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He slips in Christianity at the end... Listen to this fat ass explain:

I slipped in Christianity once.

Stained my favorite pants...

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I like to look at old men at locker rooms.

He does. It's true.

Jewchords will also very kindly and considerately cup the balls of the most ancient ones. So as to keep them from dragging upon the ground and scuffing or tearing their aged membranes.
Damn, 27 songs. That's a lot of material, especially for six days...

I gotta wonder, will that be trimmed down to a single disc? Or are we looking at a two-disc package?
I'd go back and kill Hitler's grandmother. With a shotgun.

A loophole. And a quick, grisly demise.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
I haven't seen Arrested Development. I'm aware of it, but I just haven't ever watched it...

In fact, I haven't watched much TV at all in the last four years or so. I'll catch some news and some comedy (The Daily Show, Modern Family, Wilfred), and the occasional documentary on the History Channel, but that's about it...

I'm hoping for a Trigger Hippy album though. I really like what I've seen on Youtube.
^ Yep.

I've yet to even hear a whole album by the White Stripes, but I'm familiar with those blues artists and more. I was raised in a house where Blues and Southern Rock were played regularly. The Allman Brothers Band is the great crossroads for me in this instance, and one of my musical cornerstones. Period.
Christ, Mike. Why the hell are we up so early on a Saturday?
^ that fuckin' gif is killing me, especially because that's pretty much the way I picture you when there's good Crowes' news afoot.

He's not coming any closer to me than Chicago, though...

I hate it when they don't come any closer than Chicago...
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Real biscuits are

Honestly? I see the tag on the .jpg and all, but I had no idea that Brits called cookies biscuits...

Some of 'em look more like crackers. Hmm... I'll be damned.
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What the actual **** are you doing putting biscuits with gravy

Mmmm... Dem Biscuits and Gravy. I want some now, just looking at that picture.

It probably is a Southern thing, but I'm a Yankee and I dig a lot of Southern shit. They're so easy to make too, all you need is biscuits, pork sausage, onions, milk, flour, nutmeg, allspice, and patience; because you need a lot of time on low heat to make the gravy set up.

If you try 'em someplace and you don't like 'em, then the cook probably didn't really know what they were doing. Seriously.
Street name - Scruffy Squire

Maiden name - Scruffy Rupert

I'm gonna go with Scruffy Squire, ...and be less diligent with my hair maintenance...
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I'm a guy, I can cook, and I'm American. Thank you very goddamn much.


I can make killer Biscuits and Gravy, and there's nothing I can't grill.
ITT: Snot 'N' Tears.
Right on.

I just have to rehydrate some more and I'll be set. It really didn't help that the Packers had a high scoring game yesterday, those kinds of games always make for good drinkin'.
Still alive and well.

Happy New Year to you too, Jackal.
Well, like an idiot, I'm waiting for laundry that I failed to throw in the dryer earlier...

Holy shit barefootboy, we've got a lot of similarities goin' on here today. Telecasters, packing rigs for a jam, right on down to having chili for dinner. No cows though for me, I'm not a big fan of Farmhouse Ales. Instead I'll be pouring Blatz on some green olives in a pint glass. Keepin' it simple today.

Have one for me buddy, I gotta finish up around here.

So long as you're not driving when the going gets good, you can't go wrong. There are cabs in Fond du Lac (where I'm going), so I'll be safe. They're much cheaper than a drunk driving, y'know.
Yeah, the whole Mod thing demands more of your time and attention too, I'm sure. Especially in GG&A. That's a busy forum.

As for me, I'm currently in the middle of packing up my pedalboard, Rebel-30 stack, and Telecaster to go and jam for the day. Then it's either bar-hopping or a house party for the night.

You got any plans?

You know, a lot of times I'll peek in here to find that I was the last one to post, or that I don't have anything to add... So I don't bother to put anything down.

I also work 40+ hours a week and I hang out with friends and family often... Man, I never seem to have enough time for anything...
Oh man, I made something like a White Russian a few years ago, but I used some espresso flavored vodka and chocolate milk with Kahlua. They tasted so damn good that I made the mistake of not taking them seriously... Let's just say that that was one of two times that I still felt drunk at work the next day...

So, in keeping with the Blues & Jazz holiday thread tradition...

Happy Muh'fuggin' New Year, y'all.
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They remade IV on the DS and it's just as amazing as the NES version:

That's cool. I've never even held a DS, but I'm glad they stayed true to the original.

And on that note, I'm gonna go take an arrow in the knee. Err, um... play Skyrim...
Quote by Horsedick.MPEG

One of the longest RPG's I have ever played, and enjoyed every minute.

This was also a great game.


Both of those games are good. I played the Illusion of Gaia a bunch of times. I bought it with paper route money back when it was new.

I played Dragon Warrior VII once, but I popped into this thread to post these:

Holy shit, the hundreds of hours I spent with these games.

...all those years ago...

I don't feel old , but man, I was playing these games before a lot of you little shits were even born.
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Eh, why not.

I laughed pretty hard at that.
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Anybody else notice that he's not actually milking the cow? He's literally not tugging in the correct place.

But enough of my milking-Nazism. Good shoop idea

I'm just gonna pretend that he's about to throw the whole cow at somebody.

TS, I'd like to drink with your slutty 19 year-old cousin.
I got a a copy of Skyrim and a pair of slippers.

The Steam servers are clearly being pushed to their limits right now...

EDIT: It seems I'll finally be able to play it any minute now.
Years ago, I resolved to not bother making any resolutions and just make changes and improvements as I saw fit.

Works good man.
Hell, I killed 'em.
Hell, I killed 'em.
Hell, I killed 'em.

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You're the user who's obsessed with anal sex right? How do you think god would react to that?

Yeah, "Has anybody tried anal Jesus? I hear it's quite the experience."

EDIT: Well, well, well. It really is this shit again. That IP Ban mentioned in the other thread seems appropriate...
*looks at last few posts, decides that this is now the Blues & Jazz holiday thread*

Merry Christmas everybody.

I'm gonna drink and watch the Packers kick some more ass.
So long as the media in question isn't weak or contrived, and isn't so polished that all of the warts have been buffed out, I don't give a damn when it was made.

That Barney Rubble, ...what an actor!
Mushrooms are fantastic. Psilocybin and otherwise.

(Invalid img)

Yep, ugly.

That burst finish really accentuates how ugly those horns can be, especially the Silverburst. Binding might've dressed it up a little better...

Hell, I'm really only intrigued by all of the maple...
How in the hell did all of you miss the stickied "Only Dream Band Thread" that is directly above this one?
Jazz Funeral - January 22nd
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You must all have awful sex.

Or none at all.

That's what I was thinking.

The only bad orgasm I can think of is one that you can't keep at bay. Which really only happens if you haven't had any in a while. But even if you nut too quick, round two is never too far away. Round two never happens too fast...

I'll take that over a great shit anytime.