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unfortunately I'm really big in the money department. 

ahh very unfortunate mate.
what kinda guitar do you currently have? I'm just curious how you can't get the sound you want already, unless you're playing something with single coils.
Nice! 5 months is a long time to wait my Polish friend
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"Rockin' in the free world" by Neil Young is my all time favourite to play. It sounds good solo on western guitar following these chords:

The lyrics are the most complicated part to learn about this song. 

Speaking of Neil Young, you could probably find an endless amount of songs by looking through all the solo and group work of Crosby, Nash, Stills, and Young.
If you don't like the guitar then you can either keep it, and you might appreciate the guitar in the future when and if your tastes change or you can take the L, sell it for less than you paid and put it towards something you'll actually like.
diajkeene now what kinda amp do you have?
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Yeah, Gibby.  2002, wine red finish and maple on top so don't know if it's a Plus or not.

well that's a pretty nice steal then
JustRooster Gibson I assume? I don't even know if epiphone have a studio they?
do you want single coils or humbuckers? that'd be the first question I'd ask. then you'd want to figure out which would be most comfortable for you.

imo drop the duo-sonic and just decide between the tele and PRS
I feel like you could have some nicer tone/volume knobs for that kinda price. but that's a bit of nitpick
Well I went into GC for a string cutter/winder today, aaaaaaand....ended up putting a used PRS SE singlecut on layway. $372 after tax and has some kinda SD pickup in the bridge instead of the stock pickup. stay tuned!
well after about an hour-ish of drunk-ish jamming I've decided against it all. call me the boy who cried wolf
but do I like it because I actually like it, or do I like it because I've gotten used to it and comfortable with it? that's the big question IMO
dannyalcatrazah don't get me started. I already have serious issues with how I have professors that are basically like "alright, I'm not gonna teach anything but I'll give tests and quizzes on the shit you're supposed to read" and how the whole "learning establishment" is basically, memorize it and be able to repeat it when asked. we'll say you've "learned" it
Anyway, I think I'll take it in tomorrow to see how much they offer me at least. Unless the weather is terrible.

All this "should I trade it for the SG?" might be worthless if they offer me something like $400 or $500. mostly because I can't really afford the price difference
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JAHellraiser Trading in a guitar that you like for one that is so fundamentally different, and then hoping you'll get the same enjoyment from a third guitar of a similar style to the first one makes you vulnerable to seller's remorse.

Whether its truly worth it or not really depends on how good this G&L feels to you vs. how your AM Strat feels. What is it about the G&L's that's different from the AM Strat you own which you fear you might miss?


to be honest...I'm not entirely sure. I like how mine looks (sunburst with a maple neck) but that's such a small part, plus it can obviously be replicated. I guess I fear I might miss the comfortability and trust in its overall quality. I mean I KNOW when I pick it up that I'll enjoy playing it. Hey it might be a bit out of tune, but once it's tuned up I have no fear about whether or not it'll do what I want (or should I say am able?) it to do. Excluding some freak accident, I know that the tuning pegs won't fall off when I turn them. I know the neck won't snap or do anything funky unless I mess with the truss rod. I know all the electronics are gonna work and the pickups will sound good, sure stock pickups aren't the greatest and some people might look down on them, but I know when I plug in that they'll do the damn thing.

Writing this out just makes me seem like I'm more confident in Fender's QC than Gibson's I mean hey, my Am strat was basically the second "top" of the production line (aka non-custon shop fenders) so maybe I'm just concerned that the SG won't be up to the same snuff as my strat
dannyalcatrazI googled it. They do but it's only for 30 days, not long enough for a college student to get $700+ together.....without doing some questionable things anyway.

gregs1020 at least you're living up to the Lightning McQueen avi
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Called them four times on four different days at four different times. Got the machine - which was full - twice, got told to call back later once, and got redirected to a machine when I did. I love their pedals, but EHX has terrible customer support.

B9 is dropped off, should have the news from the shop sometime this week.

For what it's worth, I really liked my MIM Standard strat, but I still felt and heard a significant difference between it and my American Standard when I bought it. Then again the MIM was a 2003 and the MIA was a 1997, both of which are very different from 2017.

Maybe it's because I don't usually sell my gear, but I feel like selling a guitar you like to buy another guitar is opening yourself up to regretting your decision in a little while. How short are you of the SG's price?
well my strat is a 2011 so it's newer but not brand new.

I get what you guys are saying about seller's remorse though. It's like dumping a girlfriend you have a good relationship with just because you see someone better looking. You might not click with that better looking person and have anything as good as the other relationship.
dannyalcatrazdoes guitar center do layaway? I know they do financing options
oh and any riff suggestions for when I go back and play the SG again?
alright, I'm at crossroads. I went back to guitar center yesterday and the SG I fell in love with is still there and I got a better look at it.

So it's a 2016 HP Gibson SG with mini-humbuckers. It's on "clearance sale" for $729, unfortunately I don't have that kinda cash laying around but I do have my American Standard Fender strat. So I figure if I trade in my strat, I should be able to get enough or at least very close to enough for the SG (especially if they do the 10% off trade-in/trade-up thing on a clearance sale item, which I'm hesitant to say they will).

Now don't get me wrong, I love my strat. I love the single coil strat sound, and the only thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the lacquer neck. Obviously I'm not worried about the trading them for their monetary value because they're both worth about the same price, but I feel like strats overall (and I may be wrong with this assumption) have less of a quality increase as you go up from the ~$500 mexi-strats to ~$1000 am strats. Sure they probably use better components, QC, etc. but I don't really feel or hear the difference that a few extra hundred dollars make. I played a G&L strat in the store yesterday as well that was $500 and I feel like it felt and sounded just as good as my $1000(when it was new) am strat.

So basically my thinking is: trade am strat for SG that has a great DIFFERENT sound that I love, and then down the road spend $300-500 on a Fender/Squier/G&L strat that I feel sounds and plays just as well as the initial Am strat I have.

what do you guys think? do you agree with me on the strat part? what would you choose if you were in my position? just a note about my band/guitar player tastes before anyone asks (cause UG always asks Hendrix and Frusciante are my 2 favorite players, but the rest of my players/tones that I like have that strong mid-range gibson/humbucker sound that I got out of the SG. so it's a real toss up
as far as differences between a LP and SG with identical pickups, wood, etc. from my research (just watching youtube videos of SG vs LP, not exactly scientific I know) SGs seem to put out a bit more bass.

That's basically going off other people's opinions though
depends on your relationship with the girl/woman
go play that shit in store and find what you like. never mind all that he said, she said shit
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So...what sound are you aiming for? What's the budget?
just your classic/cliche 60's and 70's tones

The Who
Clapton during Cream (I know he used an SG and 335, but still)

I was thinking of the classic 59/JB combo if I do end up changing the pickups
H4T3BR33D3Ralright, thanks for your input. I think I'll try to save some money for new pickups then. The guitar doesn't really have a great resale value, plus I find it to be a pretty comfortable guitar.
since we're talking about replacing about pups in LPs (and LP styles) I have question that i've had for a few weeks...

I have a Michael Kelly Patriot Hot Rod which is LP style. It's probably a low-midrange priced guitar but the stock pickups are so bland and don't give me that midgain bite that I like when I've tried out Epis and Gibsons. So with it not being a terribly expensive guitar, is it worth it to spend a couple hundred bucks on new pickups, or should I just save up for a guitar that already has that mid-bite stock?

basically, how do you know if new pickups are really worth it?
I mean if you really want to shred, and not mean that in a generic term kinda way, the ibanez would make the most sense.

but like you said, you'll probably get used to whatever it is you buy. if you can try them out before buying, I'd highly suggest that
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I do like miniHBs.
They're interesting little things, I'm not even sure what the differences are between them and regular humbuckers.

Plus, I don't feel like they're as common as other pickups, even P90s are a bit more common. Can't even think of a big name guitarist that I've seen/heard use a guitar with the mini humbuckers
super gassy today! stopped into GC to get some strings and played a few SGs through a VOX ac15. turned the volume up and the main volume down low, got a nice low/mid gain crunch out of it, but I was mainly thinking about the SGs today.

1st one was an Epiphone SG Pro. thought it was alright for the price, you know, you're not gonna get blown away by it but I was thinking to myself I could see saving some extra cash for it. until I got to the next one.

2nd was a 2016 high performance Gibson SG. Had that mid gain bite that I loooooove, then I looked down and noticed the pickups looked a little strange. "Those look like mini-humbuckers" I thought. Took a look at the tag and sure enough they were. First time playing a guitar with minis and I loved it.

3rd was a Gibson SG, think it might've been a Special because it was about $599 and didn't have the glossy finish. Again, had that mid gain bite that I love, but there was a slight difference in the highs that I noticed between the mini-humbuckers and regular humbuckers that made me prefer the minis slightly more. If the SG with minis was a 100%, then the ~maybe~ Special was a 95%.

So at the end of the day; will my next guitar be an SG? Probably, although it may be a while.

and will I ever get a Vox AC15? some day when there's some extra money laying around, you bet. but don't expect a NAD thread in the next couple years.
If I was buying a new amp today, I'd most likely go with the DSL40 myself.
spiders are good...if you like wasting your money
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If you play metal then u shouldnt get a Strat because strats can't really play metal. You should get something with a humbucker and a whammy bar if you want to play metal. I think Ibanez and Schecter are the best for metal especially if you can get one with EMGs because those are the best pickups for metal
wow. a lot of opinions in this post that aren't completely valid facts.

sure humbuckers are more ideal for metal, but why suggest a whammy bar just because he's playing metal? and saying EMGs are the best pickups for metal isn't necessarily wrong, but considering that's just the brand and they have numerous different kinds of pickups makes it a bit of an open-ended statement.
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i look like a dildo with a hat on so i dont wear any
have you tried wearing a dildo as a hat? could reverse the polarity and cause the opposite effect
seems like a hell of a deal for $250

maybe he's trying to warn us of a rare disorder where playing guitar too loud for too long will lead to numb nuts. the webmd of UG lol