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Oh man, I'm just waiting for TS to spam my profile with gay porn because that's always what happens when I troll people.

Don't fall for it TS. He is clearly looking for new gay porn sources.
The Allman Brothers Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Wet Willie
Dickey Betts & Great Southern
The Marshall Tucker Band
The Gregg Allman Band
The Charlie Daniels Band
Capt. Soularcat
Little Feat
Gov't Mule
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Leroy Justice
Les Dudek
Widespread Panic
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Whiskey Myers
Liquid Groove Mojo
I'm just sitting here right now figuring out "Come On In My Kitchen" by ear. The A, D7, and E chords are easy enough to hear, but it sounds like there's some variation of an F#minor that get snuck in there (F#minor7 or some shit?) and I can't quite wrap my ears/fingers around it at the moment.

And yes, I have a slide on my pinky while I'm workin' this shit.
^ I love that version of "Come On In My Kitchen"

To keep with the Duane Allman thing. I found this video where a guy films the whole walk through Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon right to Duane and Berry's grave-site. It really doesn't take long to get there, the last two times that I was there it went quick because I knew where I was going. This past April though, we found everything; Elizabeth Jones Reed Napier, Little Martha Ellis, and the Bond Monument where they all used to hang out by the tracks off in the corner of the cemetery.

Its where this picture was taken:

After being there three times and spending more than a week of my life in Macon by this point, I feel like I really know my way around that town now. I've been to the old Capricorn studio site, and where the Capricorn office is right by the H&H Restaurant (where I've eaten a number of times now), Central City Park (where they would play for free), Grant's Lounge (where they would hang out), and of course The Big House.

I'm telling you Kyle, it isn't too far of a drive from wherever you are in Tennessee. You could do this shit in a weekend.

Liz Reed

Little Martha
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Leave him alone. That's just how he grieves.

As for the trolololo guy,
He's a hell of an entertainer.
Brutal. Merciless. Unforgiving. Violent. Blood-soaked. Intriguing. Very, very well made. Disturbing. Steeling. Addictive. Gory. Grisly. Shocking. Frustrating. Anger-inducing.

Not at all for the feint of heart. Rockstar has once again stepped up what badassery can be in a video game.

Now that's just the Multiplayer. The single player story is really good too.
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Okay then, what is it that makes it not a rave?

Well, I hope this isn't supposed to happen on school grounds. Like a highschool dance of some sort.

Real Raves are pretty hardcore. Since this is a bunch of highschool kids, I'm left to assume that this will be rather tame. My experience with Raves involves what I've mentioned before. I'll flesh it out a bit more:

Parties that start late and end between 5 and 10 in the morning.

Professional DJ's using up to six turntables and live drum programming.

Walls of speakers. 10,000+ watt sound systems.

Laser, light, and film displays.

Chemical recreation. It is not necessary, but I don't see how Rave culture would exist without acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, molly, special k and so on.

I have literally seen people having sex on the dance floor (mostly off to the side).

This is real Rave shit. You're talking about a dance party.

EDIT: I'll add too that Cops are a threat because of noise and suspicion of drug possession. Somebody from the promoter's staff that knows the law, has proof of permits, and a big set of nuts needs to fend off their attempts to get in and break up the party.

That's right, promoter's staff. These are organizations that advertise and pool together resources. They attend other Raves to hand out fliers and party. This is all serious business, and not at all a highschool dance party.
Quote by DrkSideOfTheSun


Call it what you will, if not knowing what you are talking about is something that you like to do.
This is a Rave in the same way that bumping shoulders is sexual intercourse.

TS. Stop referring to this silly little dance party as a Rave.
I've been to Raves. I do not see how the hell this works at a highschool.

Hippie-flipping, candy-flipping, and fucking on a dance floor, and cops trying to get inside and break up the party as it rages until well past sunrise, are not things that happen at a highschool.

This just sounds like some kind of bullshit.
I'd like to have some kids, but I'm in no hurry. It's important to me that I find a woman that fits into my lifestyle first, all of the hip kid stuff should fall into place after that.

I'd like to have no less than one, and no more than three.

Of course I'd encourage them to play instruments and be artistically inclined.

As for parenting style, I'd be stern when necessary but otherwise pretty relaxed.
Hey Matt, are you playing Max Payne 3? I was playing some Multiplayer last night and saw a Gamertag that read: I BrainDamage I

Couldn't help but wonder if it was you that I shot.
That dog should shit in Blanche's old slut face.

This fuckin' thread.

Oh man...

I've laughed at all of these.

I want to see Jagger trying to glare her into fitness.
Gov't Mule, and Planet Of The Abts.
^ Cool tune. It dates back to his days with John Mayall. The original was on Chicago Line.
^ That. Agreed.

My favorite song is "Days Of Old". The title track is good too (though I'd rather hear John Hiatt). "Ten Long Years", "Three O'Clock Blues", and "When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer" are all good and tasteful slow Blues numbers, but I rarely listen to the whole album.
It's a melting pot. I've heard elements of rock, fusion, hip-hop, drum and bass, mariachi, all of the bops. I've heard drum programming and 808 bass drops, bass pedal type stuff that you might get from Soulive or A Tribe Called Quest. "Neo-Soul" blended with Billy Cobham style fusion...

It's been interesting, so I bookmarked it.
Play more! I've struggled with this same thing for the last 6-8months. Strange thing with that, for some reason my phrasing has only improved. WTF?

Also, while doing some Max Payne 3 Multiplayer yesterday, my buddy threw this on and I didn't hear a thing that I didn't like. Quite the contrary actually. Just sweet and versatile Jazz for hours.
Strong Persuader & Them Dirty Blues have been up there forever, but I suppose there aren't a whole lot of new contributions...

Most of what happens in here is snobs and noobs and John Joe Mayer Bonomassa fanboys that do a lot more talking than they do listening - if they come here at all. Admittedly, I've been bored with it, and UG in general. But I've got plenty of shit to keep me busy so I really haven't had the time to kill.

We should try to make some kind of clamor though. What did you guys do in here when it was busy? That was before my time...
The Matt Schofield Band - Lay It Down

Jaimoe's Jasssz Band - Drifting And Turning

This thread just fell of the face of the Earth. I had some hopes for it, but I don't want it to be the "Jazz Funeral's Video Thread". Maybe somebody (Kyle, I'm looking at you) wouldn't mind revamping the Stickies in here. Hell, I think the AOTM has become the AOTLastYear&AHalf.

Gov't Mule - Birth Of The Mule

This thread is a good thing. Get your asses in here and post some videos people.
Well, at the age of 32, I'm nowhere near retirement. But I know what you guys are saying about people saying they have nothing to do. How the hell do they not have any hobbies? Didn't these people ever have a tendency to create things, and lament that their job got in the way? How lame can somebody be to just let their job define them?

I'm doing a three week voluntary lay-off right now and I just don't have the time to do all the shit that I want to do.

Here's to free-time gentlemen.
It's fine. It tamed my 60-watt DeVille enough when I needed it. Though, I believe the Webers are less expensive. For that reason alone I'd look into one of those.

Here's their site. There's more there than I could hope to tell you by myself.
I'd say it's more like the Triassic Period.

I was gonna leave this thread alone, as I see it's been necrobumped, but after seeing Chris Whitley being mentioned above I have to post this.

Chris Whitley - Phone Call From Leavenworth
First, you'll need to know the ohm rating of this amp. Second, you'll need speaker cables rather than instrument cables

Outside of that, all I know is that you'll want a true attenuator, and not some sort of volume pot device.

I have a THD Hotplate that I've used with my DeVille. It's the 8-Ohm model and it does what it says it does. There are other attenuators, I believe Weber makes one that people stand by. Just make sure that the ohm rating matches.
A real Whore'slord.

RIP to:

Duane Allman
Berry Oakley
Allen Woody
Michael Houser
Tom Dowd
Tommy Bolin
John Lennon
George Harrison
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Decent guitar, decent amp, good pedals! You can do whatever style you like except metal I guess! 7/10

Marshall JMP 2203 '78
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Gibson Les Paul studio
Fender Telecaster '52 American Vintage Reïssue
Fender Stratocaster USA standard

Most important pedals:
Fulltone OCD
EHX little big muff

I use it all for all kinds of music, Fender Deluxe Reverb will be added soon!


Nice, flexible rig (I'm sure you can cover a lot of ground with just your guitar's volume control and technique) with some quality pieces.

Here's my current set-up:

Gibson SG Standard (played most often)
Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom
Fender American Deluxe Ash Telecaster

Voodoo Lab Wahzoo -> Morley Optical Volume -> Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner -> Boss GE-7 -> Way Huge Pork Loin -> Lovepedal Eternity Fuse -> EarthQuakerDevices Hoof Fuzz -> Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay (PCB) -> Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

Egnater Rebel-30 112 Combo & 112 Rebel Extension Cab (used most often)
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Okay. I remember doing that when I was new to playing. But he says that he's positive that it's not his technique, so I was just trying to figure out other mechanical possibilities. As a player who is presumably worth his salt, how does he wind up owning a guitar with a defect like that? Moreover, not be able to just see what the problem is, but how to correct it.

I peek in here from time to time and see tbings that make me wonder. This time I couldn't help but chime in. I hope I didn't come across as some kind of daft dickhead.
Well, I haven't seen anything like that on any of the guitars that I own. If it's that easy to do, it sounds like something that should've never made it out of inspection...

Seriously, I don't give a **** what string it is, if a pull-off - a simple pull-off - actually pops a string out of the nut...

I don't know, whatever. Maybe you get what you pay for.

Still sounds like a combination of very shitty technique and build quality. Like day-one with a washtub bass.
Well, then learn to do a pull-off without doing a bend? If you're going to bend and pull off (ala "Chalkdust Torture" albeit on the low E (technique, as T00DEEPBLUE said)) bend it the other way?

Or I guess the nut is fucked (as has been mentioned).

I don't know... This whole thing just sounds stupid to me I guess...

Forget I said anything.

EDIT: Okay, so this is bothering me now. If the damn thing actually pops out of the nut with nothing more than a pull-off, and it's the high E string, and there's buzzing (fret buzz, I assume) is it actually tuned to a lower octave and there's just no tension at all? Because if it's tuned to pitch, there should be a lot of tension. Do you see why this sounds so fucked to me? Is TS originally a five string banjo player and just missed a crucial point? Is he trolling? I want to see some pics.
This whole thing sounds strange.

How could it just fall off? Is there no slot at all? Why would it buzz then? Is there a dramatic warp? WTF?
As a huge Allman Brothers (I've visited Duane Allman's grave 3 times now) and Derek Trucks fan, I really really dig this guitar.

I just read this thread for the first time right now, I went from envy to sorrow. Hope your wrist shapes up man.

As for buying it, I already own an SG Standard that I absolutely love, so I'm not in the market. But man, dat tailpiece...
Apple protocol sucks.

Get an Android, if anything.
I grab 'em by the neck and force them to kiss me.

...then I stick my thumb in their butt.
Well, you recovered quickly...

What did you do? Order it well-done?
They're good Kensai. Coffee Stouts are even better.
Dear OP,

Drink these until you understand.


Jazz Funeral
Yes. The driver killed him.

...and everyone else.

...and then JFK committed suicide too.

Osama Bin Laden, Ivan The Terrible, Timur The Lame, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Attila The Hun, Genghis & Kublai Kahn, Mumia Abdul Jamal, and Betty White also killed JFK. They took turns.