get back to us in time
Would you all consider a septum piercing "obtrusive"?
I'm in bronze IV, meh i find that better than the my elo saying 1000 lol
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I know it's not possible, but it's clear that the person is actually taking a limit with or without the notation. Just because someone has bad grammar doesn't mean I can't understand what they're saying.

right, but the point of an exam is to test that you know and understand the math and the underlying theories and how it works etc etc. sure if your just discussing it with a group of friends it wont matter, but for the purpose of testing to see if you understand that its impossible and the only possible way is to do that, just like on an exam for a language course such as english, your teacher may understand what you mean, but its still wrong and you will be told as such.
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It's the same thing just without the notation. Who gives?

because its mathematically not possible, it's like having correct grammar.
Hey guys I need help with a math proof for my linear algebra class.
The question is Let v be a vector in vector space V. Show that (-1)*v = -v, the additive inverse of v.
If anyone can help me out or at least point me in the right direction, I'm not even sure what axioms to start out with really.

EDIT: I was able to figure it out
^ agreed, just save up IP and buy them with IP
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i don't mind kronk, it's just like she's not even there. like you can ping and say "hey, come over here" and there's just no reaction.

That's why you have to be good and carry
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i'm home now, anyone wanna play in a bit?

I just got in a bot game but i would gladly play with you and anyone else afterwards