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How bout them meelad moments aaayyyyy Meelad360

why tho
Is this still going on? Is anyone from a while ago still here?
is this thread still as active as before >_>
Teemo is like "the" rage champ.
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Even on minions. Making yourself an escape is the best part of playing lee.

Having your escape flash out of your w range is the worst part of playing lee.

The best part is having them on skype, telling them to get closer, but they still skirt right on the outside of your safeguard range... It always ends up in a funny situation tho.

On another note, only getting 16 lp per win suuuuuuuucks. Plat IV is elo hell zz (I don't actually believe in elo hell). Which reminds me, my favorite elo hell comment is probably from Meteos - "Elo hell is Diamond 1 and up".

If anyone wants to play ever hit me up my IGN is Lords.
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Ever since I've picked up lee, I can pretty easily spot out a bad one. I mean, I'm no Insec but god damn it's like people don't know what his w is.

If you hit a Q you gotta go in, it's an unwritten rule.
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I just imagined that we were making out.

I just imagined missing u bb
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You can buy a Panasonic 50" TC50 for the same cash. Brand new. Best budget plasma on the market, IMO. Not in the game anymore, but I used to sell home theater stuff.

I imagined you selling plasmas in an alleyway.
Are you guys talking about the Koreanplank build where you max W and rush Wit's End/Shiv and you're basically an immovable force?
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Thing is, our composition was good relative to theirs. My ADC played similarly to me, and I got him on a spree, but we eventually lost bot because our mid left mid, so their mid (Swain) went bot with the jungler (Noc) and raped us.

Their ADC didn't even get any kills until the final minute. So I mean, they got carried by Swain alone. It was frustrating.

Where did your mid go? Top?
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Support in ranked is infuriating.

No matter how well you do, everyone else can still throw it, and you can't do anything. Enemy team was carried on the back of Swain because he had like 4 kills at 10 minutes.

Honestly I don't mind supporting if I'm last pick because then the people above me are theoretically better than me and are playing carries. But if I'm not fourth/fifth pick, **** everyone.
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lmao 17 is actually the one I'm on next

the description says it's probably their first game so I'm going to assume it's about his lowest-skill level game ever


SHEdit: omg what the hell are these kids doing

Favorite forum: Hardcore (I guess)
User of the Year: Pandy (forgot his username)
I was like "I wonder if this rune/mastery setup will let me 1v1 him"


Got a lot to learn before I hit diamond
I played against a Diamond V Lee Sin as Shen top yesterday. I made one mistake that he took advantage of and he pushed his advantage so far ahead that there was no way to come back zz
Alright, when I get home I'll check out "Purge Casts a Pub", and I'll probably end up trying Undying or something. I really like how they make supports feel useful as opposed to wardbots.

Would I **** myself over if I tried to play Slark at this point? And how do I deal with playing a melee character vs ranged?
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One problem with undying is he falls off later into the game because he doesn't really do much other than destroy in lane and win earlier-mid teamfights. Also mana might become a problem, so you need to make the most out of your decay and get a ring of basilius or however it's spelled.

Oh, that brings me to another question, I heard that I should turn off the ring aura in lane - is that so the armor buff doesn't cause my creepwave to push?
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Yeah don't play rubrick until you know most heroes spells or you can end up giving night stalker an unexpected night time.

Just random heroes for now that way you get the bonus gold so if you **** up its not as bad as if you picked said hero.

I've been playing with a couple of my friends, one who has been playing Dota 1 for a while and another who played a lot of HoN. We have a system where one of us (the HoN player and I) randoms and if that person gets a carry, the other will pick support, and vice versa.

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Did you ever see this?

I first played sandking a lot when I got into Dota, but that's because he was extremely similar to fiddlesticks with his ult at least.

Undying is a really good hero for new players because he's an absolute monster early game.

If you support you can learn the basics of the game, while letting the rest of the team decide your fate (unless you're someone like warlock who can single handedly win teamfights with his ult)

Also take note that dota 2 is way different then league, in the sense that, in league pretty much anyone can carry and has good presence at most stages of the game due to things like ap scaling.

In dota 2 there is an item that makes you immuine to magic for 10 seconds the first time you use it and has no AP scaling, so spell casters typically don't make it to the final stages of the game. Also each hero is unique in comparison to LoL where every hero usually follows this same outline (AD carries had their steroid, cc, etc)

The games are similar but way different.

I read that article when I tried getting into Dota 2 last year but I completely forgot about it, thanks! And I'm really happy about the differences between the supports in Dota 2 and League.

Yeah, I understand that there's gonna be a bunch of different stuff that I'm going to have to get used to, but honestly I don't really mind because so far I'm finding it pretty enjoyable learning. One of the best differences imo is that I can actually leave a 4v5 game haha

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i don't think randoming is the best way to learn, actually. it's more of a good way to not be useful 80% of the time if you don't know exactly what you're doing. it's hard to recommend more than the basic noob heroes. just pick whatever you find interesting; most won't be much harder or easier than others. at least if you actively pick your hero you can read up a little before you get started

rubick is one of the most fun heroes and you should definitely try him, but if you don't know what every spell in the game does, what it looks like and a general idea of its cooldown/mana cost etc. you're not gonna be the most useful

Yeah I tried out Rubick in a coop vs ai game and I felt pretty useless, but I still enjoyed playing hi,. My friend told me to try to steal Necrolyte's ult (I think, the one with the scythe?), but I had no idea what it looked like so I kept stealing the pulse spell. The best spell I ended up taking was Sven's judgement fist or whatever it's called. I think for now I may end up trying some of the heroes recommended above so I can just learn more about the heroes and items.

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You should probably look at undying. His kit involves:
Decay - Stealing 4 str for ******edly good early game and harass
Soul Rip - Nuke and heal in one spell
Tomb stone -Insane team presence with zombie spam everywhere
Flesh golem (ult) - Even more team fight presence with his ult that creates an aura around him that makes enemies take 30% more damage the closer they get to him.

heres basically how to use his kit:
Take one point in decay, and 1 or 2 in soul rip (soul rip gets stronger with the more units present and lanes usually have 10 units on them so 2 points will give you the most, 3 is a waste).

Spam the shit out of decay and slap your opposing lane upside the head when they try to farm, careful of things like creep aggro and getting stunned and killed. This will summarize how powerful this spell is:
Every hero starts with around 19 str, varying depending on their kit dirge has 22.
You steal 4 from 2 heros (decay is an aoe) now you have 30 str, while your enemies have ~15
You cast it again (one level lets you cast it twice before the first cast wears off) and get both heroes now you have 38 str and the opposing lane has ~11.

If you get low soul rip yourself.

Max tombstone so when you get into teamfights you can rape everything. It works like this: any heroes around the tombstone (it has a massive area that procs zombies) it will spawn zombies that slow them and attack them every like 2 seconds, and if enemies stay in the area too long eventually theres like 20 zombies attacking them and they can't move.

Eventually use your ult in teamfights and tank like a mother****er while your team does bonus damage to the enemys that get weaker just by being around you, ontop of your 4str steal.

Alright, Undying sounds fun! I'll be sure to try him out next time I play.

Also, if anyone wants to play at any point here is my steamID, and in the offchance that any of you want to play League at any point my IGN is Lords
Can someone recommend me some characters to play? I'm not new to mobas (Plat IV in League, been playing for 2-3 years now), and I've recently gotten into Dota 2. So far my favorite character to play has been Lich (as a support), and I've been trying out other people like Skywrath Mage (he was alright), Visage (I really enjoyed playing him but I sucked at microing the familiars), DK (meh he was alright, didn't really get to play him because I got stomped in lane by a Venomancer).

I've been watching "Purge plays" on youtube and I'm really interested in Rubick but he may be a tad too difficult for now.
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The start of college tends to play like open season. Everyone kinda rushes to start hooking up. Down at State was kinda crazy, but I had a girlfriend at the time so I never acted on it.

Blake put up your clock video again pls.
Gosh Andew stop moaning.
I thought it was released just yesterday D:
Windows Media Recorder. Joey Sturgis uses it.
Is this only hardcore or can I put Skelethon on my list?

Edit: I'm good at reading

That's it so far, I'll put more up as I think of it
They are post-hardcore. Have you compared them to Glassjaw lately? So similar
Just kidding I hate all of you
Seriously, what the ****. I missed this place

Edit: I mean omg i luv oly sykes
There's a very recent comment on my profile saying "hehe your funny XP you can stay in your delusional world ... have fun" ... I'm really confused
My cousin came over and brought some ginger ale, I've been craving that shit for like 3 days now
Yeah, kinda.

Who are you?
I'm leveling up an account from 11-30. Does anyone wanna play with me a bunch so I can level up and learn stuff in the process too?
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There's a disproportionate number of Japanese girls following my tumblr. I always get sort of freaked out and then remember, "oh, right, Pokemon."

Dude, Japanese girls are hot. Unless, you know, they're ugly.
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If it makes you feel better, I was playing with Mango and my friends (full 5 premade) once and someone on the other team DCd. Since it was a 4v5 we started trolling around because we decided "**** it, we're gonna win either way." Mango was playing his famous Swain, sold all of his items, and started buying AD items (BF sword, zeal). Then he sold all of THOSE items and only bought boots. Keep in mind he wasn't the only one that did this, but those are the only specifics that I can remember.

We lost that game.

Edit: Also, if anyone wants to play my Summoner Names are Bigfatmv (level 11) and Meelad360 (level 30).
I started a new account (as you know), and I got the same guy in two back to back games. First game he played Lux on my team and went 0/10/4. I didn't say anything because I assumed he was new so I didn't want to be a dick. The next game he was on the other team as Ryze and did decent but eventually did dumb stuff and lost. At the end of the game I said "SG Xel Naga (that was his name) you were the Lux in my last game "

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I saw
"u mom"
"Hijo de puta"
"u mom"

Seriously like 10 lines in a row of him saying stuff like that. I said "Woah man calm down I didn't say anything bad about you," and he went off again. It was hilarious.

I also just looked at his match history and it turned out that he went 0/12/5 and not 0/10/4.
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Karthus is only good in high elo/competitive play.

He sucks in solo Q.

End of story.

okok he doesn't 'suck' but he gets shut down way too easily.

This guy sucks don't listen to him

Teach me how to play Dota