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**** your parents (literally and figuratively)
didn't give a **** until I read that pun.
death can sucka ma balls
I'm the opposite, I got like youth alzheimers or something.
Why would you ask if you should keep going, it's pretty obvious what the answer is.
I've heard wonderful things about meth.
that's a lot of cats... I'll go with the cats
smokin dat kush and ballin like swoosh
hahahaha I was there! saw a car getting flipped after people broke into black and lee's. Someone I know got 3 blazers.
Animals is easily my favourite pink floyd album. The 3 long songs don`t get boring despite how long they really are. It`s a masterpiece. And its even better when youre ripped.

Sheep is my fave
Usually I check out their singles and if I like them then I get their best album.
That guys got a deece rack.
...You're a genius.

Because it's a ****in movie bitchnuts.
Listening to music when you're baked is such an amazing experience.
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That would be nice and painless but it doesn't really make sense because you could turn off the car or break a window

edit - wait, what's a giant microwave?

you didn't even edit that post idiot

I'd want hostel 1 and 2 to be re-enacted on me and maybe a lil human scorpion to spice it up.
I live in the lower mainland of BC. It rains constantly in basically every season except summer and even then it still rains a bit. At least you get both the good weathers you greedy asshole.
sell weed pussy
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same. I'm too ****ing high for this shit.
Yeah...that's a lil ****ed. I do sing in the car a lot and occaisonally at work as a joke. I also kinda talk to myself when I'm high (but to be fair I'm high). Or maybe when I'm home alone but not like full conversations.
I'm not into classical but fur elise is a ****ing awesome song. Just sayin
I heard about them awhile ago but never really got into them except for Earl Sweatshirt which I loved. When yonkers came out I started getting really into all of them. Hodgy Beats is a great rapper (although I've noticed some of his songs have some pretty bad lines). Tyler's pretty awesome and lyrically he's got some awesome stuff. Earl is easily the most talented of the whole group.

Oh yeah domo genesis has some cool stuff but I'm not super into him and I don't even bother listening to mike g
if you guys wanna hear a sick alternative underground rapper check out the kid daytona. Listen to his mixtape "the interlude" it's a bunch of songs based off famous hip hop interludes. some of his stuff is a little out there but he has some sweet stuff.
well some guy I know is a little.... hyperactive and he'd always try shredding and playing metal on some crappy spanish, it just doesn't work. Also when we had electrics plugged in at school he'd always be the first to grab it and not pass it up. Oh and if he tried to show you or someone else something but didn't have a guitar he'd literally walk up to someone with a guitar and fret it while they're holding it.

I don't really hate any styles of playing but more people that don't know common courtesy.
I just throw my weed + accessories in my guitar case.
these user above you threads are getting ****ing ridiculous.

that being said probably "hood nigga"
aww I thought it was tranny porn
The meaning of life is completely subjective to what you want it to be.

edit: does that sentence make a lick of sense? I'm preeetty high
Tomorrow I'm getting an 8th for $25. <3 BC
the circle of life is such an inspiring song
Oh my god, I can't believe a thread like this actually exists and thrives. This is some gay stuff here.
to pass yo seed to some other niggas n shit

na mean?
Let's bomb the **** outta Africa. I'm kinda joking but it definitely would solve some problems.
I don't really play but wow, griefing can actually be pretty fun. It's not just about destroying other peoples stuff, it's really fun trying to be stealthy and not get who doesn't love some good ol trolling.
well I've had like technically 2 girlfriends in like grade 7 so they don't really count. I don't care though, I've seen so many people get super whipped and spend all their time with them and I really don't want that too happen to me. Plus people put way too much importance on "love" nowadays, it's like it should be your highest priority...

edit: it would be nice to get some ****in pussy though
I have 2234 songs on my computer and maybe 60-70 aren't illegally downloaded. I also download video games, movies and software. Sometimes I download stuff and don't even listen to it/watch it.
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really? Dope :O

anyways, just rediscovered this song recently, forgot how amazing this was;

i dont think anybody can listen to this without the urge to spark up a j

hahah I thought I accidently turned on wiz khalifa when the video started, wiz's version is damn it feels good to be a taylor.

Anyone heard of the kid daytona? he's some underground rapper with a few mixtapes, I posted one of his songs awhile ago. His newest mixtape, the interlude, is ****ing sick the beats are just insane, made by 6th sense and 9th wonder. (the chorus is really poppy but the verse is totally g-funk)