I agree with 37 Narwhals. I mean blondes are hot.. but when you get a hot red head she is FIIIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEE
is it possible to get laid on a pizza delivery?
I completely support this kid..
I always refused to say the pledge at school. I don't believe in pledging to a flag.
ICP fans got to be way up there.
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"Alle Meine Entcehn
Schwimmen auf dem See
Kopfchen in das Wasser
Schwanzchen in die Hoh



E-Cookie if you know the song ^_^

All my ducklings are swimming on the lake,
Swimming on the lake,
Their little heads dip into the water,
Their little tails stick out.

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Same here, all of the hics at my school decided one night to shave each others heads into a mohawk.
my dogs barking to bring them down stairs...
Its not & a few friends did it and basicaly Your tired, in a bad mood. cant Concentrate. And You Hallucinate.
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hicks. i hate hicks. i wanna kill them all.

You and me both.
in my school theres this thing called hic day every thursday all of the Hics dress as super hics........
and cowboys

A sad fate
I Think America has did alot a messed up B.s but 9/11. idk
teahcher biching at me
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I'm sorry but that's uncalled for. I honestly didn't have it as my background because I thought I was "cool". Nobody would have ever known it was there unless I told / showed them, which I haven't and wouldn't have. And that's not disrespectful to her considering everytime she gets my phone she puts it up there herself... which was the case this morning on the bus.

Just tell them she put it on there herself (proble wont work) but its worth a try.
At least ur not 18.
Eating at White Castle.
Play a long with it and laugh it off
i hate when you have your guitar and they ask you to play some 3 chord Nickleback Sh1t. or this
Me: (putting My Guitar up while some guy that doesn't play guitar comes up to me)
Them: What brand is that, a Gibson or Fender? (only two he Knows)
Me: No, its a ESP.
Them: Gibson is better.
Me: How would You Know You Don't Play Guitar
Them: i Have a friend & he says Gibson is better
Me: well good for your Friend..

I wonted to Kill Him
It depends if i work or have to go to school
School- around 6am
Work- Around 11am or 3:30 pm if its a night shift.
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Depends on if I want to wank or not.

Non-wanking = 10-15 minutes
Wanking = 30 minutes

about 30min but, yes the wank or no-wank diffidently plays a major factor.
All that Remains- Two Weeks
i brought one of my guitars to school to day for the fact that im leaving after to go out of town. In almost every class there was at least one kid who said "play me somin on dat der guitar" just like that (alot of hicks go to my school sad..sad) this would not have been so bad exsept for the fact that the guitar i brought was Electric
People who are commenting things like "NO ONE CARES BITCH", this video was made because obviously there are people that DO care. Whether you like her or not, he does have A LOT of fans.

lol i would have never guessed
I feel embarrassed for her and her family
I'm even embarrassed because i watched it
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This is proof the world is about to end..

Yes my friend. this is the end...
god help us all
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Someone needs to carve that face into a pumpkin for Halloween/

consider it done
i beleave that animals do in fact have Emotions. I think they can feel love and love their babies.
If they can love us idk but i like to think my dogs loves me.
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This: "Play something!"

Whats even worse is when the say "Play SomeThing"
When all you have with you is an electric w/o an amp.

Element Eighty- Killing Me
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Did you ever whomp that kid TS?

Edit: the same thing happened 3 times when i was in school, the person who threatened my school spelled it bom too.

lol same here 2 years ago spelled it bom.
maybe it means some thing.