I have a Marshall MG30FX guitar amp and was wondering if it would work as a bass amp?
k. thanks for the help
ok i got a few good drumbeats down, now how do i add it to my recordings?
i've heard lots of guitar material w/video that has a repetitive drumbeat in the background to go along with the guitar. i was wondering: is that like a download or something? or is someone actually playing drums. i'm trying to find out so my material won't sound so bad
the amp i have is a Fender SP-10 (it's my first one til i can afford a better one). i'm hoping to get a Marshall MG30FX for either my birthday or Christmas
i listen to Kiss. it's my #1 favorite band and i get a lot of shit for it. people always tell me "they're gay" or "they suck" or things like that. what people don't realize is that without them, a majority of bands around today that everyone loves wouldn't be here
i'm getting an ESP LTD Viper-100fm next week and was wondering which pickups would be best for it. i'm going for a Black Sabbath (w/Dio) sound. i'm still new to all the gear talk and all that, so if you have any suggestions, explain why they'd be good and what kind of sound they give. thank you.
i knew that much, i just need to know how to upload them onto my computer. i'm stumped on that one. i knew i was forgetting to mention that part. my bad
I'm trying to find a way to upload my work onto my profile, but I don't know how. It's really been frustrating me. Please help. It's really confusing and frustrating
i got an Ibanez Gio GSZ120 named Hellcaster