and even if we can't value it by the picture, we'd still like something to drool over.
It's a bolt-on according to the G&L website. But I agree, definitely beautiful.
Please tell me SOMEONE got to play on that massive ludwig set
Well according to this thread G&L were at NAMM 2013. Sharing a booth with Rivera.

Speaking of G&L, I may look into them when I start looking to get a tele, or a new bass.
Quote by MatrixClaw

You need better camera, yo!

I really wanted to go to NAMM this time round, but I just started a new job and couldn't really take time off. Summer NAMM would be cool, but a trip to Nashville is going to be much more expensive. Might have to wait till next year, booooo. Oh well... someday I'll make it

How does one get into NAMM anyway? If they're just an average joe I mean
Didn't see anything about a new bogner, and I haven't heard the Hybris myself Premier Guitar are slipping on their coverage
Quote by R45VT

I just uploaded 50 photos. I will post in GG&A and then back here. Sucks filtering down to guitars only.

And people have the nerve to complain. Only in EG......... one step above the pit.
shiiit I'd put it below the pit. at least in the pit you get a good mix of dumbasses and guys who know what they're talkin about. plus they have a sense of humor, some people in here act like they got a stick up their ass.
You also wanna be aware that just because it's worth $15,000 or whatever, doesn't mean it'll sell for that much. Markets can be pretty tricky.
Take it to the guys on pawn stars. They have a buddy whose an expert in all things guitar, they can have him come down and check it out.

Quote by R45VT
I will check but it is doubtful. I don't know jack for the price. Gibson was very busy with all the reps and vendors. Great too see some life in there in light of the rough year with the fed. Their booth had 20-30 person line to get in.

Tell them you're a representative from the ultimate-guitar shop
Also R45VT, if you head back to the Gibson booth any chance you could get some good shots of the Zappa SG? It's the one with the Blonde headstock and Bigsby on the bridge. And if you could find out anything about price that would be even better.
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The chick in the Fernandes booth with the Metallica shirt is from Mexico, she effin shreds. She is in a band and also fills in for other bands. I just don't remember her name. For me she turns me on more than the Bunny since she has a brain and can shred.

and you can tell which girls have brains based on their appearances huh? You're as bad as the guy hating on metal guitars.
ehh I haven't really seen anything that caught my attention bass-wise at NAMM. I'm not a huge fan of effects for the bass either.
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Don't be that guy at school.

This. A million times. Unless you're at like an art school, or college where you're around musicians who would understand. Just take a nap or some shit.
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Gibson pronz:

I can't wait to check out that Zappa SG. The one between the black SG and goldtop LP. Hopefully it's not ridiculously priced.

I'm glad to see Guild putting the S-100 back on the market. Definitely wanna check that out too.
Hybris definitely seems to be the item that most people are excited about this NAMM.
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not saying i AM going to buy it, but if i were looking to buy it i wouldnt be feel ripped off paying $80 for it. especially if i was at a store. if it was on craigslist and listed for that, i would probably offer 65. i would NEVER buy a pedal modded by someone i didnt personally know, or from a reputable tech. thats just me personally. not saying i think you are incapable of doing a quality job, just saying that alot of people arent, so i wouldnt want to spend money on something some person i never met modded.

Well I would hope he realizes this, and is listing it as his high end with the understanding that it'll probably get bartered down into the $70 or $60 range.
Make your way towards the light of boutique effect pedals
A mod probably wouldn't do much to the price. Unless you completely fucked it up.

But I've seen them go for about $70-80 on GC's used site
Start off with all the settings in the middle. then start to turn them bit by bit until you find a sound you like. pop punk isn't exactly one of the strictest subgenres when it comes to tone
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Roland Cube 60 on the Dual Rectifier channel.

Quote by sea`
Definitely more versatile than any 5150 derivative.

I'm pretty sure he's talking about the new 5150s made by EVH and Fender, which are pretty damn versatile. the 6505s on the other hand...
Just turn the volume and tone all the way up. that doesn't really matter.

but what amp are you using? and what songs/bands are you wanting to sound like?
whatever sound best to you. the amp will be the major part of the sound, and whether the guitar has a humbucker in the bridge or not.
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The Zakk Wylde set comes with a Custom ZW guitar pick and the Volume and Tone Pots are the long shaft for les paul style bodied guitars.

The ZW set is the only EMG set that comes with long shaft pots and the extra guitar pick for the same price as getting both the 81 and 85 separately.

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He can't see it.

didn't even think of that
Stevie needs to cut that hair. He might be a legend but that's no excuse for having a hairline that far back.
out of curiosity, how much are you wanting for the strat?
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I'd be hesitant to use eBay. Fees add up to 11.9%, which is a pretty sizeable chunk with a guitar of that value. Depending on condition/exact year, it could be worth $15-20k in the current market. I'd try The Gear Page first, and if that doesn't work out, then I'd consider other options.

He'll probably have to face the fact that he will have to pay something, or give a percentage of what he gets from an auction to whatever form he sells it through. obviously if he meets someone in a store who wants to buy it he wont have to give the store a percent, but I'm pretty sure the majority of auction sites and auction houses take a percentage.
inb4 we start getting threads like:

"how can i sound more like synester gates? hai guize im new heer. I just got a schecter syn gates sig guitar, and the hellwin amp for my 14th burthday cause i reely wanna sound just like him. a7x are my favrit band and are totally br00tz. my parents said i can eether get the amp and guitar or they will pay for my college in 4 years. i took the amp n guitar cuz fuck skool my band will make it big. we're a sirius metuhl band that hav been playing 4 6 months. i sing n play guitar so im lyke syn mixed with m shadows (awesome i no) but i need 2 know how 2 sound more like syn. do u guize know wut strings picks and cables he uses? cuz that must be wut i need"
Quote by PRS_Zombie
I just checked out there distortion range and none of them sound anywhere near what I want which is basically a clean sound but sounds intense and heavy.

what? you expect a distortion to make this kinda sound? I have no idea how you'll achieve that sound, and personally a clean sound that's heavy and intense coming from a distortion is an oxymoron to me.

but as a suggestion, stop buying boss pedals unless you're using the casing to make your own pedal, modding it/getting it modded, or its already modded. Boss only really have a couple good distortions and that's it, if you haven't found the sound you want with them then I suggest you elevate yourself to the next level of pedals.
Quote by MatrixClaw
Funny, I quite enjoyed the cleans on both of them. The Hellwin sounds pretty meh on the gain, but the Hellraiser 100 was actually pretty cool, weird - Cause they said they were basically the same thing.

Subs in a guitar cab though....

...wait.... They want $2700 and $3700 for those things? They ****ing high!??!

I agree on the cleans. That surprised me.

but that's just the MSRP. I'm sure they'll drop by a good $1000 in stores at least. so still pretty expensive but not nearly as bad
wow it really does sound like both of these amps do what you want so what you'll probably have to do is figure which sound you like better, and then figure out which features you like better on each amp.
I dont know what it is about amps having both british and american voicings but that seems to be the thing a lot of new amps are doing.
Here's a lil demo/explanation of the two amps from PG at NAMM
There's plenty out there. Ibanezs, Epiphones, Gretschs, Hagstroms, and these are just new guitars I'm thinking of. You might be able to find something really nice on the used market.

Out of curiousity though, why an ebony fretboard?
Quote by Shadowraen
I'd like to spend no more than 200-250 on a used guitar, case, and amp.

wait...overall? for all 3? that might be much is the roland cube you're getting?
what amp are you using? that may have some effect

but go play a Les Paul, if that doesn't have enough sustain for you then you'll probably have to get a pedal like a tone bender that really adds a lot of sustain.
I'm not an expert when it comes to actual tubes themselves, but I'm not entirely sure there are lower output valves/tubes. If the amps have more than one tube you could take a couple out and that should bring it down a bit.

Out of did you buy 2 of these amps without realizing how loud they are? want 15-20 watts AND headroom? how loud exactly are you planning on playing this?