Yeah, Weary and Wired is pretty good. I like It's About Time a lot too. Don't know if you have that one, but I don't see how you'd regret having either of 'em.

I can't speak for Fuzz Machine, as I haven't heard it yet. That one tears at my music buying principles, as I'm not interested in paying for just files. I want something tangible, y'know?

How about Marc Ford & The Neptune Blues Club? Heard that yet?
Quote by genghisgandhi
Representin' is Ilmatic.


I'm sure DJ Premier won't be laying down any tracks for this though...
I really don't know anything about his son... Can't be sure if this is promising or not.

I know that their rocket technology is limited, so, I guess that's a plus.

EDIT: Oh shit...
A shot of wine?!?

Aah, kids...

Look man, just don't push it too hard. There are a lot of things at real Raves that can seriously affect your body and mind. If you're doing shots of wine (which I should clarify, is silly because of it's lack of strength), I can't help but think that you might not be ready for them.

I know you're going to dabble in a few things, but until you've waded in the pool a bit, don't try to tread water... Know what I mean?
A friend of mine had this, he had to get his lip amputated and his dick migrated to his armpit.

You're doomed.
Stay hydrated if you do some E.

If you don't have fun, it's because of the scene, not the E.

Don't bother the people "grinding" along the walls.

Don't Candy-flip or Hippie-flip if you aren't already having fun in the first place.

If you're rolling, and a cute girl offers to give you a massage with the whole Vick's treatment, do it.

Just don't push your unexplored limits too far, and treat everybody with respect. You should be just fine.
I just finally made it through this whole thread. This one made me laugh the hardest:

Quote by Drakathan

Nice work though, all of you.
This Colby the worst thread ever, Jack.

It's all bound up.
Quote by TEK34
Nergal from Behemoth spat fake blood into my mouth once.


You have it now.
Quote by Metal0101
Do you think im making this up, just check wikipedia you ****ing jerks search betty swallaux, your all idiots, you mock me though im speaking the truth wtf.

There's some good songs on that list. Though, it is limited.

Also, your grammar could use some improvement.

This amuses me.

So does this:

You can hit that low G with your thumb if you wrap it around. I just did it... it was right on.
Quote by BrainDamage
Based on location and V&L-->Ride-->Hiding, I'm guessing this was the show? I don't see any Dead covers...

Ah, they did do "Sugaree".

That makes me feel dumb though... Christ man, I guess I can only chalk it up to Casal's playing making everything sound Deadish...

But, the entirety of our species can argue about it indefinitely.

Alright, for a little elaboration...

I saw some really cool shit, but the part that stands out the most for me is when they played "Ride", "I Ain't Hiding", & "Vibration And Light" all in one stretch (I probably have the order wrong on that, but they ran through those three songs and made a very nice boogie/suite kind of thing (I was getting considerably drunk by then)).

I also remember there being an unnecessary amount of Dead covers. Now, hear me out, I love the Dead, I love Chris/The Crowes, I have listened to Cold Roses many times (and love that too) and I really like Casal's guitar work; but I thought it had all gone too far.

I was left to assume (and respect) that the band was still far too young to have it's own identity, and that they were still trying to build their own foundation. I'm totally cool with that, and I hungrily await what happens when they get their shit together. But, what I agreed with in my last post still stands for now.
I gotta agree with you about the seeming lack of direction, Mike. Also gotta agree with the "be your own entity" bit.

I enjoyed the show I saw in Madison, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't a little disappointed.

Gotta go, I'll elaborate a little bit later...
Quote by Ye Black Knight
Verily a most clever enigma, dear Lee Makky!
Whence I read'eth this puzzle, mine first notion 'twas that this fellow possess'eth a loin-sword so massive that it droop'eth to ye grounde from 20 stories high! Then this lad slide'eth down his own shlong as a firefighter down a pole!
However thine solution be'ith equally satisfying!

This post now concludeth!

Ye Black Knight, thou of which I speaketh.

Thou art truly one of the most entertaining individuals on life that posteth upon this forum. I offer thee a most sincere and humble slice of gratitude for blessing us with thine most silly and delightful style of posting.

May fortune smile upon thee, henceforth and forever.

String changing is a simple and mindless task that provides a great little window for performing some mundane maintenance. It's so easy that I would never even consider some kind of robot or machine to do it for me.

I mean, tired? Really? Take a fuckin' walk around the block. Jog, bitch. If a string change is too much for you, maybe you should find something tall to jump off of.
Hey guys, a question for you...

I downloaded a show from Bobby Lee Rodgers from the site. Trouble is, is that it's all .flac files. WMP doesn't readily support that file type, so I haven't been able to listen to it yet. So, I was wondering if there was a recommended program that I should use, or maybe a patch of some sort for WMP?

inb4 Matt gives me shit for not getting in on the trading scene yet...
Quote by metaldud536
I never know which eye to look at. It confuses me brain. "Are they talking to me or someone behind me?"

I know what you mean. I'll find myself being more attentive when they speak, so as to not be rude if they are talking to me.

Oh, and I tend to look them in the nose. So-to-speak...
I've been down south a number of times now (I'm from Wisconsin), twice to northern Florida. Things seem to glide along a bit more slowly and/or smoothly, but it's not really too different. The people do seem to be friendlier, so long as you're respectful you should be just fine.

Be mindful of some cultural differences and don't shit in anybody's hair.

Oh, and I really wouldn't worry about your Scion. 2006 wasn't all that long ago.
Quote by primusfan
truth. as someone who spent his teenage years in illinois, i have to hand it to wisconsin. i hate you all, but you guys can definitely drink better than anyone in the US. i've stopped drinking daily, but even back in my prime i could probably only take 60-70% of wisconsinites under the table.

Oh primusfan, I'm starting to think that the only thing you don't hate are people that have taken the time to listen to every Jazz album ever released - in chronological order.

Just givin' you shit man.
I couldn't vote in a drinking poll that doesn't include Wisconsin.

"Oh, but Wisconsin is just a state".

Yeah well, not only do we make up for all of the states that slack - and then some; Lewis Black says that Ireland was originally inhabited by Wisconsinites, so it's gotta be true.
"Hand Egg". Pfft...

Sounds like something a wanker would say.

American Football is a fantastic sport. Deal with it.
Quote by shikkaka
Who remembers this guy?

Oh shit, if they're making T1000's now, we're all fucked.

T1000's, The Illuminati... Christ, The Pit's scary today.
Quote by theogonia777

like that?

I was totally gonna do that.

You sonuvabitch...

Quote by Wolfinator-x
That's what they're asking for.

Yep, and a lot of them like it. It's really only bad if you're creepy about it. In a lot of ways, it weeds out the guys who don't have confidence and can't think on their toes. Acting like it's bad is just part of the game.

Am I giving too much away?
Quote by guitarmaniac88
Why is his left hand made of wieners?

Artistic license/wank joke?

Makes sense to me...
They do want you to look, but they don't want you to stare. Then it's bad because it's creepy.

A glance and a smile can go a long way, if you can talk. Just don't ogle.
You should've drawn something more flattering, TS.

For example:

Would somebody please post that gif of the fratboy with the huge chin one more time before this thread gets closed?
inb4 people bitch about my bitchin'.

BTW, I'm Bitchin'.
Quote by Saint78
I like to take Viagra before I go to funerals.

Nice one.

I like to shit my pants before I go to the theater.
Quote by Zappp
I hereby declare thou, Wolfinator-x, the most attractive son of a bitch this world has seen, and now declare thee the king of UG. I present to thee thy crown made out of solid white gold, along with thine 27 wives.

Wow, has this site ever gone down the shitter.
Quote by Saint78
Periods suck.


They're pretty gross.
Jagger's probably holding out for a bigger wardrobe budget.

I have a 5120, it plays and sounds nice. The licensed Bigsby stays in tune pretty well too.

As for the weight, it's lighter than a Telecaster or an SG, but heavier than a Dreadnought acoustic. It really isn't much at all. Unless you're built like Olive Oil, you should be fine.