Yes, set necks should usually be considered higher quality. They allow better sustain and you'll usually only see them on "better" guitars.
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It's ludicrous.
Ludacris is a rapper

I'm glad the obvious was said before I got here.
I'm a bit concerned that 2/3 of your balls have a purple hue to them, but they look great!
I'm interested in picking up a microphone to record from my Bugera 6262. I was wondering what's in the "best bang for buck" range. So far my knowledge of microphones is very slim and I don't really know where to start looking, about the only microphone I know is the Shure SM57 which seems to be universally held as good for both vocals and mic'ing amps. By the sounds of it I guess I'm after a dynamic microphone suited to this purpose, I was hoping I could get something decent under $100au (all the SM57s I have found are at about $150). If I'd be wasting my money to go below that though so be it, I'll fork out the extra cash.

I've noticed a bunch of Sennheiser microphones around, I've always been a big fan of their headphones, how do these rate compared to Shure?

So TL;DR: I need a dynamic microphone for preferably below $100au suited for recording from my Bugera 6262-212 combo
On an FR the machine head won't really have much influence on tuning stability/intonation seeing as it's locked off at the nut. I'd ignore the warnings. Restring one at a time and cross tune as per the million and one guides out there for restringing FR style bridges.
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Hi, How Many watts will i need for a small gig?

or will i need a really powerful pa system?

answers appreciated...

If it's going to be fed through a PA system, you can probably get away with 5W valve I think (not having gigged myself but it's an opinion). Standalone it depends on what you're competing with. Probably a minimum of a 50W valve amp with another guitarist and a drummer.
One thing to point out is that both Android and iOS (I'm unsure about other smart phones) have apps with chromatic tuners, in fact UG offers a utility including one, that is a paid app but there's apps like gStrings for Android that are free. You can also get tuner apps for PC if you have a microphone or other input you can use.
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His threads are amazing. I've learned a lot, and since he's an expert, it kind of makes me come in my pants.

Yeah, pretty much the same for me when I looked over a few after you said that.

As for high end guitars, I forgot to mention my preference for Maton acoustics. I'm not sure if they have a custom shop but they make gorgeous guitars and I can't see myself ever offloading mine and it's at the bottom end of their range.
There's definitely something up if your action changes from dropping one string! That shouldn't need a truss rod adjustment.
Agreed, obvious fix is to trim off the offending edge or look at a newpickguard (could be the same problem though).
Just tighten/add springs at the back of the trem and remove the arm, that will effectively disable it.
Looks like a possible Tiesco but I'm not that experienced.
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audacity is shit stop recommending it

get reaper

this one is pretty damn good imo

Audacity is good at what it's designed for: freeware recording. Sure it's simplistic by comparison but it gets the job done.
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I've seen his build threads here, he used to be a regular in GB&C.

Oh wow, I had no clue *clicks search bar*.
I don't think you'd be looking at an ampsplosion but as above you do risk damage to your speakers. I've seen plenty of cases of people using guitar amps for bass and vice versa.
I can't say I've ever heard someone complain about a lack of hum. If they sound good does it matter what they are?
It's all opinion, generally it's not good to think of guitars by brand. All manufacturers generally make some crap guitars so take each one on it's merits. The only guitar manufacturer I'm in love with is Maton (Aussie manufacturer). I've never seen anything remotely approaching a bad guitar from them but then again you do pay for quality.
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When i do drop tunings i just tune the 6th string until its at the same pitch as the 4th, obviously an octave lower though

That's how I drop tune as well, just strike both and lower the sixth string until it harmonises, piece of cake.

There's not much point aiming for any particular standard tuning unless you've got a great ear or a string that's already in tune for reference as you can only tune all the strings to their correct relative pitch by this method.
Ormsby guitars in Perth are pretty good, can't say I've been fortunate enough to own one though:
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never been more happy that I took Latin.

Hehe, or learned one of the most famous phrases in history?
Cool, I was already looking at an SM57 (good to hear someone agree). Thanks for the advice.

Edit: I drink a lot.
Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a recording interface to explore some musical ideas with a mate and I'm thinking of connecting it to the preamp out of my Bugera 6262. First I figure that's safe and at line level right? Are there any power amp sims I could run in something like Reaper? I'm also thinking of getting a mic to get the actual sound from the amp, what's some good mics for say under $175au (I'll probably get an interface that also has XLR with phantom power)?
To troll, for those of us in English speaking countries it's mouldy. As has been said above, wet fabric is going to get mouldy so you'll need to dry it or invest in something like a hardcase or waterproofing the fabric.
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I think Dave's tone was utter shit on many of the songs. Marty does everything perfectly though.

Well realistically I think of Dave as a guitar savant. He has amazing technical ability and can string together a bunch of notes that work but seems to lack on a lot of musical concepts.
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Megadeth's Rust In Peace, Countdown to Extinction, and Youthanasia are pretty good in my opinion. Better than any of Metallica's tones

Countdown to Extinction definitely had a good tone in my mind, I never really listened to Youthanasia much but Rust in Peace's tone kind of bothers me.
When you changed strings did you change the gauge or brand? If so it will need to be setup again. Otherwise I'm thinking it's possible that the knife edge is dull (where the floyd meets the mounting studs). I used to have problems with the strings slipping at the bridge which put them out of tune too.
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I have an ibanez RG 370DXL and after a good setup the trem is alright. After some heavy use with dive bombs it drops tuning a bit but during normal playing it never drops a bit. No trem stays in tune forever even jimi hendrix retuned quite often.

Of course, Jimi had to retune all the time. You see him tune up a bunch mid set or even mid song during some of the Woodstock footage. Non locking trems go out of tune real quick if you're heavy on the bar/do dive bombs.
You'll probably need to get some more photos for people here to help. The body type definitely doesn't match either of the guitars you mentioned. The shape of the body is curiously like a bunch of bass bodies I've seen.

Get a headstock shot...presumably it's got an identifiable logo or brand name for a start, ask for a shot of the bolt-on plate if it's a bolt on neck.
I think the answer above is pretty much it, people don't know how to set them up/use them properly so they think they're terrible. I've got a guitar with a bargain basement knockoff floyd in it and even that's held well since I set it up properly.
Maybe an Epiphone G400 would be a good start, they seem pretty well built with a set neck and 2 humbuckers. Perfect for classic rock and leaves you plenty of money for an amp.
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Just because his tone "worked for what he played" doesn't mean that it isn't so trebly that it gives us a headache.

Personally I've never had a problem with it....but I imagine if I'd seen them live with those levels of amplification it would probably be quite abusive to the ear :p
To hell with the people hating on Slayer and Pantera's tone! People seem to think there's some text book sort of tone to seek out. Wouldn't it be great if all bands played to the same ideal of tone? I think not.

Dimebag's tone worked just great for what he played and his work is still iconic.

I've seen Slayer live and I thought their tone was pretty great, it was a festival so they were playing outside and I think the crowd plus the open atmosphere sapped a bit of the sound out. I thought it wasn't too far off their album tone (even though they had Gary Holt from Exodus filling in for Jeff). There's nothing horribly wrong with their tone and it makes them who they are.
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I was so pissed. My strings lasted me forever but I don't remember the brand. I had electrical problems with my guitar and when they fixed it they replaced the strings. Those broke, bought Ernie-ball (heavy gauge) two or three times and those broke, all within the past 6 months. Don't buy Ernie-ball

Nice necropost. It's more than likely you were doing something wrong there or you have burr somewhere along the string (string tee, string retainer, nut or saddle) that's causing them to break easily.

As to the topic....Elixirs are absolute win for acoustics and I used to be an advocate of DM Blue Steel for life and sound but I've since switched to Ernie Ball Slinkys as they're cheaper and more readily available.
You could always block the bridge or get a Tremel-no, the tremel-no would allow you to basically turn the tremolo on and off to facilitate a quick tuning change if you don't need to use the trem in the new tuning.
Abalone inlays would look great with that finish! Is it just me or does the carved top look shallower than your average Les Paul?
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Easier bends! Really bends are a dream on this.

Also, some people say it improves tone because you can press the bridge flat against the guitar but I haven't heard any difference in tone.

I don't know about improving the tone but it should improve the sustain I reckon, it's an interesting idea but I don't have any TOM bridge guitars so I can't try it. I'm looking at buying one soon though so I'll definitely give this a shot though.
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First off, what you need to know, and I'm sure people will battle me for this, but that's not a pinch harmonic. That's an artificial harmonic.

An Artificial Harmonic is when you kind of twist the pick and swipe the string with your thumb. Most people refer to this as a Pinch Harmonic.

A Pinch Harmonic is when you hold a chord with your fretting hand and put the index finger of your picking hand on the fretboard very lightly, as if to do a natural harmonic, and pluck with your thumb, to get a harmonic.

Copied and pasted from a thread last week.

I think that's completely reversed... But I am a self taught idiot. To the guy comparing 6505 to VT30 for pinch harmonics, I'm thinking perhaps it could just be the EQ because you do need to play with it a bit to bring out the right harmonics and it will be different for every amp/guitar combo.
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I've played in drop D a few times for MUSE stuff mostly but other stuff too. I've never put any of the other strings out of tune though. Then a minute ago I just saw this thread about Drop Bb tuning. How low does it go?

I had a 6 string guitar that I bought set up in B standard, I didn't mind it but the pickups on it didn't respond well to the lower frequencies so I set it up for D standard instead which opened up the tone a lot. I would go down to B standard again but probably no lower, it would have to be on a guitar that suited the frequencies though.
I'd say at a completely out of my arse guess, probably $400-$500. Couple hundred for the Kahler and a couple hundred to install it. They only need top routing which does make it simpler. Bear in mind this is just from stuff I've read, I have never owned or installed a Kahler trem.