You could also look for some legato exercises on youtube.

I think he might be looking for something more difficult.

Are u looking for some riffs or finger exercises?
1. Learning to play an actual instrument before joining a band is actually very useful. Tell that to your bassist.
2. Get your friends to listen to some real music.
3. Bring me some cookies and a bottle of Jack and I'll tell you more useful information.
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I would say that's pretty unnatural.

This man knows the truth.
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Seems like some people don't get the point.
I'd hate having a guitar that needs batteries in order to work.
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What I hate is almost anybody playing an expensive guitar.

To be completely honest, while it does make some difference, the guitar isn't the majority of your sound, the amp is. I've had my Ibanez Mikro sound like a Fender Strat and even an acoustic. It's all in the amp.

The people that play cheaper guitars are always the smarter people. There is no need to spend more than about $600 MAX for an amazing guitar, anything more, and you are just wasting your money, which is why I hate Gibson and Fender so much, you pay more for the name than the sound. Nobody can honestly say they can tell the difference between a Gibson LP and a B.C. Rich. They're lying if they say they can. The sound difference is way too minute to make enough difference. The only time they would really have a chance at being able to tell is on a clean channel, and even then, it's hard.

However, there are some guitars that are just plain awful (Squier, and many First Act's, for example), but most are actually better than you think.

The point is, you don't need an expensive guitar to sound really good, just as long as it's a decent guitar. If you do need a super high quality guitar, it shows you aren't good enough to sound good with what you have.

EDIT: I will say, he may have bought on impulse, though. I am a firm believer of try before you buy, but he may have tried some other time.

Let's just pretend we didn't read that. Seriously man, you must be deaf. Even my brain dead dog can tell the difference between a BC. Rich and a Gibson. If you need a super high quality guitar, it shows that want to sound better than you do with your actual gear. There is a huge difference between a cheaper model and an American made Gibson, Fender or PRS. There is also a pretty big difference between a standard model, be it Fender, Gibson, whatever, and their high-end, super expensive Custom Shop models. If you can't hear that with your own ears, give up playing and listening to music.
Names please. I can't think of any good recording artist thats using cheap guitars. They are cheap for a reason.

The best solution is to buy another guitar that is better suited for metal.
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Wine thats under 10% doesn't exist imo. Some of the beers are also over 10%. I'd set it 20.
If i were you, I'd buy used. Of course it takes a lot more effort to find the perfect one, but you can get a much better guitar for the same price.

If u look around on ebay, u can find some great Epi LP standards for 280.
Too many variables. A most of the time.
The application "Broca" has encountered a critical error. Please seek the help of a speech tharapist. But seriously..I don't really understand what the question is. Do you want to upload a tab or what?

EDIT: "tharapist" ...cooool
Steve Jordan
Gavin Harrison
Dave Lombardo
I dont know about the pickups but definitely check out Charlie Hunter. The guy is ridiculous.
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2 is too little, 14 is too many

1 is not too little it seems.

Try using chords that are in the same key first.

edit: Analyze the songs you like, what progressions they use, how they layer the instruments on each other to from the chords how they harmonize the vocals with the rest of the song, etc..
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I also hear it. It can be soothing and annoying at the same time.
Out of the amps you mentionted, i'd go for the Blues junior. Awesome tone in that little thing. If you play more modern stuff, try the Blackstar at the nearest music store, it may suit you better.
Two-rock or PRS.

edit: I also like Fenders. Twin reverb, Blues jr., Blues deluxe
If i can't get my hands on a Two-rock, i'd prolly go searching for a Dumble tho.
Admiral Nelson
All i can hear is the drums. :/
Who the hell cares about picks anyway? Use the ones that are comfortable for you. Sometimes i go crazy and use a pen or a bronze statuette as a pick. It doesn't ****ing matter as long as it's comfortable. Stop thinking about picks and go practice.
1mm Dunlops or Fender mediums
Practice playing bass on a treadmill. Any height will do after that.
I wouldn't say this person is suffering from a severe case of schizophrenia. Anyway, I like the Pink Floyd line.."all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be"
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That sounds like a cool way of practicing. So it'd be like bursts of 4ths, 8ths 16ths across strings? If so, ill try it when practicing a bit.

Yea. You do the 16ths for as long as you can. If you can keep it up you can increase the speed of your metronome and start again. If you mess it up you start again with the 4ths. And don't forget to move from one string to another while picking. For example try playing 4 16ths on the E string then 4 on the G, D and so on. When you are comfortable with all that stuff you can practice scales this way.
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Not trying to hijack but figured we didn't need another thread. I'm a beginner and I can alternate pick on a single string, but I can't upstroke chords. My pick like hits the first one and then gets stuck before I can finish the chord cleanly. Is it the angle that I'm approaching it?

Might be the angle but most of the time it's the fingers gripping the pick too tight. If you loosen up a bit, it'll also be easier the get the angle right.
also, take a look at this video, i've found it using youtube's searchbar:
that lil' thing is sooo handy