have you considered an engl amp?
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I can't decide between the two, I checked both out at GC and it was so damn loud in there because of some dickwad playing a spider 3 so loud right next to me I couldn't hear much. (This kid didn't even know how to play either) Anyways, I got the chance to try the vox VT30 (brand new model! 22 amp models + tons of other things) and hardly a peavey vypyr (I think i got a hold of the 15w.)

Both create great sound but the vypyr was hard to figure out and really get a feel for in 15 minutes.

I'm going to be playing mainly: Rush, Boston, GnR, possible Zeppelin, metallica, pantera, and some other metal. For the most part though, classic rock.

I'd like to be able to use a exclusive pedal (I.E. sanpera footpedal) but I don't know of a vox one.

Can anyone help me decide???

VOX has the VFS5 foot switch, which allows users to turn effects on/off, switch between presets, and other cool things while playing.

VOX has an awesome lead and an amazing clean sound, while the Vypyr dominates in terms of a rhythm amp. So for your kinds of music, I reccomend the VOX. One thing, though, is that I use the VOX and my friend uses the Vypyr, and they really sound good together.
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