teenage dirtbag by wheetus. it's perfect for you.
oh ****. I'm halfway between 5'10" and 5'11" and I'm the tallest out of my family. Why are women always so concerned about size!
Beibs is becoming too gangsta for his own good.
I hate being on the edge of 2 signs. According to this I'm a taurus, but I consider myself a gemini and fall in the gemini category on several different astrology things.
why only one ear? what job is it that you do?
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Sooo I have a question.

August 26th classes start for me, and I'm attending McLennan Community College here in Texas. Just going for basic courses and then transferring to University of North Texas afterward. I'm taking a full-time load, with 16 credit hours earned by the end of this semester. I have taken dual-credit courses from MCC while in high school, so I do have an idea of the difficulty of college classes. I do have a job, where I typically work an average of 35 hours a week. I do need to work around that amount to afford my car payment, phone bill, and I pay my entire family's car insurance bill. (Father says it is akin to me paying rent)

Will I be able to balance being a full-time college student and working near full-time at a job? Has anyone done something similar to this? Advice? Anything?

depending on the classes you should be fine. obviously if you're taking classes like Calc 2, Physics, etc. you'll have a harder time, but if it's just your basic classes you should be good.
ahhh! I'm moving into my dorm/house thing in 2 days!
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I live my life a quarter mile at a time.

I live mine one ridiculous flying car jump at a time.

because **** realism.
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Was that on BBC America?

I dunno
Was I the only one that hated in seasons 5 and 6 when they had Karen doing the voiceover part for the show's intro when she would say "...his name is the Doctor, and he's from somewhere else..."? I just always thought that "from somewhere else" part sounds so stupid.
Only 2 years late with that one BBC America.

Although I do love me some Gwen Cooper, except for that front teeth gap.
Yeah, Doctor Who brings them feels. I swear it was the first time I cried from a show since I was kid.
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smith is like the most common surname, that's hardly a spectacular coincidence

otherwise we'd have to assume "john smith", sarah jane smith, and mickey smith are all related somehow.
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I'm curious about the next companion. I'm assuming Clara will be there for the regeneration but I don't see her being there much longer.

It's hard to tell. Some are only a companion for a season (or less if you count guys like Jack Harkness) others are there for 2 (Rose) or even more (Amy). The thing is you don't want the show to fall into a rut if it's the same actors for too long, which is one of the great things about the show; the ever-changing dynamic.
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spoilers man. primus is reading this thread relentlessly.

there was no spoilers. it's obvious that all the companions leave, I just said what the title of the episode it happens in. I made sure not to mention how she leaves
does anyone realize how weird it would've been if the doctor really did take young amy with him?

also, when she finally leaves the doctor in angels take manhattan is heartbreaking.
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okay so I just realized the finale I was talking about wasn't the finale

I want to watch the real finale, but idk if I can handle that right now

and I've seen a picture of smith and he just looks like he's gonna be ****ing irritating

which finale are you talking about?

and he worst thing about smith is seeing his chin when he regenerates. You get used to him eventually.
I just read that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's daughter is supposed to be in the 50th as well. She was in the Power of Three episode, I believe.
Just realized I hadn't seen the Dalek Asylum episode. kinda nice, it was like a new episode for me 3 months before the next new episode.
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Generally Christmas/Special episodes are bit of a disappointment I've found, with only The Waters of Mars being worth the watch. The one last year was pretty good but the snowmen didn't really get much of a look in after being shown so much in the trailers and that seemed like they tried to ramp up the suspense when there was none.

Yeah they usually are. I don't know if it's just because they kind of have no point, and aren't really part of the season's plot or anything.
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my thoughts exactly.

i didnt like that episode.

I only liked that episode cause it made it look like he'd met a future regeneration, then you realize what's really going on.
I definitely had a dream that I met Karen Gillan after watching about 4 episodes of Who before I went to sleep last night. lol

and sometimes

Use it to get girls I thought were hot in high school.
They think it's like whatever popular British tv show/movie they love. So basically they think it's Doctor Who or Harry Potter.
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Moffat's writing has gone downhill though. There hasn't been a single episode since he took over that even approaches the quality of The Empty Child or Silence In The Library.

Eh, yeah. I imagine that might be the result of taking on a larger role within Doctor Who.
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Russell was annoying because he kept bringing back the Daleks every single ****ing season finale then I just stotpped watching for a couple of seasons cos I was enduring the episodes not enjoying them

I mentioned this a few pages back when I was watching through the series. It started to get ****ing annoying. I liked the one with the human/dalek hybrid, and the season 4 finale with davros.

So glad Moffat hasn't abused the Daleks like Davies did, I think they've only showed up twice and that was in the first season with Matt Smith.
I wouldn't say it's bad writing, it's just very cheesy and honestly would've probably came off a hell of a lot worse if David and Chris weren't such great actors.

I think some of the RTD hate stems from the fact he was the showrunner too, so any pitfalls from the show were blamed on him. Like Moffat mentioned in one of the comic con panels, you become hated when you take the reigns and I think he's a good example of that. It went from a loving Moffat's episodes to hating his writing.
very nice, very nice. now show us a picture so we can see how nice it really is.
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I have never played video games .my son is 3 he likes to play sports

You must've had a very unfulfilling life. 3 years old and you're already trying to live vicariously through him?
Poster's Log: Day 3 and still no word from TS. He hasn't return from the sexy redhead's lair, and there is no word on this unidentified friend he was bringing with him. We now believe that he may have suffered in the best possible way, death by snu snu. May god bless his soul, and no longer virgin ass.
You should get one of those nifty new pagers.

too bad radio is shit these days. to the satellite we gooooo!
I feel the same way.
Hey guys TS' friend here, just got back not too long ago from the ginger's house. I have work later on so I needed to get ready, he's staying there until later in the afternoon. anyways, he did bang her but he was pretty nervous so I held his hand while he was pounding away. I swear my eyes started watering for a second cause I felt like a proud father. What ruined it for me though was the fact that she hadn't even shaved...
lol barrowman as the doctor? yeah, I wouldn't mind it other than the fact it would make absolutely no sense.

speaking of barrowman, does anyone know which of his accents is his natural speaking voice? Cause I also moved from Glasgow to the US at about the same age, but I've got this weird hybrid of american and scottish accents, but if you hear his american accent you think he was probably born and raised there, and the same if you hear his scottish accent.

One of them must be fake!
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Also, the freema thing stands out because she's the only one who's double appearance is ever explained in universe. (In "Smith and Jones" she mentions that she had a cousin who died at Canary Wharf)

oh really? lol I didn't catch that.

and as far as an actor playing the doctor after already playing a part, I don't mind if the part wasn't that big. I mean if John Barrowman suddenly became the Doctor that would be pretty annoying.