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How can you say any of them is the 'Best?' It's all subjective.

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Useless thread is useless.

Really who is best is all subjective, and that point is made every time someone brings this topic up.


Also, do yourself a huge favor and look deeper than Joe Bonamassa and John fucking Mayer. You're bound to find something with some substance.

I'd strike them repeatedly with an axe handle, or a stout spatula.
Christ, you Brits are a whiny lot.

In Wisconsin, we get the full spectrum of weather - sometimes all in one day. There was a day in the last two years or so when the mid-day temp was about 80F and it dropped down to below freezing (32F) at night.

When I was working in masonry, four of us tore down 20 feet of chimney above a tin roof on a 105F day. No breeze. No shade.

Man the fuck up.
I have an FR-50. It is a bit cheap, but it definitely captures the resonator sound.

Trouble is, it's so cheap that it couldn't withstand the tension of Martin's resonator strings. The neck came loose and is being held on by nothing more than the fretboard. I'm sure I could glue it back in place, but I haven't bothered yet. For the meanwhile, it is completely broken and unplayable.

To put it simply, I had a bad experience with mine and I wouldn't recommend that you or anybody else buy one.
This thread needs cookies.
Well, it seems an old buddy of ours is back on the market...

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My first thought. What if they get out of hand? And mutate so they eat metal? Or human flesh? Way to go, science.

Exactly. Our ultimate demise is going to spawn out in that place where all of the world's plastic just gathers in the ocean.

We're staring down the barrel at a Fungus Kraken.
Sounds great. But, in 2500 years, the seas and oceans will belong to the Funguslords.
I thought this thread was gonna be about some backdoor man type shit.

Samuel L. Jackson - Saxophone
Bill Cosby - Trumpet
Dave Chappelle - Upright Bass
Richard Pryor - Drums

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...The Samuel L. Bad Muthafuckin' Jackson Quartet
I like to call weed "that hippie shit".

EDIT: V I was thinking the same thing.
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Finally got to see The Steepwater Band last weekend. Super nice guys, I hope you all get a chance to see them sometime

Yeah, they are definitely friendly. I must've shot the shit with those guys for over an hour the last time I saw 'em.

Congrats man. Were they playing in the Twin Cities?

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If only they would tour outside of the midwest

If you find yourself in Wisconsin, I've always got a couch you can crash on Matt.
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Just actually started playing Skyrim for real after having it since CHristmas. The Draedric quests have been my favorite so far. Some of them pretty hysterical actually. Like the one where you pass out and can't remember what you did the night before.

Yeah, that quest had me laughing pretty good.

I remember chuckling at the one where you meet the dog outside of Falkreath too. I won't say any more because I'm assuming you haven't seen it yet...
Just piping in to say that I will also refrain from buying a ****ing MMO.

Do. Not. Want.
Her rictus grin is still pretty hot.

Imagine that...

EDIT: Oh my fucking god, genghis. That incest story is crazy.
Wow. I expected some trolling in this thread, but this thing just got stupid.

I'll just say this:

If you think that the Beastie Boys were limited to Hip Hop and Punk, you clearly haven't even listened to a whole album of theirs.

Even N.W.A. used Beastie Boy samples, you know, if their credibility is somehow questionable...

They made a lot of brilliant music, and they incorporated the use of all manner of instruments to do it: turntables, guitars, an 808, drums, a sampler, bass, organs, effect pedals, etc... It's nothing short of genius, and they have earned their praise.

As for bandwagon/groupthink/hipster accusations. There was a time that I didn't like the Beastie Boys, but I've been diggin' them and bumping their shit since I was a sophomore; back when you two indolent little pricks were still shitting your pants or swimmin' in your daddy's balls. I'd tell you to go to hell, but it's clear that you haven't figured out how to stop living in your own little private hell in the first place.
I read a news article before I got to UG just now and it made me sad. We knew it was coming but that doesn't really make it any better...

Man, I didn't even like the Beastie Boys back in the day. But then it all clicked sometime after I graduated (1999ish, back when a lot of you were still making messes in your pants) and I've been a fan ever since. It sucks to see anybody pass when they're still relatively young, but it especially sucks when they've provided you with quality entertainment for years and years.

Enjoy your return to the Intergalactic Planetary, MCA.

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This. Keep adding fuel to the fire and we'll have free cookies.

Cookies and fire.
If ericnumbers and seeney the weenie argue all night, the whole Pit wins.
There is already an inexcusable lack of 2Pac in this thread.

Gorgeous. Completely gorgeous.

I'm jelly for your Tele.
I've seen Buddy play twice now, one being just last week at the Wanee Festival. All I have to say is; that's just it, that's what Buddy does. It can be frustrating if you don't want him to jump the track, but you're not gonna stop it. Buddy's the conductor/engineer and you are just there for the ride. He's gonna play, he's gonna blow your mind, he's gonna talk some shit, he's gonna cuss, he's gonna educate you, he's gonna make you wonder if he's a dumbass, he's gonna make you feel like a big part of it, he's gonna make you think you don't know shit about the blues, and at some point you're gonna get pissed at him, and at some point you're gonna wonder how you could ever get mad at the guy.

This is what Buddy Guy is. And I thank him for it.

It's golden. It's everything you could ask for from an entertainer, and he does it with more charm than most others.

EDIT: As for his voice; he just goes over the top sometimes - to the point of obnoxiousness if he's so inclined. It's nothing to get mad about. I used to listen to a lot of rap, and I like E-40, but even so, E-40 could just be the most obnoxious... Whatever, sometimes the greats grate on your nerves.

Can you think of a single friend of yours that doesn't do the same thing?
I've got an '07 Passat wagon with a 3.6 liter 24 valve VR-6.
I believe it has 278 HP and 265 ft/lbs of torque.

I can get from 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds.
Request topographical tutoring.
Hot glass wins. Taste wins. Style wins. Class wins. Accurate genre claims win. Appropriate techniques win.

You have a long way to go TS. I've seen two of your videos.

As an Aussie (meaning you), I recommend you take a few notes from Geoff Achison.
Oooh is this that one about the movie with all the lights and fires and canned goods?

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That's what I thought.

Bumps man.
^ With pepper on it.
What's this salt & pepper vs. bacon business?

Peppered bacon FTMFW.
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Those are stupid. This is better.

Now that's funny.
Never have I ever seen such a round head.

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Dude looks like Rachel Maddow.

OT: TS is a knob.
It sounds to me like there's a fair amount of build-up on your strings, like dirt, dead skin, etc...

I could ask how old they are, how clean you keep your hands, or make some pseudo-dermatologist line about your skin's acid content. But, I'll just say this instead - by all means, change those things.
Notorious B.I.G.'s "Warning" uses the same sample as that CMW song.

Hell, it was even used for the theme song of Mad TV.
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It must have taken a while to get all those fish.

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Well, you see... You can catch a lot of carp in the rivers where I live. But, nobody wants to eat the bottom-feeding bastards. So, sometimes people (instead of just throwing their plentiful asses on the shore to feed the assorted carrion pickers) will take a number of carp to the Northside (which is mostly populated by darker skinned folk that dig a fat carp) and sell them.

I don't participate in this. It's just a story you hear sometimes...
I once went to the Northside of Milwaukee and traded a whole pick-up bed full of carp for an EBT card.

I'd apologize for that joke if I even thought you guys would get it...