Having to wait for a music shop to open coz u misread the trading hours!
Thanks,i hope u sell it soon...
Hmmm,that makes a kinda cheap thing expensive,i didnt think of shipping,sorry bru,but ill have to pass...
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Bump because I'm broke

lol...ill help a brother out...meaning, ill take it! jus one qu tho,is the spacing on the poles standard?like im not sure,but i jus thought mayb u get different spacing?idk,ive never bought after market pups before!
Alrite,ill get back to u by the end of the weekend,but if anyone else is interested,by all means go ahead and do business!
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I've got family down there, so... 200 rand plus shipping sound reasonable?

Yeah,very,im kinda jus looking around right now though, how urgent do u want it sold?
Hmm,im looking for new buckers,but me being in south africa dont help...
Both points taken, thanks,so im guessing ill stick to it and just blow them away with awesomeness...hahaha
Hey guys,
So i entered a competition like thing, im doing three numbers, two of them im happy with but im not sure if ive chosen a good third song?
Ive chosen Air on the G string by Malmsteen, i wanna keep it close to the original, none of that upbeat metal stuff, but im just not sure if ill be discrimated against coz its a fairly easy piece.
What do you guys think? will the judges judge on the easiness or on how i play?
Thanks, ty.
Okay,its stil not working! i use my mobile and browse with opera mini...glad its not just me tho...someone please fix it!
If i open a powertab tab from a search, theres no download lhnk!why?
My first electric,a sunburst squier strat...stil the most comfy and best ever!
I make sure i have the rhythm down,then make sure i know wat scales im using over wat chords,then it pretty much comes down to hard work...
Hi guys, i do know the tuning of the slap scene and the dueling guitar parts,but id to know if anyone knows the tuning to the part where august plays in the park for the first time,its just after the scene where lyla finds out hes alive...thanks guys
Gr8 poem,wat got me laughing was the, 'heads up,im not a man'....funny how guys just presume
Im in...haha,the mobile van idea is pretty cool...but really,i surf more on my phone than my pc, id love to see a mini ug on my phones screen!
Hi, i got a second hand zoom multifx pedal, i know how to use it(i read the manual and can make/edit patches), but i cant seem to get any volume out of it...i crank my amp to full(the master) and its like quiet...i have put the volume on the pedal up to 50(the max), but it doesnt do much...anyone know wat it could be?
Banned coz i dont get your sig...
No, stairway to heaven-rodrigo y gabriela
Yeah, thought it would be pointless, but wat the heck, i tried...
Hi, i live in the vaal triangle and am looking for a drummer and a singer for a christian youth band...we already have a bassist and guitarist...thanks
Hi guys, im starting a new band for youth at my church, so far its only me(rhythm/lead and vocals) and a bassist...the two of us play pretty well and get along just fine, but i was wondering what we could do to liven up our music? i am trying to find a drummer, but its a pain trying to get devoted people...
Sorry this is not on topic,but Invader Jim,i got a fender squier and saw that u said the serial says where its made and what i gather mine is a 2OO3 model...but the first two letters are CY,its not that important,im just curious.thanks...
Thanks tom...i actually have read it...but i was just wondering if there was a particular technique to playing metalcore fast...
I never thought my strings n pick could make such a difference...thanks guyz!!!
Thanks so much for your advice guys! KEEP ROCKING ON!!! i really appreciate it!
Hey guys, i just started playing bullet for my valentine...i am struggling to get the speed though...if anyone can suggest a way to speed up my playing, i would really appreciate it...