what happens if you rob a place and then go back later to shop? do they attack you?
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A shame he didn't get her pregnant. The last time a God got a 14 year-old pregnant, a pretty amazing guy came out of it...

Does Page even have ANY kids?
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the 14 year old chick is actually just a metaphor for black music

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The real question is whether or not blind people hear their lives flash before their eyes before they die.

No I heard they taste their lives.
I don't think I would be either. I need Flynn's closure. Does he get breakfast or not?!
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Why on Earth is Ecclestone not in the new episode FFS.

Cause he didn't want to be. He honestly seems to not like his Doctor Who past very much.
I'm torn between classic rock and rap...but I'll go with classic rock cause I've got more of a solid top 3

Led Zeppelin
The Who
Jimi Hendrix
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what about in musicians friend?

nope. try a pawn shop if you want a negotiable price, maybe a mom and pops store.
No, not in Guitar Centers.
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The episode with the dog in it brought them feels man.
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I love how homoerotic this thread has become.

We're all like Mr White and Jesse. Gay for each other.

cue the gif
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I used to have perfect pitch when I was like 12.

then your friend whammied without a whammy bar and ****ed it all up?
Can people with perfect pitch hear the mumbo jumbo that the Dumble guy talks about? crystal lattices and all that shit
"Btw, I'm into Led Zep, Sabbath, SG's and Big Muffs... Lol"

what does this have to do with anything? Both of those bands are British
idk about the rules here cuz im old but is that not cnsidered the wrong forum for this topic
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Jesus christ marie they're minerals

aww shit. I just got this.
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It is 4 more eps right?

Yup, ends the last sunday of September.
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Six episodes into season 3 but bfd, I was just talking to someone who works in an [the?] Apple Store in LA. He comes in contact with lots of famous people, and he said the guy who plays Saul is really nice. He also says Ron Perlman is the biggest jerk he's ever met.

Maybe that geek was just intimidated by the badass that is Ron Perlman?

I wouldn't be surprised though. lol
that's obviously an erection protruding from under his blanket
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Jesus christ marie they're minerals

the randomness of this
and then your creepy uncle touched you?
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I also got these:


niiice. look cool without being too flashy
Sons of Anarchy starts September 10th, so there's that for a couple months after BrBa ends
I like these rules. Just cause the punishment for everything is more alcohol.
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That's known as a "chinstrap." Best worn with plaid shorts, a solid color t-shirt, a fitted cap turned backwards with some frat's letters on them, and a pair of boat shoes.

like I said, the douchebag bro beard.
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I don't know what you'd consider a douchebag bro beard to be.

So... maybe?

Jawline beard.
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I have a short beard thing going on, so I only shave my neck and my cheeks, then keep the hair short with an electric trimmer thing. Work are fairly fussy about facial hair. If I didn't have a beard I'd probably have to shave everyday too.

And I can't stand using an electric razor. I'll take a blade and some foam over that any day.

so you do the douchebag bro beard?
I'd like to see Jesse kill Todd for shooting the kid
don't ditch people just cause they don't play music. that's one way to end up with no/few friends, or friends that you only have one thing in common with.
shout out to Ralston Valley High School
this guy wont last long here.
Of course it is, but like everything else most people don't think of the innovation until it's already been done.
I hope this episode has more action than the first one. We've only got 7 episodes left!
I've heard a lot about this Floyd fellow. People seem to have a lot of problems with him. I guess that would explain why there's no Mrs. Rose.
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You'll get used to Matt Smith after you watch the first few episodes.

Yeah, that's the way it always is. It would be cool if they released 2 or 3 when the doctor first regenerates into the new one so you could kinda get used to him then.
teenage dirtbag by wheetus. it's perfect for you.
oh ****. I'm halfway between 5'10" and 5'11" and I'm the tallest out of my family. Why are women always so concerned about size!