I was going to suggest the JC120 as well I just couldn't remember the model name and didn't want to refer to it as "that one roland everyone likes for the cleans"
these sounds do not intrigue me. maybe if they played through a tube amp instead of their new solid state "fizzmaster" it would sound like something worth getting.
I don't get what Schecter's obsession with A7X is..
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The budget is for the amp only, I have more money available for the guitar.

I don't why no one said anything about this, but DO NOT cheap out on the amp compared to the guitar. a $2000 guitar through a $200 will sound almost the same as a $200 guitar through that same $200 amp. If you have to put some of the guitar budget towards the amp's budget to get the amp you want then do it. You might find yourself even liking your SG once you've got a good amp.
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AH Now Fender? Bogner, Mesa, Fender, jesus just stop MILKING the market! could say the same thing about amps. if all the pedals have a different sound to them what's the big deal?
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No abalone?

beat me to this joke

I lol'd @ this though "Working in conjunction with renowned amplifier guru, James Brown"

"needs more mids!"
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We're all such jerks.

I see it as tough love.
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So damn true. I've been wanting the brutal 5150 sound, but I keep screwing around with other gear and I always end up with buyer's remorse. I return the gear.

5150 III 50W incoming this year!

That'll be one hell of a NAD
I think an Egnater might be worthy to check out. Especially how you described your originals.
I think you need to turn on a setting to monitor. Did you try recording anything and playing it back?
this is going to be a pain for people who dont have facebook

edit: cant even see the pics and I have facebook..
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David Gilmour uses EMGs in his strat anf that sounds freakin' awesome.

David Gilmour could use a tissue box with rubber bands over it and sound freakin awesome though
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TS i got one question for you. This exact guitar and Drop C ? You sure know the band Being as an ocean.. cause they use the exact same guitar in drop C

You might need different pickups. That and have it set up for drop C if that's what tuning you plan to always have it in.
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all knobs to off. then take the knobs off.

this. it's got such a sweet beautiful tone when you put the amp to this. It's like you can really hear the acoustics of your guitar
Return it just because it's a dean. Get him a different guitar, schecter, jackson, etc. if he's that into metal
The tone will be different between a Solid state (transistor) and tube amp even if the speakers in the cabs are the same.

I hope you realize the difference between a combo and a head/cab though. You NEED a cab when using a head. Just want to make that clear.

You wont need to play louder for the amp to distort if you have more speakers, more speakers will just result in a fuller sound. also, you don't need to turn it up to distort, nowadays most amps will have a distortion channel of some sort, and even if it doesn't you can always get a distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedal that will push it past the clean sounds.

As for the Fender Blues Junior, it's not a bad amp but we really need to know what you play and want to play/sound like before we can tell you what's a good fit. and also a "loud" drummer is relative so I wouldn't be able to tell you if 15 watts is enough or not, as you might have a different definition of loud than I do.
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There is one on Ebay for $200 OBO

You always want to look at closed auction instead of current on going ones when you compare prices.
remove the fan and replace it with a military grade explosive.

either leave it in your house and set it off, or take it somewhere else and set it off.

buy a new amp on your way home, or on your way to the shelter if you decided to set it off in your house.
wow Quinn you put a lot of production into an unboxing video
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first problem is you bought a metal muff

second problem is you kept the metal muff
the badass level just went over 9000! with the wu tang switch
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I don't think he's a douche but the rest of the world does.


This. You're a great '13er.
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Funk is probably my number one reason to pick up the bass, I just love the way it sounds.

I have to second this, STRONGLY.

Also, any other kind of music where the bass either really stands out or adds a lot to the song.
also, what you need is a new amp.
I'd start with the tubes. If it's not that you might just have to crank it more, and get a pedal for when you can't crank it.
I don't think I would suggest both of them having floyd roses, especially if these will be your only guitars. Judging just by the bands you listed they don't stick all stick to one specific tuning, but I guess if you can put up with all the shit you gotta do to change tuning on a floyd rose have at it.
Yeah, the guitars I bought new are. Even my acoustic that is damn near as old as I am (20 this year) is in pretty good condition considering it's been between Michigan and the Middle East. My first electric which was bought used has a couple of dings, mostly from the last owner and one from where my little sister hit it.
Everlong and Fat Bottom Girls are both in drop D on guitar, so I would assume they were both in drop D on the bass too.
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Sorry I didn't have a chance to wipe it down.

Dope ass pickholder too.

You might think "A B7??? That doesn't belong on a solid body guitar!"

so beautiful *wipes tears from eyes*

I love the look of a SG with a bigsby
Of course you can, but having a good teacher definitely helps. I mean they did it back in the day without teachers or all the internet stuff so it's possible to do. I'd definitely suggest trying to play with other musicians as much as possible if you're not taking lessons, as you'll learn as you go.
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Shouldn't this thread be closed? It's five years old.

why does it matter? I guarantee if someone would've made a "what are some songs in ___ tuning" there'd be people saying "use the search function, this thread gets made every other week" blah blah blah.
I think I read something on here where someone said that Eb standard is really the strat tuning. as in it was the tuning that made a strat sound best.

edit: just realized this in the bass forum
HNSD! I have the Renegade as well, it's a pretty nice and versatile amp.
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oh god

Please tell me that's the one with the poop.

Also, Dino Crisis.

I think I know what you're talking about with the poop. I vaguely remember having a digimon game where they would shit.
Tomb Raider

You know we were all trying to figure out a way to get lara croft naked.
Start off by not sticking sound in every single one of those. it's not working for a good majority of them.
All 09ers have big dicks
damn I can't read that massive glob of text called the opening post
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Hell AKA Northern Chicago.

you and FEAR should work with this guy Chief Keef. He's a great rapper fresh out of the Chi. Imagine it...Electronic Grunge Trap Rap!
You go man! Don't let these people hold you back! Go for your goal and improve your electronic grunge til it's the best it can be!

I'm really sorry about the grandma too. I can't believe she would hate on 1990's music, are you sure she didn't confuse it with 1890's or 1790's music?