After checking closely, the warble is actually happening everywhere on the first string except for frets 2,3,4, and past 15. I'm using super slinkies. Do you think changing the strings will help?
Hey y'all, I purchased a Lefty Hagstrom Swede last year, sounded great. I went to get it set up 6 months ago because I was noticing a warble (like a tremolo effect) on my 1st string, particularly on and around the ninth fret, it went away for a while, but now its back. i tried lowering my bridge pickup but its still noticeable. Can someone help me out?
Well I'm not picky about getting JP's exact tone, I just want something similar.
Hello all. I've been playing guitar for three years using a 15w spyder III (yeah I know it sucks), and I feel its time to switch to something better. I play a Hagstrom Swede, and I'm really into John Petrucci's tone (specifically during the Systematic Chaos album). My budget is $800 USD, any recommendations would be appreciated!
Thanks for the comments! Now that I realize it, i wouldn't have it any other way.

I didn't mention this at first, but I started playing the guitar right-handed, mostly because of availability (right-handed guitar in my family). I didn't notice anything wrong with my learning speed, until i decided to buy a cheapy Target model and flip the nut. If I remember correctly, I surpassed a couple of weeks of learning right handed in just a day! Well, I'm convinced

Also, the left-handed Swede that Hagstrom manufactures is great. I bought myself a goldtop Swede a month ago. Its a dream
Here's my opinion:
I agree with what others have said so far-- some of the rhyming feels forced and there's not too much going on in terms of plot. I feel that in order to capture the reader's/listener's attention you need to present them a story. Also, i think this piece would benefit from a break from form, vary your diction and sentence length. Good luck!

Critique mine : Plastic Beach W.I.P.
Why do my eyes:

Blind me from the pure inner being
Steal love and skew it's meaning
I choose you
But I can't
Find the feeling

The plastic doll
Next door has stolen my

There was no fight
Take me to the plastic beach
And I'll show you blissful summer nights

Ill introduce you to Victoria
Jen and Lucy Lou
Ill show you Pitt, Ben and Clooney too

Plastic beach
Tell em what we are
There's no silly love
Just fresh grown dolls

Thanks in advance for the critiques!
read the title . Any style is fine. Thanks!
So I've been playing guitar for about one year. I consider myself to be pretty good, I've gotten to know many of the scales and modes and have had good practice with them.

My question is: Would you still recommend me switching to right-handed guitar? I mean, guitars are cheaper, and there's a much bigger amount of guitars available to the public.

It'd be great if someone who's made a similar change tell me how long it takes.