i like the guitar it has trevor wilkinson designed pick up's, if that means anything and i always thought he was well regarded but back to your point, i would like a valve amp but i was thinking more of the lower watt models, bugera v5 or the fender champion 600 or the like, i dont want to splash out to much as when i say i could play a pub gig it would be in front of punters who may have had one over the eight, but thanks for the replies so far. By the way i'm in the uk if that helps.

One thing to consider, is that you're going to have to crank that low watt amp to be heard at a pub, especially over the din of drunken babbling. This is all fine and well, but you won't be able to get a clean tone at all when you're pushing those valves/tubes that hard. A 20-30 watt amp could afford you a louder range for clean tones (this is called headroom).

If you already knew that, well, my apologies...
^ I'd buy the DVD or whatever, but those tickets would probably be just obnoxiously expensive.

Oh, and what about Ronnie? They wouldn't just tell him to sit at home and paint, would they? By the sound of it on the last page here, Keith can hardly play any more...
I have an FG730S, and I love it. It plays great, and it sounds pretty damn good. In fact, it sounds much better than the similarly priced Fenders and Epiphones that I've tried. Chords are bright and rather well-balanced, and it sounds sweet when "overdriven". The neck has a satin finish that reminds me of some pool cues I've used, that is to say that skin doesn't really get hung up on it when moving quickly.

I'd recommend one to anybody.

Oh, for what it's worth. Since you're looking for a "country" guitar, I've heard that Yamaha acoustics have been held in high regard by Bluegrass players for a long time.
I'm listening to Through A Crooked Sun for the first time right now. This is kickass. The cover of "Station Man" is fantastic too.
^ Bumps, man. Glad to not be alone in here.

Same to Zoot, and everyone else.

My first game system was an NES, and I eventually bought an SNES with paper route money. I remember playing Sega CD, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, etc...

Anyways, on to the music...

They were all on cassette too. Bought with paper route money.
I just listened to Pet Sounds in it's entirety.

There were three songs that I thought were alright:

"That's Not Me"
"I'm Waiting For The Day"
"Let's Go Away For A While"

Toward the end of it, I think it really sounded too samey. A steady "Bop, bop, bop, bop. Bop, bop, bop, bop" awash in dreamy and fluffy ambient vocals. It got to be almost numbing by the time I got to the title track (which, of course, lacked the vocals), but still just carried on with the same dreamy kind of sound.

I did like some drum parts in what would've been the first couple of songs on the second side, as well as some of the instrumentation at the tail end of those same songs. For instance, the brass that sits on top of the almost Motowny bass groove and Latin timed tambourine shakes at the end of "I Know There's An Answer".

All in all, after this one listening, I have an improved opinion of what they're capable of. But, I still don't see that I'll ever like the Beach Boys.

You know, for what it's worth... I know that Kraftwerk considers the Beach Boys to be a big influence. That being said, I don't really care for "Autobahn", but I do like "Computer Love" and "Trans Europe Express". Do you see what I'm saying about that sound? Even when that same kind of sound is dressed in the birth of electronic music, it possesses that same element that I just don't like to hear.
There's a write-up in the latest Relix about that. I'll read it soon enough.
Quote by due 07
The one released this year.

Seems a little too new to be touted as one of the most brilliant albums ever, but I'm not above checking it out.

Also, what I considered to be brilliant at the age of 17, is much different than what I consider to be brilliant now. I was a freshman when you were born.
Feel free to take a fine-toothed comb to my post history. I'm here for the trading of information and jokes. Period. I don't give a shit if I rile people, that's not the deal here. I typed out things that I thought were funny, you didn't like them and you threw a little shitfit.

I'll humor the album thing though. You see, I can't stand sauerkraut, but that doesn't keep me from trying some every now and then. One of these times I just might like it.

Pet Sounds is apparently one of these two albums you're touting. Go ahead, name the other one.
Quote by due 07
"hurrr i was trollin lol"

Uh, nope. Maybe you also missed the post where I said that I wasn't the trolling type. You see, I made some jokes, for the sake of entertainment. You may have gotten upset about me making fun of a band that you like, but I didn't make the jokes to illicit a reaction from you or any other fanboys.

Quote by due 07
They've made two of the most brilliant albums in history and you're judging them off of a couple radio hits?

Maybe you missed, for the second time, my invitation to have my mind changed. Do ya' think you have the perfect songs for the job?
Quote by due 07
No, I said you've got brain problems (ie. ur dumb lol) for some of the things you've said in this thread (eg. "BB's arrangements are silly") that have no basis in anything.

Well, if you can't tell when I was having fun with the whole thing, that's your problem.

It's not like I can't recognize a well crafted, multi-part vocal harmony. You see, I don't like how the group sounds, and that's what I've been on about. I've made that abundantly clear. You seem to assume that I'm not familiar with them. To the contrary, I have two days per week where an Oldies station is played over the P.A. at work, so I've heard their "brilliant hits" and such, time and time again. When they "Woo-oo-oo-eee-eeee-ee-oo", it strikes the same kind of irritation one might get from nails on a chalkboard.

Now, perhaps you didn't notice my post that invited some other dude to post a couple of songs that may change my mind.

If you're so well versed in their brilliance, then show me something.
Quote by due 07

Did you really just imply that there was something wrong with my brain for not liking what the Beach Boys sound like?

Wait, wait...

Your band sucks kid. Now be quiet.
Quote by due 07
No, but saying their arrangements are "silly" is the shining beacon of musical ignorance. As far as composition goes, they made some pretty sophisticated stuff. (Unless you're using an even more arbitrary definition of silly than its usual arbitrary use ... in that case never mind.)

What it comes down to, is that I think that a band you like sounds corny and silly. I understand what they are doing with the music. I have ears, they work properly and everything. I have been exposed to music daily for my entire life, I listen constantly. I have a huge collection of music, and it would be easier for me to name the genres that I don't like than the genres that I do like.

Accusations of musical ignorance are entirely unfounded. But, I'm not upset here. For two reasons; you have never hung out at my house, and you're still a kid that hasn't grown out of his shit-talking chihuahua phase.
If you go to festivals that only have two or three bands that you want to see, and you don't bother to check out any new bands, you're doing it wrong.

It's kinda like kissing a girl, having her mention your dick in passing, and then telling everybody that you think sex is lame.
I'm addicted to cigarettes, coffee, and probably alcohol.

Nothing like a good old fashioned set of vices.

Quote by PatchworkMan
All of Luther Cat's food is paid for by two people who work in the public education system, so Luther Cat is strongly opposed to Walker's policy of stripping collective bargaining rights from educators. Luther Cat would support an ousting of Walker, so long as he doesn't have to cancel his nap to do the ousting himself.

Sounds like a damn fine candicat to me.

Would he consider running for Governor when the Recall is through? An accomplished Governor stands a good chance in any Presidential election...
As a Wisconsinite and cat owner, I need to know more about how Luther Cat views Scott Walker.
Quote by due 07
I'm just messing around. :laugh:

Either way, that JF guy doesn't like the Beach Boys so his opinions are wrong.

That d7 guy doesn't like my opinion of the Beach Boys, so his opinions are wrong.


^ A couple things:

Gov't Mule really doesn't compare too well to Clapton or Shepherd. Also, Warren has covered a number of Son House songs, in fact, that's why I have some Son House in my collection. He made me want to check it out.

I, personally, love the traditional stuff. Dixon, Waters, Walter, Wolf, the Kings, Johnson, etc... They all make regular appearances in my music listening. I'm just not going to throw them into a recommendation thread for Modern Blues.

I understand what you were doing with that post, but you threw in a couple of generalizations that I wanted to address.
I build heavy duty riding lawnmowers. They're pretty much the toughest shit in the market. We have a well-respected product.

If you've ever seen one of these big orange bastards, there's a good chance that I've had my hands on it. The riders are all built at the plant that I work in. All of the orange parts are steel, and fabricated and painted at the same plant.
It would seem to me that if you believe in one religion, you might as well believe in all of them.

Collect 'em all!
Happy Birthday!

I asked Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart to make you some brownies, and they obliged.

I also got you a .gif of your Governor punching a camel.

I'm disappointed by the lack of food islands in this thread, and in my image search.

Can anybody shoop an isolated beach with a bunch of hams on it? Maybe throw in a couple of carrots, you know, for color?
Quote by mikeyknowsbetter
Nah man, It's just I was asking for the roots of rock music which has been slightly answered and we were coming to an conclusion and then people started displaying their hatred for the beach boys

I don't remember the title of the thread being "Do you like the beach boys?"

I just casually said that they suck and then the shit hit the fan. I'd be lying if I said that this whole thing hasn't entertained me. I suppose you really could say that it's been "Fun Fun Fun".

As for the origins of Rock, I gave the answer in that very same post.

The Beach Boys are fluffy bubble gum stuff. Not Rock at all. They're Pop. I'm not saying that it isn't possible for me to like them. "Little Deuce Coupe" is okay, at best. Hell, I used to hate the B-52's, but now I see that they wrote some brilliant Pop songs that I've even come to like. That should quell the implied homophobia from before, the B-52's had a rather flamboyant guy in the band.
Quote by mikeyknowsbetter
I'm guessing in the days of the beach boys, people listened to music for fun and were actually happy, unlike you fags

You sound upset.

I listen to music, for fun, all day long. You could say it makes me happy.
Quote by CaptDin
There are people who DON'T like the Beach Boys???

They obviously haven't listened to Pet Sounds, one of the greatest albums of all time...

How I pity the musically ignorant.

Musically ignorant is a bit much. Not liking one group hardly constitutes musical ignorance of any kind.

How about you post a song or two? What if you were the one that made me decide that "Barbara Anne" isn't agonizing?
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
Well, there's no point arguing this really.
It's your loss I guess that you don't enjoy The Beach Boys.

Well met.

I've heard my share of the Beach Boys, I don't believe I've lost a thing.

Well met.
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
You're 31 years old and treat things that are sung in high notes as homosexual and gay?

No. The arrangements are silly and unappealing.

I made the facial joke because I think it's funny to make crass jokes about fluffy things.
Quote by robbo546hall
Tell me how you can listen to this and not smile? It's genius

Ugh. Well, I guess the subdued portion is okay. But I will never listen to that on purpose.

Quote by JohnnyGenzale
Their voices, the arrangements, the instruments, the harmonies. It's beautiful and absolutely brilliant.

Do you think that they are ridiculous, or over-the-top? Do they not seem sappy and fake?

Do they not make you picture an overzealous male cheerleader dreaming of getting a hearty facial from Dr. Phil?
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
And you dislike The Beach Boys. Where are you going with this?

What is it about the Beach Boys that you actually like? Their appeal truly evades me.


The BeeGees actually make me laugh out loud sometimes.
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
Just as you guys are trolling about Beach Boys right?

I'm really not the trolling type.

I suppose you like the BeeGees too?
Quote by due 07
You guys are crazy. This is pretty much the perfect pop song.


Christ, I couldn't stand even thirty seconds of that crap.

John Lee Hooker on the other hand. That's some real shit. I listened to Serves You Right To Suffer just the other week.
Quote by due 07

That means you're pretty much on the musically intellectual level of 12 year-olds and metalheads.

Not true at all. I have a rather huge and varied collection of music. It's just that the Beach Boys, well, how can I put this...

Quote by Zoot Allures
This, the beach boys are cheesy as it gets. Really happy and chirpy and lame sounding.

The Beach Boys are one of the most irritating bands to ever exist.

Well, that's a nice way to say it. I'll just go with what Zoot said here.
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
You meant that right?


I pretty much hate the Beach Boys.
Happy Thanksgiving, buddy. Have one for me.