I have a couple of guitars with active pickups and a few solid state amps (all practice amps mind you). Personally I really don't like the distortion that comes from combining the active pickups with the SS amps though they drive my 6262 beautifully. I find the EMG85 in the neck of my al3100 does produce a nice smooth sound for solos/melodic stuff though on the SS amps.
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Sorry dude, not my fault high school didn't' teach kids critical thinking skills.

But I understand, better safe than sorry. TS, there is a ultimate guitar setup thread, or the ultimate wiring thread, that I believe goes over how to fix your problem, try referring to that thread for any more questions.

Even if the entire forum flames you I agree with your original post. No one seems capable of figuring anything out themselves these days...though you could have been a bit lighter on the kid. I work in IT and have to support a large number of people who don't even attempt to solve problems with purely logical solutions i.e. no need to be a technophile to understand it. They either don't care to make an attempt or just can't figure out where to start.
mahogany, there's nothing wrong with it.
EMGs are more than capable of pulling cleans but you'll want to back off the volume. As it is I think there may be a marginal amount of clip coming from the internal preaamp but if you've got volume at full you're obviously going to drive the amp hard. I agree a touch of reverb helps.
A bad tremolo is BAD. It won't stay in tune and will give you no end of trouble. I used to be a real tight arse but I'm not realising generally you do get what you pay for up to a point (at which the "bang for buck" ratio goes downhill) and it's worth investing in a good steady guitar or piece of equipment.
I haven't used an SD blackout so I can't really say. I've got an EMG81TW, 81 and 85. The single coil/humbucker modes of the TW are handy as it's in a single pickup guitar but overall I LOVE the sound of the EMG 85 for both rhythm and for solo tone.
If you're using super slinkies they're definitely poor quality saddles that should be replaced.
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That's weird. I've never seen a Destroyer with that kind of bridge. All the ones I've seen have TOM bridges. Also, the bottom of the body doesn't look right. There should be a groove there.
Are you sure you didn't buy a Epi Explorer.

I thought there were pre-lawsuit ones that were near exact clones of the Gibson Explorer shape?
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I have a friend who I found out has never changed his guitar strings. He has had his guitar at least 3 years (probably more like 5) he says "No point if you tune them enough they don't go out of tune"

Ewwwwwww they must feel horrible.

That's just horrible, I had a mate who had strings for about 15 months before I convinced him to change them. I can't stand strings older than a couple of months unless they're elixirs. They feel horrible and leave "gunk" all over the fretboard and frets.
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TS, Avoid guitars with Floyd Roses like the plague.

I wouldn't go that far, if it suits what someone wants to play then so be it. They work well once they're set up and the only real appreciable down side in my opinion is not being able to change between tunings easily and changing strings takes a little bit more effort.

However I am dubious about the quality and sustain of low end Floyds.
Also the action is pretty good though it could use a bit of a tweak but thats not surprising considering its travelled half the world. I think I'll take it down to one of my musoc stores, get that sorted plus a setup for a higher gauge and lower tuning.
So I took the plunge and bought an AL3100 off rondomusic last week, and anxiously waited until it arrived today. I'm impressed it made it from the US to supposedly the most isolated state capital in the world in 4 days.

Body: 2 piece mahogany
Neck: 1 piece mahogany set neck
Top: Flame maple
Fretboard: Ebony
Frets: 22
Finish: Trans blue with a slight burst
Pickups: EMG 81/85

The guitar is well made and feels great in my hands. I looked it all over and could only find a few minor flaws because I looked for them: A couple of small spots of stain on the neck binding and a bit of stray glue from an inlay.

The guitar is visually stunning and I'm impressed <3 rondo and Agile. The mother of pearl inlays are amazing but I couldn't find an angle to bring out the colour properly in a picture.

I haven't had much of a chance to play it but I'm loving it so far. The pickups give a lot of good chunk for playing heavy rhythms and palm mutes sound really strong. Pinch harmonics fly off of it. The most impressive to me is the sustain compared to my bolt on necks, eventually it feeds back but it seems to sustain for days. When I can think of something I sound half decent playing I'll put up some clips.
That's certainly an interesting looking axe! I say if you can get the cash, go for it.
It says on the Rondo page that they ship with black EMGs rather than chrome like in their images. I'm contemplating seeing if I can find someone that wants black ones though and would trade chrome ones for them.
Here's a quick snap from my HTC:

IT'S HERE SITTING AT MY FEET AT WORK! I'll have to wait until I get home to play it plugged in but it's all intact, looking and feeling great. Not bad, 4 business days from NH to Perth Western Australia.

I'll post up an NGD when I get the chance.
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Floyd Rose guitars suck. Yes, you can do Herman Li guitar kicks, yes, you can impress girls by pulling on your whammy bar, and you can plesaure yourself by pulling on said whammy bar, yes, you'll stay in tune much longer, BUT, you can't change your tunings like you would on a NORMAL ****ING GUITAR.
And changing strings is a bitch.
BC rich's are fine, the one's I've played, the Warlock, Assasin, Ironbird? (The one that stabs you in the ribs while you play sitting down, they have great standard humbuckers which will satisfy you until grow a beard and pony tail and your known as a guitar nerd rather than a guitar player.
But for ****'s sake, stay away from the Floyd Roses!

So the only valid point you had was that you can't change tunings on the fly? Not that big an issue unless you only have one guitar and want to switch tunings regularly.
The original nut looks about right to me, usually you'll want the action lower on the treble (thinner) strings and higher on the bass (thicker) strings.
I love my Epi Les Paul Jr dearly but it's likely going to see less playtime as I'm expecting my Agile AL-3100 in the next hour or so
I've been asked this by someone who owns 3 cars before and they thought it was excessive that I wanted another guitar lol...

Pretty much the answer to the question is "yes".
Not easily. The best thing imho is for you to remove the trem bar and tighten up the springs at the back of the trem. This wilk get it close to being a fixed bridge. You'll need to tighten the springs because the bridge will dip on bends otherwise.
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guysssss ibanez grg170 dx
boss me25
i wanna make sure that they are best guitar and multi effect for this range
thnx in advance

You say range, but you haven't specified one. I agree with the above, avoid low cost guitars with tremolos, go for a fixed bridge or save more money.
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I'm not averse to silverburst, I'm a big fan of Adam Jones.

I lol'd at this. It sounds like when people say "I'm not racist, I have a black friend".
That's good luck...I wish I could find another bintar.
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Hell you can't even get a couple of pints for a fiver most places.

You think that's bad. In Australia (at least in Perth) the jug of beer is now almost extinct and the pint is starting to follow it. Most pubs in the inner city are charging like $8+ for a pint.
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If you only paid 5 pounds or something(that's like $2, right? ) for the guitar, I'd say that leaves plenty of room for parts money. Get all the missing parts replaced and see what kind of beast you have there. Replace the crap jack, do a good setup and decide then if it deserves better pickups.

I can only hope that was a joke, even the Aussie dollar has been worth more than the US dollar since about October last year...

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Where did you find a 5 quid guitar when you were drunk?

THIS +1000! I think it demands an explaination.
I think it's probably normal, just the springs shifting/compressing.
I think the issues are taken out of proportion. They're not that difficult as long as you understand how they work. Once set up they'll work. I have a really "crappy" knock off FR (not even licensed) and it worked pretty well...up until I snapped the bar lol. I really didn't have any issues at all once I'd balanced the bridge. The only other problems you'll run into are wear and tear but that's to be expected.
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+1,000,000,000 - when you finish college you are going to have a butt load of problems and expenses. Treat yourself now before the chains of life pull you down into the abyss of 9-5.

On the other hand, this.
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well right now i have a full time job lined up for the summer, that will prolly continue past the fall no problem. i didnt really wannna go this detailed into it, my main question was too see others opinions on getting a really pricey guitar at my point in life

Yeah I see what you mean, but it will be a different point in your life then. The guitar range will probably be slightly different as will prices and the way you feel. Back on my PC forum guys always used to ask us to help spec out builds for them that they weren't going to build for a year which made all the info null and void.
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It looks like it might have had stickers for frets and someone peeled them off. I have a similar guitar (down to color and truss rod set up) but mine has frets and some extra switches and stuff.

Also, I'm wearing the same adidas sox as you

Nah, you can see it was definitely cut for frets. If the seller was truly it's first owner then I can only presume it was a re-used fretboard that got filled.
I say make the money first and then ask yourself this question. First you need a job, then you need to be able to stick it out long enough to earn that money and hope nothing else taps out your funds. I wouldn't stack a hypothetical on top of another hypothetical like this.
I went ahead with the blue EMG 81/85 packed AL-3100. Now I'm just eagerly awaiting it's arrival, I was butchered by shipping costs but I think it will still be worth it compared to what's available locally as long as Agile live up to their rep. I looked up my tracking number and had a moment of panic when it said it was in Lebanon, now I know there's a Lebanon in NH USA.
With rondomusic it's stated as a requirement to purchase a case with international shipments and that the guitar will be placed in it, thanks again for your time.
Yeah, colour and look wasn't a big deciding factor but came in given my uncertainty about pickups and the price difference. Thanks for the opinion.

Can anyone shed any light on if customs will likely open it if I ship with an aluminium flight case like this one off rondo:

Also is anyone familiar with Fedex's insurance policies? Is insurance included with all their services, according to rondo it will ship Fedex International Economy. Looking at their terms and conditions I believe it's covered as long as it's packed properly and I follow common sense dealing with it on arrival, e.g. have any damage to the packaging noted when i sign it, photograph packaging before opening.
It is possible to get more than one bad cable though, so unless the cables are KNOWN to be good, don't take it as a given.
The part were the notch on the plug clicks into place.
Hmmm, I'm still debating which to go for, the blue is tempting just for the pair of EMGs but the red is sexy as hell. Does anyone know if I ship in a flight case will it clear customs unmolested or is the metal shell likely to cause problems with an xray scanner and force them to open it?
The blue has a pair of EMGs, I figure that accounts for the difference.
I find myself in a similar position at the moment. I know how you feel, in my opinion though it's worth going on. Seeking a teacher might be the solution as they should bring some structure and discipline to your learning that should keep you moving forwards.