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Haha but really, I would...submit a piece of writing into a competition
First concert I ever went to, I was alone. In another country. It was terrifying.
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Coke IS God...

If anything Coke Zero is the false idol.

Unrelated, but your display picture really confused my brain for a second. I thought I was on facebook for a moment....
Attach an ipod nano to something robotic.
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2 compositions and 4,500 words D:

Oh yeah....I forgot about working! In high school I created and documented my entire ICT website coursework in one sitting....I kept putting it off and putting if off
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but I read all of Melissa Glen Haber's (published) novels in one go

i read kid lit, yeahhhh

John Green is amazing! My favourite writer joint with Haruki Murakami!

I also read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy in one sitting, too.

Tried many times with mates to watch the LOTR trilogy in one go, but alas, we always wind up falling asleep at the start of number 3...
So I just read a rather marvelous novel in one sitting entitled 'The Fault In Our Stars'.

It's rare for me to read a whole book in one go, so that got me thinking. When else have I been so invested in something that I completed it in one go?

I remember watching the whole first season of Community in one go. And playing through Portal 2.

What about you guys?
Facebook is beautiful....and damned.
In the UK there's never any ringing when the phone is dead. However, sometimes if there's any answering machine set up it'll appear to the caller as if it's ringing once or twice before it switches over.
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On an unrelated note, I was informed the that I sleep grabbing my balls.

I bet that's how MJ went. RIP.
I don't really wanna resort to pills just for a temporary problem! Lately I've had to lie on my side, turn over for about 10 minutes and then turn back before I can get comfortable. It's really weird!

EDIT: It makes me feel like a piece of bacon.
Hello! Lately I have been having trouble sleeping. I've been very stressed out over exams and essays and all that shizz, and I was wondering:

does anybody have any personal tricks/advice on how best to make yourself fall asleep?

Any input is appreciate
He reminds me too much of Holden Caulfield...
Bome at me, Cro
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thansk to you for posting in my thread and reading books ;D

Can't beat a good book
Tiny font on large pages! I'm not a particularly fast reader and there's something about remaining on the same page for a few minutes that makes it harder to read a book for longer periods of time.
Ah, blogging. I tried that too once. Oh god...crippling waves of depression...
So lately I've come to realize that good intentions don't necessarily inspire discipline. Over the last few years I've started things and utterly failed to follow them through. These include (but are not limited to) teaching myself the tin whistle, teaching myself the piano, watching every film in the IMDB Top 250 and trying to exercise regularly.

It's easy to start things but it's even easier to lose interest somewhere along the way. Or maybe I just lack commitment. I'm hoping writing these things down will provide some sort of clarity and tangibility to the goals.

What are some things that you guys have really wanted to accomplish; starting along the journey and then wandering off the track somewhere down the line? I recently created a YouTube channel dedicated to visual puns which I'm hoping to post regularly on, purely for my own self-satisfaction. I'm hoping this is one idea I stick to.

So please, tell me your stories and perhaps it will inspire you to go that extra mile in accomplishing your bite-sized goals (while we all wait to become famous musicians, actors, writers and media personalities, of course).
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Oldboy, it was difficult to keep track of all the ching-chong names.

Heyyyyyyyyy....that's RACIST!

But yeah I just watched Old was messed up.
Ah, this thread. I pray it is never culled like You Laugh, You Lose.
I don't understand and I'm frightened
Studio Ghibli World...only thing I've used minecraft for in quite some time
I'm the tall guy. We aren't so different, you and I...
okay those ice creams are amazing...
thinks are now in motion that cannot be undone...

some OC fresh from the oven

The Legend of Zelda + Record Player = lols!
I'm on Windows 7, tried it with all kinds of browers and still no luck!


And it ain't for porn, I've been rather obsessed with watching classic movies lately and it's very frustrating :P

Oh well...I guess I'm going to have to BUY them...haha
Hey guys.

In my desperation I turn to you, the beautiful inhabitants of The Pit, to perhaps help with my prooblem.

I'm getting really frustrated because when I try to stream any video from Megavideo or use the player on Lovefilm (lol) the streaming is so slow that its literally impossible to watch anything. Trying to leave it to load overnight simply doesn't work, the stream just dies.

However, here's the annoying bit - I can stream Youtube videos on 720p with no problem, and I just tried BBC iplayer and it loads seamlessly.

Tis very confusing and frustrating as I'm certain it isn't the websites must be something on my end.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
so I hear Shakespeare actually ran a fast food establishment, too....

best selling meal?

the Big Mac-beth.

not to be mistaken with his other chain, King Duncan...Donuts.
lmao i think i would have fed the dog and only remembered half way through the day that i had previously had him put down...
it sounds like he's trying to rhyme some words just for the sake of it, like 'big cloud of steam' doesn't really make sense...I'd agree with you on the lack of meaning, it sounds too artificial to be trippy like some Pink Floyd...I think lyrics that don't have much meaning are even harder to craft because they need to read well. but that's just my opinion, they aren't awful
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i also love blink and this kind of thing is the reason i cant wait for a new blink u.s. tour

indeed! painfully long wait for a new album though
such a quotable movie!



You cocky ****!

etc etc!

Loved it
i rolled my eyes

and im a huge blink fan....

Nobody...calls me...chicken.
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Don't worry, it probably respawned in Lumbridge by now.

Just marvellous
when i saw the trailer for yogi bear 3d