I'm all for this.

As I child, religion never made sense to me. I always likened "God" stories to Santa and Tooth Fairy tales.

I remember awkwardly looking on as friends and their parents thanked this "being" for meals as I politely waited to start eating.

See, instead of being forced into a Sunday school, I was just encouraged to read and learn. So at that impressionable age I read books about dinosaurs that spoke of evolution theories and microorganisms and a few billion years of development instead of the stories that Rome popularized when science was considerably more limited.

I think it is more than fantastic that there are at least 15 places more than I knew of that offer this to children.

Here's to 15 thousand more.

Handfuls of sand.

Girl's asses, thighs, necks, shoulders, snatches, calves, panties, and that other part we shouldn't mention in this thread...

Guitars. (Is this still a guitar site?)

Crumblin' Erb.
"Slippin' Into Darkness" is such a cool tune.
Gotta chime in to reassert just how much tighter and better (all around) these guys have become. It's exciting, really.
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You should post about this in my Anger thread. Totes McGoats.

Red Clay my ass.
Shouldn't this be in the "Angriest You've Ever Been" thread?

No fucks given on that day. Apathetic, but I don't care, etc...

Also, Antonio Freeman:

^ **** you, Hank Hill. Charcoal is superior. If you don't have the patience, you deserve to eat inferior food.
If I'm elected president of UG, I'll make racist pieces of shit like this sit at the back of the bus.
Quote by 14houghton91
Why on earth would you tip a bartender ???!!! Prices in pubs are way to expensive they get enough. In fact I wouldn't tip anyone unless they went completely out of their way to provide a quality service, that's what they get a wage for.

US tipping culture is stupid tbh. Where do you draw the line ? Do you tip bus drivers, check out workers or just people that serve food ?

No, we don't tip everybody for every service available.

Tipping is typically limited to waitresses/waiters, and bartenders. Though cab drivers, barbers/hairstylists, hotel attendants, and valet services are also commonly tipped, you aren't necessarily being a douche if you don't tip them.

You should know that bartenders and wait-staff workers are commonly paid an hourly wage that is lower than Minimum Wage and the remainder/bulk of their earnings comes from tips. I believe this system is designed to encourage better service. In situations like this, unless you receive poor service, you're being a real cocksucker if you don't tip.

EDIT: ^ $10 tip for a drink? Girl, are you crazy?
^ Got his EP, and I'm looking forward to a full length release. The guy is good.

Also, "Bright Lights, Big City" is featured in Max Payne 3. I thought that was pretty cool.
If a bartender is getting me my drinks promptly, making good conversation, taking care of the other patrons, and keeping a clean bar; I will tip them - well.

If the bar is a shithole, and the bartender is some kind of cunt, I won't stick around and I won't tip. Simple as that.

I don't feel obligated to tip, but I always tip good service.
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Jimmy Herring. Some of my favorite projects of his are Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jazz Is Dead (fusion Grateful Dead tribute band), Frogwings, Project Z, and Endangered Species. His solo album is also very good.

Bolded and enlarged for all of the excellence within.

Jimmy Herring is such an excellent player

And yes, Shpongled, I even have a copy of Croakin at Toad's. I also met Col. Bruce at Rothbury in '08.
^ Must. Eat. Chocolate.
I voted for the Sunburst.

But, If I ever bought a Strat, it would have a natural finish with a Maple board and a Tortoiseshell pickguard.

Poop - If you try to keep it, you will pay for it.
Karma is real, and it comes from within.

You can try to keep it, but you will pay for it.
I went to Wanee in April. Had a real good time.
I wanna shit in a celebutant's hair.
I like my women like I like a pedantic twat.

Shut up bitch.
I was a member of the Punchinellos in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.

You're bound to do a lot of dying in that game, but I do a whole lot of killing too.
^ It really is a fantastic song.

@Matt - "Eagles On The Highway" and "Train Robbers"? That must've whet the ol' appetite.
I saw them in Milwaukee for the first show of the tour (second time I've seen Chris kick off a tour in Milwaukee, the first being the Say Goodbye to the Bad Guys tour).

I was much happier with this show than I was the first time I saw CRB. It's probably because I'm considerably more familiar with the new material, but they seemed pretty fresh too - hungry even. They played with more gusto and confidence, and maybe were a little less high.

We had dinner and killed time at a pub right behind Turner Hall, so I heard part of their soundcheck while I was out having a smoke. I didn't recognize the tune though... I noticed Neal's gear change right away, and that his tone wasn't nearly as piercing as it was the first time I saw them. But at the time he was cranking a big Fender in a venue with a capacity of 300 people. Seriously, my ears were ringing for more than a week afterward.

I got a "Bertha" too...
Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.
Rockstar Social Club.
Ripped a bunch of choice Hip Hop albums into my WMP.
Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.
Chili Dogs.
Watered plants and flowers and caught a buzz.
UG and waiting for pizza.
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I fell asleep midway through my drunk thread before I could get pissed off at people. i think.

i tried to spread love and got nothing by hate. no wonder im suck a dick to you ****ers

Quote by Thrashtastic15
i tried to spread love and got nothing by hate. no wonder im suck a dick to you ****ers

Quote by Thrashtastic15
no wonder im suck a dick to you ****ers

Quote by Thrashtastic15
im suck a dick

That was great.
I hope that dolphin's name is Delores Tucker.

Thug life, ya'll know the rules
Gotta do what'cha gotta do

Red-assed baboon standing by.
Must.. Post.. ON LIGHTNING.. Again...

I want all of my things to be on ON LIGHTNING now.
I like rain, and love storms. Standing out in the rain is such a great feeling, especially with a solid buzz and some of my favorite tunes playing. But, it's even better when the trees are whipping around in the wind and you start to have doubts about whether it's still sensible to be outside - but you stay out anyways. I love that shit.

I'm down for whatever when it's raining too. I've even done a little "storm chasing" with some horizontal rain and lightning racing from one horizon to the other. That shit is awesome.
No Facebook account here.

I have long hair, don't listen to metal.

I listen to obscure bands, also have Erick Sermon's Double Or Nothing in m car's CD deck right now.

I'm an ex-Wigger/turned roots-returned hippie-type long-haired Classic Rock Jazz Blues Funk Country Hip-Hop Fusion type that hasn't listened to the radio intentionally since sometime in 1997.

In fact, I don't think I've fit into any kind of defined social group since sometime in highschool. - I graduated in 1998.

EDIT: Also, I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of those faggy "skinny-jeans". WTF is that shit anyways?
This thread needs moar Weslie Willis.
I went to one in Madison and I wasn't really impressed at all.

A dumb skank who was too thin to fill out her hotpants did a better job of sounding desperate for tips than she did being "flirty". Also, the food wasn't that great.

I could be talked into stopping at one again sometime, but it's no priority.

4.8/10 Could bang.
The Meters is an excellent suggestion.

To build from there, I'd say try some Little Feat, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, or Talking Heads.

If you're interested in checking out the Jamband scene, where Funk always has a home and there are extended solos, excellent bass players, and bands that happily cover songs by Funkadelic or The Meters (and sometimes actually play with members of these bands). Check out Phish, Gov't Mule, and Widespread Panic.
That tone is utter shit.

I hope he dies in a bizarre Velcro accident.
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Needs moar penises.


Nobody is going to believe that you're actually going to use the money for Beach Boys tickets unless they see a bunch of penises. You may want to shake up a load to put on it for added effect.
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Fortune cookies taste like ass and the fortunes aren't even fortunes.

They're also pretty presumptuous about what happens in people's beds.

I'll stick with my magic 8ball. It knows it's place.
Cry of Love is good.

Avoid .38 Special. Seriously, they are the "Pop Band of Southern Rock".

I'd also recommend Atlanta Rhythm Section.


Atlanta Rhythm Section - Sky High

Elvin Bishop - Juke Joint Jump

Tishamingo - Wastin' Time (Jess Franklin has got to be one of the hottest slide guitarists around.)

Cameron Williams & Benji Shanks - Ain't Wastin' Time No More

The Marshall Tucker Band - Southern Woman

Charlie Daniels Band - Birmingham Blues

Les Dudek - Old Judge Jones

The Allman Brothers Band