Yes, but I'm Phillip DeFranco....this seemed like the best time to tell you all...
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Meanwhile, in the future, on

Any person born in the year 2000 and has lived exactly 100 years and died in the year 2100, has experienced more in their life time than anybody will ever experience. I mean those fools were born at a time when air travel was one of the fastest methods to travel, where it was thought to be impossible to time travel, and you had a high chance of dying from the common sex diseases. They witnessed flying cars slowly taking over the skies, the birth of teleporters, lived through (and probably served in) both alien invasions, witnessed people going beyond our solar system, and eventually people going to the sun, saw the birth of [REDACTED] and medicine starting to advance and witnessed the overall quality of life improve at a rate that has never been seen before in human history, all in their own life time. That person also witnessed the birth of robotic maids.

So, I think we can all agree that a person born in the year 2000 is a beast, and more than likely a better person that anybody born afterwards.

...I'm really, really bored.

this was great
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I just had the plain old grey one. **** those colorful seethrough ones, I never liked those.
major and minor would be a good start. they both overlap with the pentatonic to some degree, so you'll have a good base to start on.
jeeze, half a year since anyones posted in here?
I'm transferring to Grand Valley State University in Michigan in the fall.

Good thing about GVSU: It's about 60% female.

Bad thing: It's in a rural area and is a "dry" campus. Meaning no one can have alcohol, even those who are the legal age. Campus police is also supposedly kinda strict, I just dont wanna miss out on any of those crazy college years.
I've grown to like Matt Smith as the Doctor, he's no Tennant (My personal favorite) but he's still quite good.

As for the complaint about John Hurt being too old to play the 12th Doctor, if you look at the first 8 doctors, at least 3 or 4 of them look "old" so that shouldn't be an issue.
So has anyone worked up any theories on this John Hunt thing?

I did some googling and found this website that posted something from the Sun. Double spoilers, even if it is just rumors for now.

John will play the real Ninth Doctor. Christopher Eccleston has always been thought of as the Ninth Doctor but now that John has been revealed as the Ninth Doctor, it shuffles Eccleston’s Doctor to be the Tenth Time Lord, Tennant the 11th and Smith the 12th. The reason the Doctor has forgotten his ninth incarnation will become clear but it’s to do with the Time War and his shame over his behaviour in it.
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I hope to see 2-parters return.

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Finished watching Season 6 (I had basic cable when it was running). Moffat knows finales are supposed to be 2-parters, right? It seems like he writes the beginning of the story in detail, then realizes he only has 45 mins in an episode and skips the middle leaving a rushed ending. He could just as easy show the middle in the part 2.

I strongly concur with both of you. I have no problem with 2 parters, ever if they were split across a week
was I the only one that laughed at the "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor" scene?

It seemed like a cheesy movie promo. Excited to see where they take this though.

I think they should've drug out the "the doctor's timeline has been ruined" thing though. I just felt like it got resolved too quickly, maybe show a few worlds the doctor saved being destroyed, or a massive army of daleks destroying a planet. just something to make it more dramatic.
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He's gonna be in an episode for the 50th anniversary. Him and Billie Piper (I guess as Rose) and a couple other people.

Ohhhh alright. so I assume he'll be playing the other Doctor (that sprouted from the hand, or something like that, can't quite remember) that joined Rose in the other dimension.
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I'm definitely looking forward to Tennant returning.

What? what is this you are talking about?
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^what processor does it have now? I'm pretty sure the old Core 2 Duo ones can only do 8gb max. SSD is going to improve load times, but if your computer's getting bogged down from plugins, RAM and CPU power are your problems.

the processor is a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7. I know the computer can go up to 16GB total RAM even though Apple doesn't officially say it. besides, it's only a year and a half old. so even though that might be old in the computer world, it's not like it's ancient technology.
Alright so I have a question about RAM on my macbook. right now it's at the stock 4GB and it is slow as HELL when I try to run a program like Logic. I haven't even had the chance to do anything in Logic because of how slow loading it is, so I'd hate to see how slow it is with midi or audio in it.

Anyway, I obviously want to speed it up so I can actually use it, and was considering upgrading to 16GB of RAM total. Now my question is will this do what I want? and speed up my logic use? Obviously the best option would be to buy a SSD hard drive, but they are both expensive, and the computer I'm using isn't just for solely music so the hard drive size would be a hindrance on my normal usage.
If you're looking into bassists, you gotta start with some of the forefathers of bass as we know it now. James Jameson, John Paul Jones, and John Entwistle. Not faster than flea, but oh so skilled.
The one question that needs to be much do you have to spend?
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No idea what you're talking about. Can you provide a link to a song where this is used?
uhh, yeah...definitely going to need an example
They're not bad looking...but the best you've ever seen? You must have not seen many guitars good luck tryna get your hands on one though
Ibanez. bam.
hmm, interesting. it must be an older model then. I imagine that the clean sound is after the jazz chorus 120 though.
are you sure it was a cube 60? only thing I can find on roland's site is an acoustic chorus 60. and the only other amp that has a 60 watt version is the bass amp
No it'll probably sound like a les paul, a crap one though

but according to this:

the modern ones are made of mahogany
" Is the body and neck mahogany? If It's not, why not?" Well if it's's not because it's a different wood.

but no, epi LP Special II's usually aren't worth it to upgrade, unless it's a project guitar.
"fit for solos" is really up to you. you can get a low action from a setup, but low and thin (neck) are subjective. low and thin to me could be different from yours. so you'll need to try out some guitars to find what you like.
3 tone sunburst, like I have. After that I like the whites, red, and black. Although the black does look cliche because it's probably the color most off brand strats have.
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correction, if i buy one and ANYONE famous plays one it will be worth money. Mosrite and Airline guitars were worthless and "nobody wanted them" until the Ramones and Jack White played them. And although it seems that overwhelmingly the UGers don't want it i am guessing that 14 internet people do not equal everybody.

lol you sound a little hurt, no need to defend what you like man. but the fact that you're partially expecting it to be worth money means it won't be. I doubt anyone in 1959 said "damn this les paul will be able to pay off my grandkids' college off with plenty left over for me to move to Hawaii in 50 years.
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Well...if you squint a little, it looks like the logo for Sonic. Some might think that's awesome.

oh my god someone (zenbone) should buy one and get a custom Sonic paintjob
dear god don't exchange it for an MG.
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Set your pedals up like a keyboard at waist height and use your hands.............

"I don't play guitar, I play guitar pedals"
It wouldn't look so bad if it was all one color.
Go try them out. Both the Sg and possible Les Paul will cover the rock and metal, and the strat will at least cover the rock, possibly metal depending on pickups and amp. but the main thing is how they feel to you.
I'd go try out a few more amps if I were you. Then take what you like the most, if that's the vox then go for it.
Well if $100 is too much, what exactly is your budget?
Not really. But if it was me I'd try to have a bit of a difference between them. Different tuning, pickups, color, etc. you get the idea
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My biggest problem with signing is singing from the diaphragm. That never made sense to me. I don't know how to flex my diaphragm. People act as if its as easy as like flex your right arm. I guess I don't even know where my diaphragm is.

Lay on your back completely flat, and breathe. Notice how your chest isn't doing the majority of movement? You're breathing with your diaphragm! Now just work on moving from your back to standing up.

The only trouble I'm having with that is doing the breathing and singing at the same time. One or the other is fine, but both and it's like I can't figure it out
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As far as singing goes, I've still not got down 'tone control' to a point where I'm happy with how my voice sounds, but I think singing in tune comes with learning how your voice sounds and not trying to sing with somebody else's voice (e.g putting on a different accent/'voice' as you sing, and really listening to what is coming out your mouth).

That's actually a good point. There's times I feel like I'm nailing a song by myself, then try and sing with the records and it's completely different.
Mac's are only really worth it if: 1-You know how to use them, or at least are willing to spend the time to learn to use them. 2-Want to use things that only work with Macs, ex. Logic, Garageband, etc.