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real talk I'm at least two orders of magnitude smarter than you

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So where the f*ck have you been?

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PSA against drug use

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There's a rumour going around that you can actually Log Out of UG somehow but idk mang you should look into it

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even me?

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Can you be more specific? I don't fully understand how much scum I am.

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Excuse me: THE point. This isn't even an opinion. Pure fact.
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No, but I'm very interested to see how it turns out.

Keep us posted.

EDIT: may help if you haven't already stumbled upon it.

Just be careful once it's all ready, give it it's respect.
I don't think they search for psychs in drug tests.

At least not pee tests, idk about hair.
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Its weird, when i think Tobacco i think synthetic, not natural. Probably due to all the shit thats added to it
Would probably feel a whole lot different smoking pure tobacco

Yeah you can tell. I bought a bag of Top and smoked a lot of it at night and the next day I felt so nasty/tingly all over my body + lots of craving for more. Like I just felt unclean inside. I threw it out and got some American Spirit Tobacco...none of that nastiness and the craving is way less.

They're definitely adding stuff in there thats way more addictive than tobacco is and there's definitely some nasty shit in there. But even American Spirit I'm pretty sure lies on its label. Even though they say no additives, their free-base nicotine levels are one of the highest amongst brands...and freebasing the nicotine is done by adding idk
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btw, deadsmiley, i'm making horchata now

Cosmic gold trav

The ancestors speak.
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tbh, weed is probably most likely to be "kid shit" cos that's the drug everyone starts doing in high school and eventually gives up when they become adults

My buddy who was born in India said that weed there is considered kid shit. It's either hash or some kind of concentrated drink called bhang if it's gonna be weed. The real men do opium and cocaine.
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What exactly is it like to have a bad trip?

Anxiety, fear, worry, your subconscious "demons" coming into your reality.

This ^

You'll save hassle and money by just getting a cigarette bat or something.
Explain to her exactly what's on your mind.

I'm sure the same things you're thinking ring in her head all the time. Sometimes it takes someone else's word to really make it stick though.
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i took two and so did my friend and we didn't feel too much, especially him, but i also smoked some good green and went to the hookah bar


Really? I took two after some smoking and felt awesome. Then 30 minutes later I took 2 more and ended up put everything away and just lying down in bliss unable to move.
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yeah i dunno, but i'm about to order a big ol bag soon. like this week. probably not from amazon though.

PM me a good kratom vendor?

Also RCs if you know?

EDIT: Those kava candies are great.
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i'm actually serious. It's weird, i know.

Any time I've taken vyvanse it's made me sleepy, but right before it actually kicks in.
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kava candy.

PM me where to get some?
I woke up this morning with my charger in my soup.
Oh I woke up this morning with my charger in my soup.
Only have 20 percent left, oh Lord what am I gonna do?
I only have 20 percent left, oh Lord what am I gonna do?

These past few days, man they've been such a heap
These past few days, man they've been such a heap
Oh lord tell me why tell me why
You let my filthy luck catch me in my sleep.

**** man, my charger.
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^ haha waddup bob haven't seen you round these parts in a second

Not much man. Same old except I'm doing the uni thing. How are you dude?

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Shit I hate to hear that. I remember that guy. I'm assuming he was shooting up? How did y'all find out?

I don't mean to bring up bad memories so sorry if I did/am

I'm not sure, but I remember when he started getting into it he'd snort it.

It's crazy how it took over though. Before H and coke, he was prescribed Addy and Kpins, which he would take XR addy in the morning and then benzos throughout the day and then at night to sleep. He'd even start taking the addy at nights mixed with benzos and stay up all night high.

That stopped working out and he did the same self medication with harder drugs. Coke in the morning, H at night. Be careful dudes.

Keep in mind the first concoction was prescribed by and under the supervision of a doctor.
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hey, guys, I have a need for some life advice. my fiance and I smoked together everyday through our relationship and as we're getting busier and the town is getting dryer, it's no longer something we can rely on doing often. we have been working out/lifting together and doing other things (he's picked the drums back up so we've been jammin), but because we're pressed on time I really do miss being able to roll up a spliff and have a quick smoke session with him in between our shifts. we also used to trip together about once a month, sometimes even once a week, and now there's no acid or time. I miss walking around town for hours and making out and giggling and holing away somewhere for the night.

have you gone through this and do you have suggestions of other things we (or the two of us individually) can do to help transition?

It's just time for both of you to do your work/busy stuff. The ganja and psychs will come back when it's time.
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how benzos? It's hard. I honestly have had some anxiety in the past and wanted to get a benzo script, but when I brought it up with my doctor he clearly leaned toward getting therapy and seeing specialists and things, and said he wanted to avoid prescribing anything for it.

Check pm.
No, how can you get better at it if you don't practice making songs?

Just don't put your mindset into "I'm done and just songwriting now." Keep your mind open to still learning new things and then with those things you've learned practice your song writing.
In n Out.

Double Double-Animal Style, no pickles.
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what kinds? I'd love to have a "shaman" garden someday and DMT plants would be a great addition
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I feel like it is the ritalin helping and xanax would not do much or maybe decrease the effectiveness?

The xanax would get rid of some of the icky sideffects of the ritalin since it was a low dose.
I think two on a sugar cube for my first time.
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anyone here have experience with those home drug tests? are they reliable? any recommendations for a brand?

^Yo Trav i just found out Deltron is sold out

Like the dipsticks?

Yeah they work. I mean I've only used them for weed, but yeah they work fine and will give you right results unless you do something to your piss like bleach/dilution.
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I'm fairly sure most hashes are ready-to-eat as is

I've heard this too. Is this true? If so how?
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damn. is it too risky to do a CWE and take 2 more pills this way? i would rather not, but i'm in a lot of pain and i have a test at 8am tomorrow morning so im worried i wont be able to sleep because of pain.

I don't think so.

At the end of the CWE you're left with only the opiates right? Isn't that the point?
So you can't enjoy it :p

And you should be fine.

I was reading a bit and according to grasscity 7g is lethal for 7% of hopefully you're not in that %. But they were sick/weak...10g for most humans.
Man, just quit banning him.

Unless he does something really wrong like put his balls on cam or just trolls, there's no reason to ban him.
Maybe you're just older/bigger.
I have some shitty one-take tunes if anyone would like to hear