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Sar-ee. Wisconsin.

This. All of it.
As the proud owner of an SG and a Les Paul (Gibsons), a Gretsch (5120), and a Telecaster (American Deluxe Ash); I'm clearly a Workingman's Band Money Brother that will talk the pants off of your Mother.
I voted for Rubber Soul.

Though, I like what Zoot and Jackal are on about even more.
So, Irish. If it's not too late, my Mom had a colonoscopy about a year ago and she used wet wipes instead of toilet paper for "the big clean-up". It sounds like it would save you a lot of grief. Hope you have some, man.
Some taste good, some taste bad.

I recommend keeping your face off of the ones that taste bad.

Your nose is a pretty reliable indicator, really.
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And to whoever asked about his mother...have you played the Dark Brotherhood quest line yet?

No, I haven't. My next run through I'll be playing some kind of a thief, so I'll check out some of the more nefarious aspects of the game then.
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I have seen the face of God.

God = History's greatest troll.

I feel obligated to point out that I'm an atheist.
Posting to support previous reverb posts.

Perhaps he's unfamiliar with reverb? Did he seem to be a newer/inexperienced player?
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True, someone of that name probably did exist, and may even have been crucified.
It does beg the question, though - when Jesus was said to have cured a leper, does that mean God gave the guy leprosy just so Jesus could come along and cure him?

This post begs the question - Did God give Jesus all of the things so that this thread could exist?

If so, I'm grateful. Because I've been laughing my ass off.
I entered this thread hoping for pics of real girls with stockings and short skirts and shit.


Now, I want to be an adventurer because I took this thread in the face.
^ Why, thank you.
I Googled the word "competition" to see if it was a word.

It is.

Though, it would appear that "googled" is, in fact, not.
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Left handed, jack off with right hand

If you were good, you could switch hands and gain a stroke.

You wanna talk about ambidexterity?

I use both hands when I'm drinking.
I'm here for the sharing of information and jokes.
That kid's lisp kills people.

Also, he's stupid. And far too young to be taken seriously. I couldn't even sit through half of that drivel.

Now, I'm a peaceful guy. I'm laid-back and rather easy to get along with. But, I've been dishing out video games deaths since I hopped on my first Goomba back in 1986, up to the last asshole I shot in the face playing Red Dead Redemption on Xbox Live this afternoon.

Hell, for what it's worth, I haven't even punched anybody since circa 1997.

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Video games only kill koreans

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eat a habanero or a ghost pepper everyday until the competition

Oh no, ghost peppers... Those things just murder your tongue, to the point where I don't even think they're enjoyable.

It's like they're just hot for the sake of hot heat being hot and hotly burning the heat off of your tongue to replace it with another hot wave of heat. I swear those things can probably mutate DNA.

Habaneros still have some character, but I think ghost peppers are just stupid.
Squeezebox is a great nickname for a girl - whether she plays an accordion or not.

Hotter yet if she doesn't even know what an accordion is.
I like a lot of what you have to say, Irish.

Stay strong, man.

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I'm also a huge fan of the one they have here in the UK with: "Mum of 57 looks 27 with £3 cream. Dermatologists are furious!" As if ANYBODY could fall for that utter shit? If a 57 year old could look 27, wouldn't it (a) be top breaking news (b) cost a little more than £3?

What I wonder every time I see one is...The fact that these keep being posted means that SOMEONE out there is falling for this dross...Like, how retarded do you have to be to fall for this kind of shit?!

Thank you. Thank you for using the word "dross".

I've only once ever heard that word used somewhere else. It was in some dialog from a pirating incident on British television. It involved some enlightened character named Vrillon from the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Found it. Be still now, and listen.

OT: I love how all of the available girls in the next town over are always down to offer me some ass when I'm checking out some porn. How do they know?
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I partake of the bacon/jelly sandwich quite often.

And this fish with cinna-apsauce sounds fucking divine.

Right on nucka.

And yes, the fish 'n' applesauce business is fantastic. Even a fish sandwich with cheese on it will be used to mop gobs of applesauce off of my plate. I love it.

This may or may not come off as weird, but I also like to pour domestic swill type beers into pint glasses with a dozen or so green olives.
Bacon on jelly toast.

Also, fuck tartar sauce. I dip my fish in cinnamon applesauce.
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Having Cicero as a follower is both highly amusing and very annoying.

I can just imagine. I still don't know why I didn't brain that guy.

What becomes of his mother? Does he leave her there for the wolves?
^ Lucky smartass.
First off, TS, the truth of the matter is that you're gonna have to man up and deal with this shit. It isn't gonna be pretty. It will cause you some pain. However, if you ignore it, it will also cause you some pain - more pain. You're staring down the barrel of some lose/lose type shit right now.

I know that dentists aren't the same everywhere, but I just started going again this past fall after a near ten year hiatus. I had an hour long cleaning one day, four fillings another day, and another three fillings on yet another day. Fortunately, this place rubs an anesthetic on the gum before inserting a needle to inject more anesthetic. I really liked this.

The reason I stayed away from the dentist for as long as I had, was because I had four bicuspids pulled to make room for braces (I had some bad crowding in front). Getting those teeth pulled was one of the shittiest things I've gone through, mostly because I remember the whole thing very clearly; a crushed tooth, pain, grunting, wrenching, pain, some bitching, more wrenching, a swollen face, pain, a dry socket (which meant four days of steady pain and little sleep)... I'm pretty sure this particular dentist was an old-school sadist. After all that, it was more than two years of braces - which means regular pain...

Now, if you've actually read all of that, I'm going to have to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon. I have the same impacted bullshit going on that Sam B was talking about and it goes right down to the nerve-line in my jaw. The difference is that I'm 32 now and it has come to a head, there is no more putting it off. As soon as my insurance year starts over (May) I'll be going in, and it's still going to cost me about a thousand bucks out of my own pocket.

All I can really say is that you could have it a hell of a lot worse. I know it hurts, but putting it off will only make it worse yet.

Man up and get your ass in there.

EDIT: Oh, and to answer your question, they will likely pull the wisdom tooth. As for your cracked molar, they will salvage it if they can.
An Egnater Rebel-30 112 combo, and it's matching extension cab.

My tax papers are sitting on top.

Since i have the day off of work, I could probably get my taxes do-. Oh look, there's another stupid thread...
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How dare you make me look like a comic sans user, sir! You are a cad and a bounder!

Good day to you.

Font Taunt
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The only reason Times New Roman is popular is because it had been a word processor default for so long. It's effective for newsprint, which is what it was designed for, but for other applications there are far better typefaces. This being one of them. And this isn't even the best 'Garamond'. If only I had access to Adobe Garamond Pro...

There are plenty of other serif typefaces that are more readable and more elegant than TNR too.

1) It's ugly.

2) Its kerning is uneven, which contributes to 1).

3) It's used by people who think that they're being 'cute' and 'different', when really it's absolutely everywhere. Even worse is that people use it when it's wildly inappropriate - business emails, memos, funeral notices, wedding invitations. The only place you should see comic sans is if there are 6 year olds involved.

4) More decorative typefaces work better if they're not something that the reader has seen five million times before. There are thousands of free typefaces out there that look far better than comic sans, and won't make people rage to see them.

A fine choice.

I do say, this is a most different post. Even cute, I might add.

Duly edited here: I say, what is that ghastly apparition up there?
Huh, I didn't realize anybody even liked that song. Always seemed like a joke to me...

TS, do you play this on a keytar?

An accordion, perhaps?
I've found that the pills whose labels advise against taking them with alcohol tend to go well with alcohol.

Who knew?

Stay in school, kids.
I learned the facts of life, from watching The Facts Of Life.*

(Invalid img)

*Disclaimer: I've never watched The Facts Of Life.

I've been using these for a few years now. I love 'em.

I'm a heavy handed player though, even fretting. So I've been upping the string gauges of my electrics to .11's. I just like solid stuff.
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whoa, 1996. "Jeru the Damaja"

this guy was way ahead of his time. I want to get some of this fvcker's albums and toke up something good . . . the first half minute of this tune he already strikes me as a born mc. The beat and his flow match perfectly, reminds me a bit of wu tang. Never heard of this guy before like a minute ago, check it out D:

Jeru's The Sun Rises In The East and The Wrath Of The Math are both great. I haven't heard anything newer by him though... I was listening to this when it was new (I'm dating my 32-year-old-ass), and while he had his own style, I don't know if I'd call him ahead of his time. He was on par with Guru, Nas, O.C., Freddie Foxxx, KRS-One and a bunch of others that DJ Premier worked with a lot.

Definitely one of my favorite MC's.

Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean

Jeru The Damaja - One Day

Chubb Rock, O.C., Jeru The Damaja - Crooklyn Dodgers

Jeru The Damaja - My Mind Spray

Gang Starr - I'm The Man

Gang Starr - Speak Ya Clout

If you like that Gang Starr shit, click "ALONGWAYTOGO" in my sig.
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I bet he typed it really quickly and technically well but it just has no soul.

That was funny.
Uh, yes. I mean, you're a man of the internetz aren't you? I mean, uh, you've been there. I mean. You've been around...
Ye Black Knight.

This vote now concludeth!

EDIT: WCPhils. You sonuvabitch...
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This thread reminds me of a girl I met in Brazil. Man she was hung.

This post reminds me of a girl I hung in my backyard. She had a Brazilian wax job.
I love it when The Pit gets loud and stupid.

Makes me think of the "Dawn of Man" ape melee in the beginning of 2001.
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BRB. Not changing anything 'cause I already turned off images.




I'm as browser savvy as I need to be.

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Yeah, that was another Kelly multi who made the other thread.

We got to him pretty quickly

multiKelly22 must be pretty handy with the whole proxy thing to keep getting back in here...

Nice work anyhow.

BRB. Closing browser because I know that ****ing pic is still in my back pages.