I'd suggest meeting up somewhere like a guitar center and trying the guitar out. You're in a public spot so he can't rob you, etc. and you'll have the bonus of being able to try it out through a couple different amps.

I don't think Carvins retain their worth on the used market as much as a Fender or even a PRS, so it'll be up to you whether or not the trade will be worth it or not. If you hardly play the strat and PRS and they're just collecting dust then it might be worth it.
CodeMonk do you know what's modded in your cry baby?
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Checked out a 2017 Gibson SG Standard at guitar center today when I went outta town... Was very nice. Was surprised how thin the neck is, was expecting it to be chunkier but it's got some slimtaper neck going on. Locking tuners as well!

Real tempted to buy one now for my first SG.
do it.

I swear I'm not saying it so I can live vicariously through you
treat yo self!

get both
I mean it's Mesa, so it's not like it's going to be terrible. Will it be something people clamor for and rave over? we'll see
as far as the fingers vs gear argument for tone, I think the fingers are that magic little 1% that make it go from "oh you sound like david gilmour!" to "holy shit you're david gilmour!"
Not sure what your overall budget is, but I'd look at used epiphones or squiers. I've seen SG G400s and Classic Vibe Squiers for under $300.

recommendations are really going to depend on your budget
I'll be the one to ask...what's made you look at the ENGL and EVH over the 6505 in the first place?
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Is this guy a hoarder?

Major differences.

1. He's a professional guitarist
2. Because of his status he probably got some of those for free or at a deeply discounted rate
3. He probably actually likes all the gear there and isn't keeping it "just coz"
closest I could find on fender's website was the american special

it has similar features, except a C shape neck instead of V, and the tone mod turns down the highs.

I wonder if "it's an eric clapton strat" just meant that it's similar to clapton's because of all the specs, and not that it's a signature model. that's the only explanation I can think of for why it doesn't have eric's signature on the headstock like the sig models do
"It has a master tone knob and a knob that allows you to add or remove kids from your sound"

sorry had to laugh at kids instead of mids
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bruh the point is to say what you'd actually get. if your house is on fire and you're inside your ass isn't getting out a damn suitcase lol
lmao exactly! nevermind the fact that he put "guitars and keyboard" first, like those wouldn't both your hands already
why not sell the classic 30 and, you a fender?
and does playing both help your playing on either? as in: playing in the pocket better (more easily?), having a better groove or having a better musical rapport with the bassist or drummer?

or does it do nothing for your playing on the other instrument besides make you wish you could split in two and be your own one(?) man rhythm section?
thread is worthless without pics :P
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I heard there's this place called "musician talk" but I've never actually seen it

deadest part of the entire forum.
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Eccleston was really good, and I wish he'd have gotten at least one more season.

I'm sure he could've if he actually wanted to. You can tell there's something about it that he wasn't very fond of.
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Lil Wayne

nah he'll be remember as a revolutionary when he dies
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It makes me sad that Smith got such bad writing at times. Some episode were brilliant but other were less than enjoyable.

everyone gets that when on a tv show. it's just the way things are unfortunately.
Well I'm glad to hear you have something to help you. Sorry about your parents' divorce, and especially having to lose a friend and to see it happen first hand.

But what are "rushing thoughts"?
Davies was good at the heartfelt shit that made you wanna cry. But he overdid it, same with his overuse of the Daleks.

Of course after watching the last episode with Rory and Amy, and the part of the special where Matt seen Amy in the Tardis was some heartfelt shit too.
so what did you guys think of the new Frusciante featured song that was on the front page? from his group with the mars volta guy and a few other musicians.
So beta he went thru beta, around charlie and straight into delta territory
Slosh gets so much hate for being the new guy in GnR. He's just not as popular as the original guy was
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we've gotten way too generous with the definition of 'gig'

Played air guitar in front of a mirror gig ever. completely sold out. the audience wouldn't stop staring at me.
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the Doctor has had various accents

from my understanding they have been various english accents. he's never popped up with a french or spanish accent, has he?
I don't think the silence siwtched sides per se, I believe the silence that tried to kill him were a different order from the ones he was fighting with.

and I doubt Capaldi sticks with his own accent, he's a Who fan so I'm sure he'll do his best to keep with the english accent. There just wasn't enough dialog after the regeneration to tell what accent he was using.
am I the only one that can't see threads about any other bands? what happened out here?
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I loved how quick they cut when Smith bent over and Capaldi stood up, like BOOM lets go!

Lol I found that funny too. First shot was Matt smith, then there's a reaction shot of Clara, and the third shot was capaldi.

Also, capaldi reminds me of a gecko. My aunt and her husband know him supposedly, so if I ever get the chance to meet him ill have to tell him that lol
extended trailer for the christmas special

anyone know who the woman is?
Well your arrogance is perfect for being a lead singer! how bout I set you up with these 4 other guys that brought us their music and we package you guys as a boyband?

who am I?

Is that Potkachu?
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Probably once or twice every month on a weekend, I don't smoke much when I do and its my own stash. I go through $50 (1/8th of a gram) in about 4-5 months. Its a lot better than alcohol as you get instantly high rather than have to drink six beers to touch the stomach lining. Also I never mix cigarettes/tobacco with it. All natural is the only way.

I'm a midnight toker!

I hope you mean 1/8th of an ounce...otherwise you are getting ripped the **** off
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idk it's fun and it's something to do and you can meet people through it. over the summer i spent $200-300. i don't very much now because i'm in school and don't really have time but as soon as my family leaves to go see a movie in about 10 minutes, i'm gonna go smoke a joint real quick because i have some and i don't have school for a couple days and i'm bored.

You have a picture of Badger in your avi, that means any reference to weed is actually a reference to meth. you're going to smoke meth in 10 minutes, not weed!
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He doesn't as far as I can tell. Purely fan service and a way for Baker to come back to the show.

ehh probably looking into it too much. I mean we have had a companion and soon a Doctor that were also in the pompeii episode but that gets ignored
Am I the only who doesn't understand the logistics of Tom Baker growing old and becoming the Curator? As the Doctor anyway.
I hope when Smith regenerates into Capaldi at the end of the Christmas Special he does a "oh, can't forget to do that galifrey thing" and then

Oh, and I think when he finally finds Galifrey and pulls up to the high council in his Tardis like "what up bitches!? I'm back!" they'll give him a fresh set of regenerations for saving them all.