Bless The Fall "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad"
2 years oder three years younger. but three years younger is pushing it with me
Another prank well more of a revenge thing. i lightly cut all of my friends strings. Not so much so the Strings fell of but just enough so when he played he broke them all.
Quote by wheatmore
how do you know he was almost done?

i call bs

well we werent really sure we kinda guessed.
But he got covered in is own cum so we most have guessed right
Any one have a guitar related prank

One night my friend was at my house. Being the sic **** he is he often would sneak out of the room he was staying in at my house go to the bathroom and well ....take care of his morning wood a little early.. so one nigh i waited for him to do so and put my amp next to the door when he was almost done a let it rip getting him covered in his own (you Know)

If Any of you have ever pulled off a prank like this post it
your closer to it then they are.

I also play w/o an amp when every one is trying to sleep
win you save almost a thousand for some thing then when you get it is doesnt sound the way you wonted it to
Tht fat guy thats always sitting in the corner of the shop....smiling at u and Intensively staring at you noddin mumbling some thing under is breath while grabbbin his self.
Then as u leave says in a southen accent "comon boy, play me another one of dim dare jingels" ( as im thinking jingle? wtf) and when u finaly leave he say "so soon..o well se ya tommrrow" (while im thinks there wont be a tommrrow)

Omg i hate that.
People who think they can play guitar just cuz there good at Guitar Hero. and think they know stuff about real guitars becuse of the game
(1) People Who Say can play guitar But only no one song and thats the ONLY song they ever Play

(2) People who mess with my setting when i finally have them set perfect and then it takes me hours to finally get it sounding the way i wont it to.

(3) When you let people play through your amp and they dont turn it off afterwards

oh & lastly people who think just becuz a certain song on "Guitar Hero" is hard , it is hard on real guitar.
banned for responding l8
Blank Walls...Idk Why.
Not realy a fear i guess it justs bugs the hell out of me

What about You
this kid once told me after looking at my ipod i hat that sceamo ****. i looked at it to c what he was listening to it was slipnot
last show i went to was Slipknot Trivium And Coheed. there was this guy there who was so out of it he thought Coheed was slipknot... He left after Coheed never did get to see Slipknot lol...I didnt wont to be the one to tell him it wasnt slipknot so i let him believe he say them
This guy told me that it is hard to rap lol.
and that it was actual music that took talent lol
same guy said rapping was harder then playing guitar
my 1st metal concert this chick rips this guys lip ring out then punches the girl im with in the faces and get this....starts making out with her... but she is not done yet.. then she starts hugging me..weird
omg dude she is beautiful. ya, if i was u id b trying to win her back instead of pushing her away. if you piss her off you may never get her back
Try Musicians it might be there
killer guitar. i wish there was a guitar shop in my small town
Yamaha FX 335
maybe im not to sure though
i would chain there feet to a wall and give them a needle and a string. at first they wont no what to do with the needle then i would play rap loudly untill they cant stand it. if the music doesnt kill them they will soon find out what the needle and string is for.
id cut off there hands then choke them with it
ya painting is hard
it does look pretty Jewish to me lol
but maybe he didnt mean to paint it like that
ya the only problem is i dont like the cleans i get from them but i love the heavy stuff
Ok i have an ESP viper it came with an 81 bridge and 85 neck. but i wont to put new EMG in it idk wich ones to buy i was looking at the 81x and 85x but i wont your opinion
me and a friend had i lil fight over what genre was harder to master and which one was more popular Metal or punk.
so i wont ur opinion is metal harder to master then punk
and is punk more popular then metal
even though there have a lot of bad models the higher end arnt that bad i guess
How bad Are BC Rich well lets say uv just ate 5 bowls of beans and u havft to take a **** and it just wont come out the sound u make is of the same quality of the sound they make
I hav an ESP Deluxe Viper im putting up pics soon
I work At McDs and my band is playing some shows around were a live
Any Strat or or Gibson. when you get a Gibson you pay way to much for what you get. and i just never could get into the Strat sound idk y