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What would you recommend?

I personally roll with smoke screen with the rune to increase movement speed, because of the way hit detection works (once the enemy's animation starts you are already hit) vault won't save you in many situations, SS seems to ignore this fact basically gives you a guaranteed dodge if you time it right, it also allows you to escape from being jailed or frozen which is really nice in later difficulties.
Crappy quality version of new song Liquid Fire

Not sure what to think so far, the melodic parts and vocals are pretty good but everything else sounds sort of bland to me.
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I hope its nothing too serious

I haven't heard anything official yet but rumor is that he broke his arm.
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I have a theory that its actually Mikael making these videos as an outlet for his obvious love of hair metal, whoever is making them is putting WAY more effort into the music than the average parody.
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I wouldn't worry too much, people tend to give bad descriptions of songs on these track by track things.
Not sure if this is the right place for this considering he isn't in the band anymore but Jeff Loomis's next solo album Plains of Oblivion is coming out in a couple days and is now online. So far I'm finding this a lot easier to get into than Zero Order Phase, still tons of crazy (sometimes pointless) shredding but there's a much more diverse selection of songs and tons of great guest parts to mix things up.
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Completely agreed. I think if they mixed the technical songwriting of The Link with the scope and catchy riffage of From Mars To Sirius with their current sound they could come up with a very solid record. Unfortunately, the last song I've heard frmo Gojira, the one with Devin Townsend giving guest vocals, was most probably the worst Gojira song I've ever heard.

I wasn't too impressed with that song either, considering how long they're taking to put out the EP I'm hoping they just haven't been putting too much effort into it and are saving all of their good material for the album.
Looks like you asked a few days early, album titled L'Enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child) to be released June 26
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Oh, and plus, its LOU REED and METALLICA not METALLICA and LOU REED. God, dont blame Metallica.

but...Metallica's parts suck just as much as Lou Reed's....

I know metal fans aren't exactly stereotyped to be the smartest people in the world but I think the majority of them know enough about music to figure out who should be blamed for what, especially when it comes to a disaster like Lulu.
Tasteless but I don't see how this deserves to be news.
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The one thing that redeemed the second one was the dog, he was the star of that film hands down!

The dog was okay but was completely outclassed by the pool cleaner.
You know this album is actually sort of entertaining in the same way that watching a really really bad movie can be entertaining.
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All I'll say on this one is the kinetic barrier and typhoon lvl 2 are your friends.

^This^ I didn't find much use for typhoon normally but it is very good against bosses. There may not be many of them but considering hard they are and how the game forces you into a head on battle with all of them its probably worth getting.
Rock Band 3 came out last year and it changed nothing, when it comes down to it the people who are willing to spend the time to learn guitar will continue to do so while people looking for shortcuts will quit out of frustration. I seriously doubt a video game with very little mainstream attention which is part of a quickly dying genre is going to create any more wannabe guitarists than there are now.
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The retarded first one

Just run to the corner rooms and hide the best you can, when he comes close run to the one on the opposite side and repeat, if you're having fun with this one just wait till the really retarded second boss.
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I never read the last book of The Dark Tower series cause I didn't want it to end

So I know that feel bro

Oh the irony...


It doesn't, I don't really remember the story that much since I read the series in middle school but Roland ends up getting transported back to the beginning of the journey and the series ends on the same sentence the first book began on.

*End Spoiler*
As much as I absolutely despise the view I have to admit that there are a couple of songs that sound like they could be decent enough, brandenburg gate and to a lesser extent iced honey sound like the only tracks where Metallica and Lou Reed actually seem to complement each other on some level. Dragon, Little Dog, and Junior Dad sound alright but I doubt Metallica's influence will add to them and like Rimfrost mentioned pumping blood and mistress dead just sound terrible.
Thirteen song clips and not one memorable riff in any of them, best songs that I heard were the re-recorded ones. It sounds like Dave is trying to go in more of a hard rock direction like morphogenesis hinted at and it just doesn't work, I like Dave's voice and all but it isn't strong enough to carry the band (especially during new world order, wtf happened with the first half of that clip).
...and to think I was proud of beating it in around 15 hours
I'd say this is a huge step up from their first album, not that it was bad at all but there was way too much djenty/shreddy filler along with a couple riffs that were repeated way too much for my tastes. It seems that Tosin cut most of the crap this time leaving all the great riffs and weird experimental stuff that made the s/t great but with a lot less purely chugging riffs and a lot more variation.

Edit: I want to listen to it again but I can't stop listening to an Infinite Regression and Odessa over and over
Those don't look like they are designed to go in your ears...
I never really enjoyed cynic for their metal elements anyways, all of the "heavy" moments in focus sound out of place to me so I like this direction they are going in with their new stuff, can't wait to hear the rest of the EP.
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Hey guys, I have a problem with how I would go around solving this. I haven't taken physics since freshman year high school. Please help?

Two balls are thrown with the same speed, but at different angles. Ball 1 is thrown at θ1 = 45o above the horizontal and ball 2 is thrown at θ2 = 60o above the horizontal. Ball 1 is caught after a time t1, and ball 2 is caught after a time t2. Find the ratio t1/t2. Assume that the balls are caught at the same height as they are thrown.

Use your projectile motion equation in the y direction and solve for time
Final velocity for each should be zero once it reaches its max height, the total time that is spent in the air should actually be 2t for when it comes back down but this should cancel out along with the velocity after taking a ratio
0=vi(Use your angles to find the velocity in the y direction)-9.8t (gravity obviously)

ball 1

ball 2

I believe this is right, I'm not amazing at physics either but I took dynamics over the summer so I hope I'm not too rusty already
Full album floating around now. It seems that Stu is the only one really pulling his weight so far, all the songs are catchy and enjoyable but most lack Jon Schaffer's crazy riffs that made Iced Earth so enjoyable in their early years.
I loved CTE, it may not have been an awesome as Rust in Peace but for a more commercial album it stayed pretty true to their style and was just as consistent as the albums before it. I like Dave's style but constant pentatonic shredding gets old after a while, Marty had a much more interesting and unique style. I liked Chris Poland as a lead guitarist too but I find Marty's solos show more taste and restraint.
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In a way I think it's cool because when I listen to music, I generally listen to one of the studio albums by whatever band it is I'm listening to... rarely do I find myself diggin around my playlist for the bonus tracks. Maybe I just like the continuity an album provides, as opposed to the little blip that one gets from an EP or something. Having some of the older tunes worked into the album format makes it a bit easier to hear these songs. I know that seems kinda stupid, but whatever.

One more thing; most everyone here agrees that the Megadeth put out more quality material back in their heyday, so what's wrong w/ pulling some of that awesome material & releasing it instead of writing new stuff that people are going to slag on anyway? Seems to me Dave's just giving the fans what they want... old school Megadeth. So ya get some old school, some new stuff & the best of both worlds. Nothin' wrong with that if ya ask me.

I don't have any problem with bands releasing old material (not sure how many people here will appreciate the reference but it works great for Radiohead), I'd feel much more comfortable with it though if it were something he was doing every album instead of just this one. It seems like there's been a huge influx of rehashed material and when the first "original" songs that are being released don't even sound original then it doesn't bode well for the rest of the album.
Dark Souls is definitely much much more difficult than Demon Souls IMO, still the same amount of fairness but it is even more unforgiving than DS. I'm a bit more than halfway through the game now and I hate to say it but things just get worse and worse as you get further. As bad as the Gargoyles and some of the early bosses they are nothing compared to the bosses that are coming, not to mention some of the levels are ridiculously hard to navigate.

*boss spoiler warning*
The biggest trouble I've had so far are the bosses for Anor Londo, you have to fight a very fast moving knight with a spear and a giant with a hammer at the same time, after you kill one the other becomes much much more powerful and comes back at full health, it's virtually impossible without the help of a phantom
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Based on the music he started playing after leaving megadeth & his own take on it that's documented in their Behind The Music it's safe to say that this is not the reason Marty left the band. In fact, it's almost the exact opposite of what you wrote...

I'd say that Music for Speeding and Loudspeaker were both heavier than Risk. His statement may not have been 100% true but that's what I've heard and I think Dave even mentioned something about it in his biography. There were other reasons too mainly related to money and the band overall not getting along very well.
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I wonder where that influence came from.

If you read some interviews from Dave Mustaine and look at his overall career history its no surprise that they went in the direction they did. Dave has always wanted to beat Metallica and after the popularity of TBA he knew the only possible way to get that sort of popularity was to water down his music and thus Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia came about.

According to his biography Risk/Cryptic Writings were written in a crappy part of his life and he let himself get talked into writing some really radio friendly stuff by the record labels without much of a fight. In the end Marty left because at the time he didn't think the stuff that Dave wrote was heavy enough.

Dave is way too much of an egomaniac in general to let someone, even someone as skilled as Marty, drastically change the type of music he writes.
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dude, Polands solos on the demos sound nothing like martys solos. all of martys solos on that album were written by him, including hangar 18. If you cant hear the difference you need a new pair of ears. they might sound similar in some points, but thats because theyre written following a damn root.

about what you think of the solos is your opinion, but your the only person Ive heard say the tornado of souls solo was "OK at best", five magics was "decent", and lucretia "pales compared to the other albums". everyone else says theyre superb.

Seriously, Lucretia and Five Magics are my second and third favorite songs on the album. I don't think Marty had anything to do with Megadeth going downhill too, in case you need a history lesson look at pretty much any thrash band's output past the mid 90's, they all went downhill because they ran out of good material and thrash was dying out.
RIP that guy
I do remember him being pretty entertaining in the movies I've seen him in
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My last ticket was for going 110 in a 45 zone, but the cop bumped it down from automatic suspension to the fine for 60 in a 45 zone because it was 2 am.

Lucky you, my last ticket was at 1 in the morning going 90 in a 65 zone (freeway) and i got a 400$ ticket :/
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*Checks own order*

Dispatch Estimate: 6 Oct 2011

Delivery Estimate: 8 Oct 2011

... If their estimate has it arriving late, WHY THE **** DONT THEY DISPATCH A DAY EARLIER


Think of the bright side, you'll probably die 100x less than me since there might actually be a chance of people being in every area you travel to and information on the internet if you are stuck.
You seriously went to the pit for this?
I don't get why how a band dresses should affect how much you like music, I can understand not liking black metal but there are much better reasons to hate the genre other than "the bands look stupid".
Most black metal fans don't take the anti-god, church burning, ridiculous dressing parts of black metal seriously but enjoy the music nonetheless.
Somebody must new to this whole "internet" thing... expecting metal fans to defend metallica? seriously?

That being said I really used to love them in my teenage years, first four albums are pretty damn awesome no matter what anybody says.
To everybody asking about the co-op in dark souls there is co-op but it will be with completely random people that you will have no way to communicate with in battle. When it comes to communication in dark souls the developers apparently went as far as exiting you out from the game if you even go into chat with one of your friends.