Guess I did forget to mention that! I'd like to keep my budget between 200-500, but honestly, the cheaper it is, the better.
Well, I'm headed off to college in just a month, and after working all summer I decided I could treat myself to a new acoustic. The only problem is I'm not sure what I would want exactly.

I'm torn between a "travel" guitar (like the martin backpacker) to have something easy to take to college, a 12-string, or an acoustic-electric Ovation.

Now I know all of these guitars are very different, but I'm simply not sure what would be the smartest idea for me. I'd like the backpacker simply because of the portability and cheap price; it wouldn't be a big deal to cart to college and back. If I would get the 12 string, I'm not sure how I'd feel about playing on that all the time as I only plan on taking on guitar. The Ovation would be convenient just because of it's shallower body and the fact that it's acoustic-electric. Overall, I just want to know if you guys have experience with any of these guitars and can help steer me in the right direction. Thanks!
If any of you guys add me, I'll play some ranked (if you're good :P). Currently Silver III, and I main jungle and adc. JFranko is my username.
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Listening now. I personally like it. It definitely sounds a lot like The Wonder Years, and I don't think the drums are bad at all. It's not pop-punk like blink-182 or anything, but it does remind me of some of the newer stuff I listen to.

The songs do sound really similar, and that's my only gripe, but they are pretty well written anyway. I thought it was all pretty good, though. Keep it up.

If you get a minute, can you C4C my stuff?
Neat intro. I like the second part that's a little more folky-sounding. Interesting chord choices, they sound nice and fit well. The little guitar lead just before a minute is cool. I like the drums, the beat sounds really nice and fits well. 1:50 feels like it'd be really big when it's actually recorded. The motif that you play throughout gets kind of overused, but I understand that's kind of in the style of it. 4:10 is good, the little breaks are good and the solo fits. Good song, keep it up.
1. Yolo
2. Swag
3. Cray
4. Yoloswag
5. Solowag
6. Swagolo
7. Crayola
8. Swolocray
9. Crololay
Just finished writing this last night, like the title says I'll C4C!

Your mix sounds superb, the mood it sets is just nice. The synth adds a nice layer to it as well, and the vocals fit well over it. It's really ambient and space-y sounding. Your voice fits nicely as well, I like how it sounds, and I like the little licks you threw in. I really dig the guitar tone, actually, it's so chill sounding. Great song overall, keep it up man!
Listening to it now.

I like the guitar tone, the part at :30 has a nice feel to it, it's catchy and well written. Your vocals sound good as well, all the layers really give it a nice depth. The song is really well written, and the lyrics are nice as well. The bridge is good, I like that a lot. My only complaint is you could probably make it a little longer, but otherwise it sounds awesome! Keep it up man!
Thank you guys for the reviews! I feel like my guitar wasn't intonated properly, as I did just jump up in string gauges, so I'll have to go about re-recording those leads, haha. Thanks for the constructive criticism !
Listening to your first song now (Broken Tele)

I really dig that piano intro, sounds really nice. Your voice also sounds good, it really fits the vibe I was getting from it. Song was a little on the short side, but it was sweet and to the point.

In your second song, I really like that guitar tone! The atmosphere that you created in it's really nice. Harmonies are spot on, sounds good. The little lead bits are good. The chorus is great! Absolutely love it, haha!

I really like your work, I'm just going to download your album!

C4C if you're not busy? ?
I'm listening to "Looking for Clues" right now.

The intro has a lot of power to it, the synths are all really full and "heavy" sounding almost. The intro voice has an interest atmosphere to it, it fits well. The only thing I don't like is it sounds like there's a china cymbal? I don't really feel like that fits, but it's not terrible. The little bridge at 2:20~ or so breaks up the monotony a bit.

Overall, it's a pretty well recorded song, but I feel like it needs a bit of variation to keep it interesting. Keep it up man!
Thank you so much!

I'd really like to look at the tab, but I don't have gp6. If anyone could convert this to gp5, I'd really appreciate it.
Just listened, and it's your pretty typical metalcore song, nothing too groundbreaking. I think I'd enjoy it more if the screams were a bit lower, the higher mid kind of sound feels a little forced I think? The song itself isn't bad, but I feel like a different scream (and real drums!) would make it sound a bit more enticing.

Thanks in advance for checking this out! Leave a crit and a link and I'll return the favor asap!
I'll start by saying I've always been a fan of yours and you have some really damn catchy lyrics and melodies. Anyway, listening..

Really simple lead, but really catchy to start it off, haha. You always have good drum beats, too, really nice. Typical chorus from you, so bright and happy and just overall fun sounding. Verse and chorus again, still good and stuck in my head. I really like the bridge, when the vocals and drums come in it sounds awesome. I also like how you lead into the chorus, that's such a massive buildup. I like the outro as well, just hope that the crowd sings along with you!

Awesome piece, I wouldn't expect any less out of you!

I really like the chord progression you used, and even if it is slightly generic, it's nice. The vocal melody flows really well and has a nice tone to it. I really like the tension the part following the intro builds, and it releases really well too. It sounds very good, keep it up!

Thanks man! I really appreciate it. I do have lyrics written for it, but I prefer to just keep them in a notebook and write them whenever I feel motivated, then just put the melody in to remember it, haha. Thanks again for the crit, did you have something you wanted me to listen for you?
Decided to try something new, and this came out. I'l gladly C4C if you leave a link and at least attempt to crit :P.

Was just watching some of your videos, and damn, you can play.
Listening now.

I like your tone, it really fits the song well. Playing is really tight and clean, nothing wrong as far as i can hear. 1:47, nice, haha. I'd definitely like to hear your guitar a bit more, that's probably my only negative comment. It just feels like it's drowned out a bit and hard to really hear. Other than that, great cover, sounds good man.


Recorded this a few months back and decided I should give it another go. Leave a link and a decent crit and I'll gladly return one to you!
I prefer to write all my drums out in Tuxguitar and then import the midi tracks to reaper, but that's just personal preference. If you already use that or have guitar pro, that works like a charm.
Listening now.

The tone is really good on it, it's very close, but just a bit off. Maybe too much gain? Your playing is really tight as well. Try to clean up the breakdown with your picking; it just just a little off beat. Second time around though it was spot on, haha. Your pinch harmonics are also pretty damn sweet. Overall, a really good cover with just a tiny issue with picking in the first breakdown. Good job man!

I have no problem with restrained, relaxed religious people, but the ones that shove it down my throat and try to force me to believe I can't stand.

I'm with you ts, I think religion is pretty much here to give an excuse on what we don't know. That's why the Egyptians had their gods. If someone believed there was a rain god in the modern day, they'd be ridiculed because we know better. Right now, we can't tell what happens after death; religion answers that.

Just my two cents.
Just recorded this last night for something to do, send me a link and I'll crit you back as soon as I can.


5/5, well played, well played.
Your tone seems a little harsh and trebly, but not too bad. Playing is very clean, you played all the riffs and licks really well. Sweeping is a little messy in some parts, but still pretty tight. Chugging is really tight in rhythm and everything. I really liked the part around 1:25, that lead is really smooth and executed well. You transition very well between parts as well, going from chordal stuff to riffing to leads to chugging, that's quite impressive. Overall, a very, very good cover!

Nice atmosphere, good choice of synths. I really liked the main melody one, sounds like a really smooth, glassy tone. The string synth is pretty cool as well, added a lot to the creepy feel. The percussion really solidified that, was pretty heavy and scary almost as it came in, like a heartbeat. I'm not sure what the low, bassy synth is, but it fit well. The harmonies and everything else really made it sound creepy, haha. Very good quality, and very scary :P.
Listening now.

Very clean tapping, no mistakes or weird funky notes going on. Next riff is very solid, good transitions between the lower riffing and higher chords. Tapping again is flawless, I'm jealous, haha. Good breakdown-esque riff, you have really good timing and rhythm as well. Ending breakdown is good, really heavy and you executed all those little licks perfectly. Got me into a new band as well!


Just was testing out my new VSTs, I used Native Instruments Guitar Rig and EZdrummer for drums. Vocals are pretty bad, you can probably tell I'm not much of a singer >_>. Leave a link and I'll gladly C4C. Thanks!

EDIT: pushed the drums up in the mix a bit!
Jesus christ what did I just walk into. I listened to metalcore a lot a few years ago, but recently, metalcore has gone to shit. I'm sorry, but there's no avoiding that. There just aren't any new bands doing something that sets them apart. I even find myself skipping over the songs I used to love when I was like 14. It's a stagnant genre. Even a lot of the "better" metalcore (like August Burns Red or something) has been really predictable and generic lately. Hate to break it to you, but the genre is dying.
Not exactly my cup of tea, but it's a solid cover. You were on time and didn't have and problems with rhythm or whatnot. I liked your little "sound effect" things you did, they sounded great, ha. I also liked that you didn't just stand still; you looked like you enjoyed playing the music and had fun, and I love seeing a person actually groove instead of sit there like a statue! Tone even was really good, it fit the song well and didn't sound out of place. Overall, great cover!

I wish I could give you some criticism here, but there's really nothing wrong with this. All the leads were clean, those harmonics were better than the album, and your rhythm is really tight too! The little solo lick in there was probably the only thing that sounded a little messy, but honestly, it didn't even sound bad, just shreddy. Your solo was really good too, all the bends were spot on! Your tone fit the song well, and it was just an overall great cover.

Thanks for checking it out, I just threw it together today to try out my new computer! I'll obviously c4c, just post a link and I'll get right back to you!
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