unless you live somewhere rural where only a couple buses come through during the day, I don't know why you'd get a car when you could just use public transport.
aww he's banned now. why must the mods hate on him for his teen titans fetish!!!
lol yeah, so many little things that only bother the major fans.

I found it funny though that Freema played some office worker in the finale of season 2 that died, and then started playing Martha right after.
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Definitely Grohl. However much I'd love to meet Eddie Vedder I'd love to talk to Dave about his Nirvana days as well as Foo stuff.

What could you ask him about his Nirvana days that he hasn't already said in interviews?
does anyone have some recommendations for shoes to go with a black polo and khakis? like a business casual kinda thing for job interviews and any time I need to get kind of dressed up. I'd like them to be comfortable though, and not too much like the typical leather shoes you see guys in suits wearing.
I would hang out with Dave Grohl even if he was a broke bum. Dave has more personality (At least that comes across in interviews, etc.) than Eddie Vedder, and Chris Cornell (since someone mentioned him too)
oh, and I like how the Doctor notices he keeps meeting Clara throughout time BUT DIDN'T NOTICE WHEN HE RAN INTO MARTHA AND AMY AT EARLIER TIMES!

Technically he met his 12th incarnation too in the Fires of Pompeii episode, damn continuity lol
Quote by Primus2112

it takes me a bit to warm up to new characters tho

Good luck with season 5 when you get to it. Both a new doctor and a new companion at the same time, plus the show takes an entirely new feel with Moffat taking over as Showrunner.
Bet he won't get raped either. Norway prisoners have it so easy.
Bring me over as your friend. I'll bang her while you float in the pool.
Rose regenerates into a black girl and renames herself Martha, then regenerates again and calls herself Donna, regenerates again and calls herself Amy while Mickey regenerates as well and calls himself Rory. She's also split in 2 at some point, and 1 regenerates and calls herself River, the other regenerates and calls herself Clara.
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Okay rose is saying that this is the story of how she died is she actually going to die I will be so pissed

what the shit is this even

also fuck these torchwood cunts, I hope they all die horrifically

u wot
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I would have loved a black Doctor but at this point there's been eleven/twelve straight white guys. Changing it for the last one is trying to please consumers instead of actually being part of the story. The creator wanted a female Doctor if I remember correctly but it never panned out.

I really wasn't concerned about race, sex, or sexuality of the next doctor as long as they could play the role well. I mean people are trying to cut down on the potential actors/actresses by saying "ohh the doctor has to fit this certain type, because it's 2013 and we're all different and equal now, so make the doctor a gay black female, who cares if she can't act at all!"
P.S. I hate all these blog and website postings of "awww why does it have to be a white male again? *rant about gender equality*". I don't know why people are making such a big deal over the fact the 12th doctor's not a woman, or black, or gay, or some combination of the three.
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Wilf is the best companion. Cribbins is a great actor, so that helped, I guess.

He was great with emotion. Between him and Tennant, those last few episodes had the most heartbreaking moments I've ever seen on a kid's show, maybe any tv show.
ehh, I didn't mind Martha. not my favorite of the companions though.

It's funny though, Rose definitely feels like the definitive companion. Like if you could see the Doctor getting hitched and growing old (if he actually could) with someone, it would be Rose. That's why I loved when they had her come back for season 4 for those couple episodes.

I thought Donna was a good companion too, she was the prefect foil to the doctor. With her it didn't feel like he was dragging her around by the hand like it did with the others.

and my personal favorite, even though it was only for an episode, Wilfred Mott!
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For a funny reason I'd like to see Reece Shearsmits as the Master, he'd find a nice balance between crazy, evil and filled with rage.

I wonder when they'll bring back the master. I assume they will at some point.

Also wonder when the Valeyard will pop up again. Hasn't been in the new series yet.
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Quote by Trowzaa

It was a one off Easter special that didn't really add anything to be fair. It's not in any of the series or anything.

yeah, but to be fair none of the specials really add anything. except the end of time part 1 & 2.

Speaking of, I love when the Master changes everyone to look like him. that part is hilarious, seeing him interact with himself.
not the End of Time, The Planet of The Dead I think is what it's called.
That episode with the absorbaloff was actually pretty refreshing, and it was actually the first episode that made the doctor look like a real asshole when he finally showed up.

as im watching through the show on netflix, i've also just realized their missing one of the specials from that last year with tennant. the one where the ood shows up and tells him "he who knocks 4 times" or whatever.
Peter is the third scottish doctor.

I wonder if they'll ever cast a Welsh or Irish doctor.
and it says there's supposedly going to be only 12 episodes. that's the lowest of any season since it was relaunched, if i'm not mistaken.

if they start filming in september of this year, I don't understand why it's taking them almost a full year to crank out a season.
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OK, so now we have to wait until what? April to see him in action? (Besides the regen bit)

yup, pretty much.

edit: what's his name is right, apparently we have to wait until august.

although if matt doesn't regenerate at the very end of the episode, we could get some time to see him in action.
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I worked at GC for a year. It was fun.

can't pay the bills with fun though, amirite?
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From where?
Time (In PST please if on TV)

2 PM on BBC America. That might be 11 AM for PST though
We're supposed to learn who the next Doctor is this weekend
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Normally, I never watch any YT stuff posted anywhere more than 30 seconds long.
Except for this. I watched the whole thing.
It was awesome.

seriously? only 30 seconds stuff? You've missed out on a hell of a lot of good content since 2006.
I've been rewaching old episodes from the ninth doctor on lately, Eccleston was actually pretty good as the doctor, it's a shame he didn't stay for another season or two. Also, I'm just realizing how much I actually liked the Smith & Moffat seasons we've had, it definitely seems a little more mature than when Davies was in charge.

Also, Davies completely abused the Daleks in the show. I mean how many times can you really have the Daleks return when they're all supposed to be dead? It gets to the point where you get just as annoyed as the doctor when they pop up 3 or 4 times in a single season.
Honestly, if there are aliens I would expect people to act like they do on all the movies. Everyone would be scared of them and demand them to turn themselves in, where the government would do numerous tests on them and try to control them.
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I really think there's only one woman who could possibly pull off being The Doctor... and quite brilliantly, I'd imagine.

Tilda Swinton.

Just imagine her with like... Doctor-ish clothes and a sonic screwdriver... she'd be brilliant. She's quirky, androgynous, and alien.

I'm pretty sure regenerations aren't cross-gender.
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Stop making fun of my English, I graduated high school with honors I just get lazy on forums and such.

Also, I took Japanese all four years of high school and was at the top of my class. I love the Japanese culture and have been to Japan before and loved it.

Also i'll have the second major and an associates in Liberal Artsto back me up. I'll take Education classes, just won't major in it.


lol, im sorry to say but liberal arts isn't much of a backup. if there's honestly nothing you would want to spend probably another couple years on besides japanese, you need to tell your mama it'll be a waste, especially if your parents are paying for it or either one of you is taking out a loan to pay for it.
Slipknot is a young Scrooge McDuck. He's just diving in a pool of money.
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in no particular order

1) radiohead - in rainbows
2) incubus - morning view
3) morning benders - big echo
4) soundgarden - superunknown
5) strokes - room on fire
6) do me bad thing - self titled
7) jay z - black album
8) grizzly bear - veckatimist
9) radiohead - hail to the thief
10) gorillaz - demon days

11) the xx - self titled (because its damn good sexing music)

yaaaaay someone mentioned jay z

Quote by Tag43
Man On The Moon: End of Day - Kid Cudi
Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
Pinkerton - Weezer
So Much For The Afterglow - Everclear
Pack Up The Cats - Local H
Songs About Jane - Maroon 5
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Black Sheep
Black Ribbons - Shooter Jennings
The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest
Life On Display - Puddle of Mudd

In no particular order.

yaaaay someone mentioned a tribe called quest and kid cudi

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in no particular order
american football - s/t
nas - illmatic
neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
the smiths - the queen is dead (or meat is murder)
kanye west - the college dropout (or my beautiful dark twisted fantasy)
weezer - pinkerton
death cab for cutie - transatlanticism (or plans)
death grips - exmilitary (or any album)
earl sweatshirt - earl

there's probably a few dozen more that could go in here, but these were the first to come to mind

yaaaay someone mentioned kanye and nas
Take some time to really decide what you want to do. Saying you want to major in Japanese cause you like anime is like me saying I want to major in spanish because I like tacos. You're not really considering all of the work you'd have to put into it. It's also kind of limited.
screen names look so much cooler in blue
how do you not know how to work a social media website?