The album is also available on Amazon MP3! And a bunch of other sites.
I released an album called Rise Before Dawn. Here's the link: The album is available for download on Itunes now! The album is primarily acoustic, stripped-down, grunge style songs. All originals. Recommended if you like Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters unplugged.

Just want to get the word out there! Check it out! If you do buy the album Please Please Please email me here to let me know. You can also check out my youtube page for more original songs, covers and what not.
Wolf Dog Moon is also on facebook!

Wolf Dog Moon
Playing Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes!
baby im gonna leave you is fingerpicked. learn fingerpicking. (travis picking) just go to youtube and there's someone who will have an instructional vid! Also, you need to fret the E string with your thumb for songs like redhouse. so learn the jimi chords. the songs you're talking use blues penatonic scales and triads, double stops, and hammerons. so learn how to do all those. a lot of red house is improvisation based on blues scales and double stops...perhaps I should do an instructional vid on redhouse on youtube. stay tuned.
Best: Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden (Always), Dave Matthews Band (Of Course) John Mayer (Heavier Things) Foo Fighters, Audio Slave, and did I say Pearl Jam?

Worst: Nickleback (That song about wanting to be rich rockstars is so lame and stupid) Green Day for obvious reasons, their albums are like trash with one or two gems, Kings of Leon...I am just not sure they seem fake...I don't know, just not genuine, somewhat like a modern day monkeys... I don't know. Closer is a cool song. I guess the jury is still out on them for me, I just don't like music or musicians who are not completely genuine. Did they write those songs? Someone set me straight if I am wrong about Kings of Leon.
I don't know if I can help but I'll try and I know the chords you are talking about, the Jimi chords (triads) lol...I have very small hands and can fret all of Jimi's chords no problem. Just do not strain yourself trying to play them! Make sure your hand is relaxed and you are more focused on where you fingers are (use the full fret space/width) versus how to position your arm, or whatever you're talking about with your wrist. The thumb mutes the A string anyway in Jimi's chords, so just focus on fretting the bottom string with your thumb and freestyling the triads a la Jimi, because that's what he does anyway...I guess my main point here is : make sure you are doing everything in a comfortable way, don't force the chord. What I do sometimes is grab the thumb/bottom string first then play the triads, it may be a cheat, but I notice that Jimi plays the bass note on the bottom string first then just plays the triads...

if you want to try some really crazy Jimi chord, then try playing Neon by John Mayer! Although I recommend adjusting that particular chord unless you really do have huge hands like Mayer, Hendrix or Cobain.
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I dig your Zero Chance cover. In light of my previous Better Man comment, for some reason I think Soundgarden songs transfer better to acoustic-guitar-songs than Pearl Jam tunes.

I would agree with you. Pearl Jam songs are hard play solo on acoustic. They have a GROUP type sound, where as sound garden songs are written with an acoustic version in mind. I think most of Chris Cornell's songs started on acoustic. If you listen to the acoustic version of Burden in my Hand, it is just as awesome as the Soundgarden full version. Better Man works as a solo acoustic song, but I tend not to play acoustic covers of Pearl Jam's songs as much.

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They lost some of the funkiness, but got way more diverse. There have been less loose jammy songs over time though. I rate Vitalogy, No Code and Yield very highly all the same. Since Yield perhaps the quality has dropped a little, but the albums have still had some real highlights and been consistently enjoyable so
Those are good albums. My favorites are:
Pearl Jam (Self-titled)
No Code
I am a huge PJ fan. Always will be. WDM. Check out my covers on youtube. And I also write original tunes. Just check them out on my UG page. Pearl Jam is one of my biggest influences.

I will check it out! Check out my UG page!
Uploaded a new song I wrote yesterday. It is about the wanderer spirit in all of us, and finding love no matter who you are, rich or poor. And how one can find solace in simple pleasures just on the side of the road, picking blackberries. I lost someone very dear to my heart yesterday, and so now think of her every time I play this song.
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You are great

Thank you!
Here are the ones I love to play:
"Days go By" "till Summer comes around" "Sweet Thing" "Only you can love me this way" by Keith Urban "People are Crazy" Billy Currington "That's what I love about sunday" by craig morgan. "fast cars and freedom" by rascall flatts.
Check out my original songs on ultimate here: or you can check out some awesome covers and more original music on youtube here: and also can be come a fan on facebook by searching for Wolf Dog Moon. I hope to offer songs from bandcamp soon, so stay tuned for news and info. Also, send me a friend request and don't forget to subscribe. Many of my songs are in the demo stage, so I'd like people to check them out.
learned by going to concerts, reading guitar mags, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, and YOU TUBE! No teachers. That's self-taught.
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I really loved my Breedlove; but I haven't found another one that carries that same tone and I had to sell it to pay some bills (terrible decision, but necessary).

I realize that if I had time to save up money it would put me in the "healthier" bracket... but unfortunately I'm stuck in this range as this is just the money I got back from my Grad School for my fellowship.

Thoughts are greatly appreciated. I'll trying some of the Seagull Jumbos for sure. All Solid isn't a priority. To be frank, I don't care what its made of as long as I love the tone. I'm not professional musician, I play for myself... so as long as I like it, its no big deal. I am playing around at different stores, as the GC has all guitars with horrid strings on it. the ParkWood I was playing had strings that were ridiculously old.

I really liked the tone of the Parkwood; but I can't find anything about them on the internet. No reviews, no comments, nothing. Makes me a bit hesitant.

I have tried out some Taka's... they've been very hit and miss. I've played one that sounded pretty good... but the others have all sounded dull and played pretty weakly due to action problems.

I'm going to keep shopping around. I've never been a fan of Guild Guitars... and I would like to avoid a used guitar. I've already had bad luck with those.

I'll check out Parlor and BlueRidge as well.

Thanks everyone (except you Kyrl)

Parkwood is a Guitar Center Store brand, and made by Cort guitar company. Parkwoods are made in Korea, I think. At the 2 Guitar Centers I go to, the strings were old as well. As a guitar, it sounds great and is all solid wood, back sides, and top and looks attractive, but with a open satin finish, it is not overstated. It is in a weird price range 599-799 which no other guitar with similar specs is in. It is like a catch-22 as a guitar, if that makes sense. It is an affordable, solid wood guitar, with great craftmanship, sounds good, but is often overlooked for brand names and american-made guitars. Does that make sense?
You're in a tough price range, because you will find it difficult to find an all-solid wood (name brand like Taylor or Martin) guitar new at $1000. I've tried a ton of guitars, including the ones that you have, and here are some of my thoughts:

$1000 can fetch you a name like Martin, Taylor, or Breedlove, but won't be all solid wood, just top, the sides will be laminate. The Taylor 214ce is a great guitar for $999, the sides are lamenant wood. The guitar sounds bright and feels well-made. I've tried the Breedlove that is priced at $1000 (Atlas Dr 25). The action was high, which I do not like, but the salesman said that can be adjusted, still, it did not sound as good as I would hope, but is an attractive guitar.

As a side note: Parkwood makes a guitar for $799 that I thought sounded great, was all solid wood and felt comfortable to play. It just is made overseas. That is its downside, and probably has less future resale value.

For $1200 you could get to the Martin DMMV, which to me, was better all-round than all the above guitars, and mostly solid wood.

Seagulls sound good, and play well.

I'm going to cut this short to add my final two sense: you have to get to the $1500-2000 range of guitars if you want to ultimately get your life-time axe. If not, than I would get the best combination of playability, price, and solid-wood construction.
Hendrix: Hear My Train A Coming!
Try to get up near the Parkwood price range. $399? I think. Solid wood!
I checked out your myspace page and songs. Keep rocking fellas!
Can you post some MP3 song files on here?
Kashmir by Led Zepplin
Days go bye Keith Urban
Cadd9! Dsus, Asus2, Em7 and G5
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theres such something so sad and beautiful about it.

me too! and any D chord in first position!
$500 will get you an all solid wood acoustic guitar by Parkwood! I've tried them out; not only do they look nice, but sound awesome. Just put Martin strings on it, and you're set. Get a case for it too. I'd recommend non-electric acoustic for learning!
Don't follow by alice in chains
Julia by the Beatles
Neon by John Mayer
Release by Pearl Jam
Just buy your own hardshell case. At that price range, a good case is not usually standard. Not until you get in to the 1500 range is a good case included. Just get one at Guitar center. Seagull's are nice, all the ones that I've tried sounded and felt good. Good luck.
Try looking into a Parkwood. Get to that price range if you can.
Taylor 314ce. Or Taylor 414ce. Or Taylor 814 CE
For $550 at Guitar center, one could get an ALL SOLID guitar: Parkwood. I tested one out, and it was awesome. All solid wood. Made in China, however.
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Oh, come on. Anyone with a good ear and a bit of talent can play a song correctly, but it takes real genius to screw up in such creative new ways!

This is my philosophy as well: Stevie Ray didn't play Little Wing note for note the way Jimi Played. Also, Jimi didn't play a song note for note the way he played even a day before! Also, I've watched a youtube video of John Mayer playing Neon on MTV and screwed up his own song! The real trick is to keep going! This can not be overstated. If you mess up I feel it is better to just play through it, like Dave Matthews has said in interviews. Make it look like you meant to do it to. It is the offspring of creativity at times! I've been to countless shows, and I've seen great guitarists screw up their own songs. So, don't be afraid to play through mistakes. Remember, it is mostly about soul, not copy-cat style!
All the advice so far is great. I start off slowly and try to speed it up later. Right now I'm learning Ebon Coast by Andy Mckee. I spent some time just fingering the chords right and going back and forth with them until I can play the actual chord SHAPES. THEN I started the actual melody. Does that sound right? Sing while playing a song if it has words, or hum if they don't; it will give your brains sign-posts to remember the song note for note. Muscle memory is the key to perfection! Also, difficult passages I will use as warm-up excersices or noodling just to get the muscle memory.
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Sorry for raising a 'dead thread' but I was looking at The Seagull S6 series... though it's quite a bit lower than my original price range, and doesn't meet all my criteria... I played it and it plays and looks quite nice. I couldn't find any reviews for it online though.... anyone on here have long-term experience with them? Also, I'm now thinking about a concert, or 000 sized steel string, without a pick-guard.... any reccomendations?

I tried the Seagull out on Tuesday; honestly, it sounded awesome, looked great and felt easy to play. The action was good. The price is low, which throws me for a loop because it sounded better than a Breedlove that I tried; which, the stings are to far away, anyone know why? I don't like guitars that have the strings really high action.